And On It Goes…

Lol, we’re both so alike, he and I, we keep dropping hints to each other about loving each other, but neither of us will say it straight out yet.

Like last night, he was dropping hints and then tonight/last night I dropped hints.  Well and he keeps saying things that tell you he’s planning for this – us – to be long term.

I mean like the other night we were sitting and talking in the car and I said if we had a sun roof then we could look at the stars without freezing outside.  Then he says to me, well, we will just have to wait and look at the stars together in the summer when it’s warm out again.  I’m like okay then and then tonight/last night he was all so you’re going to have to get over being self-conscious about being in a swimsuit because you’re going to come out to the lake with me sometimes in the summer.

So I said what do you mean I’m going to go out to the lake with you sometime in the summer and he’s all well you’ll probably want to come out to the lake and on the boat with me sometimes.  I was like okay then and he was referring to going to like Lake Powell or something like that with him and his friends or family and so forth during the summer.  

I told him I’d go to the lake and on the boat with him all he wanted just as long as he doesn’t push me in the water lol.  Well and I also told him that I might go to the lake and stuff with him sometimes and just lay on the beach in my swimsuit to tan or burn lol and not go out on the boat all the time.  He was like that’s fine and he told me I’m going to have to go with him to meet his friends one of these times when we’re on break or something and that when I meet some of his friends, we’ll probably end up going swimming at one of his friend’s houses that has a pool so he was telling me I’d have to deal with wearing my swimsuit then too :p.

Anyway, he keeps talking about what we’re going to do and stuff like that on the upcoming breaks from school.  Then he also keeps talking about what we’re going to do in the summer this next year and he was mentioning the other day too that he and I will make it through this season together not getting sick and I said or getting sick and he said yeah but so we’ll make it through this season. 

Well, so it’s still going on and on, getting more and more interesting with him and everything :p.


4 comments on “And On It Goes…

  1. They make swimsuits to flatter every shape and size! Remember there is no such thing as the perfect body, and what WE see is not what a man who loves us sees. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Christine :D. I still am kinda surprised it’s happening to me though, ya know.

    Still have to deal with that insecure crap on and off with everything :p.

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