Guess What…

…chicken butt, ha ha :D.  Okay so I was thinking of putting something in the title like ha ha, guess who’s engaged or something, but then I decided that was too mean to do.

Oh and just to clarify here, I’m not engaged…I’m just kidding around.  I was thinking of saying something like that because when he and I hung out tonight some words did come up in the conversation like… marry/marriage, propose and so forth heh.

It was really quite interesting the way these things just cropped up when we were talking while hanging out earlier tonight.  I was kind of freakin out about some of it too, but there ya have it.

In conversation, he was talking and kind of joking and said Ha, I’m going to marry you for your money now ha ha.  I was just like sitting there thinking, did I just hear what I thought I heard *tries not to faint* hee, hee :p.  I mean yes it was him joking around, but there’s usually truth behind or in jokes, ya know. 

Well and then this one I was totally freakin out inside, but I kept my cool on the outside.  We were talking about some religious stuff and he said if we go to this place (referring to a special religious place) together, you’re not gonna freak out on me, are you and I was like no.  Then he was like good I feel better that we can go to this special religious place together and I don’t have worry about you freakin out or worrying about me being ready to propose yet.  Did you catch that word…propose…yet…why do I get the feeling something might happen and that he might just be thinking and planning ahead on something happening with me now – eeekk :p!!! 

It just keeps getting more interesting every day ;).

4 comments on “Guess What…

  1. LOL, oh, but it’s so true that I was missing him and you should know by now that I wouldn’t ever think you were nutty lol.

    I mean, seriously, look at me here and you think I’d think you or someone else was much nuttier than me 😉 hee, hee.

  2. It is funny.. because I almost texted you in the middle of the day this weekend with “I know who you are missing..” ROFL. Then I thought… awe she’ll think Im nutty.. hehehe.

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