Someone Pinch Me…

I think I’m dreaming too deeply or something.  Talk about a wild rollercoaster ride lately and going from one extreme to another.

It seems like it’s all happened so fast, but at the same time it hasn’t been that fast at all.  I don’t know, time and that whole concept is all bizarre right now when I think about it all.

I just feel like I’ve been out of it, but at the same time I feel like I’m just getting into it too lol.  I’m feeling a little brain fried right now after doing hours of homework and all so that might contribute to the weirdness here lol :p.

It’s just I still go back and forth between realizing I actually really do have a boyfriend now after not having had one for so long.  Well and then I’m like not only do I have a bf, but he’s a good one, who knew that was possible, I mean ya know.

It seems like it’s been longer than just a few days since I talked to him and bore my soul though.  I mean I’ve talked to him like every day since, I talked to him on Monday and Tuesday and if I hadn’t had hours of homework to do, I would have hung out with him on Tuesday too.

Well, I’m going to see him today (Wednesday) though :D.  I might see him Thursday too, I don’t know, but I don’t know that we’ll hang out much this weekend cause we’re both going home and although our homes are in the same area, he’s going deer hunting for the weekend.  The mean Bambi killer that he is :p, oh I mean, he wants to kill Bambi’s dad not Bambi, though I told him, what does it matter, either way you’re killing Bambi or his family, you meanie lol :p.

Anyway, it made me feel better to know that he would have liked to see me yesterday on Tuesday and that I wasn’t the only one missing the other person in this relationship lol ;).  I mean I was like Yay, he wants to see me again already, so he must miss me too then or kind of miss me anyway.  Of course, he won’t admit it if he does though :p.

I’ve just felt kind of out of it lately, but obviously not completely out of it cause I still got up went to school, did my stuff, studied and did all my homework coherently the past couple days lol.  It’s just that while I’ve been doing my usual go to school, study, do homework etc. the past couple days or so, I’ve felt kind of like I’m floating and all light and everything lol. 

Okay so reiterating words of a close friend, I may just be a goner now like getting long gone lol.  Or as my boy was saying and so eloquently put it the other day, I’m becoming whooped or I already am over him. 

He said that before our talk and all and he said it just cause he accidentally left his phone one time the other night after we hung out and I slept with his phone on the pillow by me *giggles and blushes*.  What can I say, his phone smells good like he does and well, I like him and well, ya know, why wouldn’t I want to sleep with his phone by me *giggles*.  Of course, his phone did freak me out though with his ring when his brother called him or rather tried to call him because I didn’t answer it lol.

So, I’m feeling like I’m walking on air and all, it’s kind of like in the movie, “Bambi”, where they’re talking about being twitterpated lol.  Yeah, I think I’m kind of “twitterpated” over him *giggles*.

I’m such a girl right now lol *giggles*.

2 comments on “Someone Pinch Me…

  1. LOL yeah, men and not admitting to those things.

    I’d say you’re a little whooped and/or twitterpated over your guy too though ;o) ha ha.

  2. Hahahaha! Whooped!

    Too funny.

    I especially liked the “he would never admit it” part… soooooo true, eh?

    *whistles* Twitterpated.

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