Twitterpated and…

Could it be I’m headed for that 4 letter “L” word too?  I don’t know, it’s kind of scary to think about, but it’s looking more possible as time goes on.

I just was looking at a picture of him I tried to take without him knowing while he was asleep and swooning over him lol.  Of course, he found out I took the picture and thinks it looks bad so he doesn’t want me to share it so I haven’t…yet that is :p.

Anyway I was looking at his picture and thinking how it really isn’t the best picture, but he still looks so cute and all in it :).  I love his blue eyes and he has dark hair that’s cut short and he’s just too cute.

Well and the thing that led to this post was that as I was looking at his picture I felt like my heart was melting and going to burst at the same time.  I felt the butterflies and that feeling, ya know the one.

*Sighs* I don’t know, I think I may already be way past long gone here and this may just be the one that wins and finally breaks down my walls.  It’s pretty scary to realize how much I feel and how deep my feelings are becoming now because I already know that it would have a pretty significant impact on me if we were to break up.

It’s really all rather terrifying at times to think about the reality and possibilities of this whole deal. 


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