Breaking News…

So, here’s the latest on my boy and I :).  I called him up last night after I got out of my last class and talked to him and explained some about how crappy Monday had been for me and why.

I knew I had to talk to him about it.  He deserved to know and have that information to work with here, ya know what I’m sayin here.  So, we talked for a while on the phone and then I ended up going over to his place and we got to sit and talk some more for a while by ourselves before his roommates showed up and we stopped having our more serious talk.

Anyway, I found out and learned some more things about him and he learned some more about me too.  Well and we all know how just recently I had the realization of how I love him right…so I was dropping more hints in our serious conversation and then after a little bit and some hints, he kinda figured out by himself that I was hinting at the “I love you” infamous saying/phrase. 

Then he told me that he most likely could have already told me that a while ago and was wanting to make sure  I wouldn’t be upset about that fact.  I wasn’t upset about it either because I really wasn’t expecting him to say or figure that out right then.

Anyway, he did figure it out and then that led to some more of our serious conversation about future things.  He asked me what I thought about some things and talked to me some more about what it’ll be like meeting his family that I won’t have to do still for a while yet is what he says.

Well, later on we chilled together and watched a movie and then after the movie was over, he was talking to me about things and said to me, “Oh, crap, this is bad, this is very bad” and I was like what’s bad and so then he says to me “I’ve finally fallen for you and I’ve fallen for you like hardcore/bad” and then he went on about it all because he was mad at himself for not holding back his feelings anymore.

So, there ya have it, in so many words  and in a way, we both admitted to falling bad/hardcore for each other and so forth.  

Well, we all know what this means now, right…both he and I are messed up now having fallen for each other as we have :p lol. 

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  1. He is an awesome guy =). I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster ride or in a whirlwind cause sometimes it seems like everything’s just bam there and happening with he and I, but it’s all good things, ya know.

    It’s just like it seems so unreal sometimes, ya know. I mean like you with this new guy of yours sounds like things are going great and there’s great potential and he sounds like a keeper.

    Cory is like a major keeper for me too. Well and it’s just weird how Cory and I keep progressing in this relationship and talking about the future, a possible future together for us. It’s just all WOW, amazing and sooo cool, ya know =).

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