Cutesy Sweetness

Okay I’m just disgusted with myself lol.  I swore I would never do cutesy, lovey dovey crap again and yet, here I am doing it – eww, I know lol :p.

Like the other day, we’re all looking at each other like grinning idiots, then we were all doing eskimo kisses and cutesy crap.  I was like oh my ew, what’s happened to me LOL.

Oh and then yesterday we’re all texting and he’s all ‘sweetie, who ya gonna dream about tonite?’  and I’m all giggling and texting back ‘um, I don’t know, maybe someone special’ lol.  Then he all texts me back with ‘that’s my girl’ and I’m just sitting her giggling like this school girl idiot and crap lol.  It’s disgusting, I know :p lol.

Oh and then he keeps melting me and making me like putty in his hands :p.  As if all the stuff he does isn’t enough already, then he melted me on the spot even more the other night with telling me how he feels that he’s the luckiest guy because he has me and gave me this list of reasons why I’m so great.  I mean, geez, talk about going in for the kill with all this romantic sweetness *swoons* lol – I know I’m bad.

But you see what I mean here, it’s disgusting what’s happened to me with all this cutesy crap lol :p.


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  2. I think it’s adorable, and I’m really happy for you! *g*

    I know exactly what you’re going through, went through it with my husband when we were dating, and then engaged….and heck, even now, 2 years later! *grinwink*
    When we first started seeing each other though, I know I used to drive my friends and co-workers crazy with how “cutsey” we were…not intentionally, but it just kinda happens, ya know?

    Anyway, enjoy it! And have a great time!!

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