Brief Update

I just thought I’d put a brief update on here on how things are going and all with Cory.

Well, we had a talk earlier tonight (Sunday night) because I wanted to talk about setting some rules, guidelines and such for us with some things.  Anyway, the talk went well and we got things straightened out and all.

After we finished the talk about some rules, guidelines etc., he asked me some questions which kind of lead the conversation/the rest of the talk where it went next, which was that I ended up telling him more about my marriage, divorce etc. because he asked about it.  Then I ended up telling him about my girls because he was asking some other questions and the conversation/talk just went that way so naturally it ended up coming about that I shared with him about everything along with talking about rules and guidelines for things with kissing and such.

It was just a natural, comfortable thing the way it happened and I told and shared these things with him so it ended up going pretty well.  He handled it really well and he wasn’t all crazy that’s soo great/cool etc. and he wasn’t all that’s soo bad either.  He was just like I imagine that would be hard and I’m sorry you’ve had to go through these things in your life.

He told me that he was really glad we had the talk afterwards because he learned a lot about me cause I ended up bearing my soul to him basically.  He was impressed and amazed with me and how strong I am to have dealt with and gone through what I have and such, ya know.

He also told me a little bit more about him and some things here and there and he asked some questions about my girls and stuff.  I answered his questions and somehow it came up that I mentioned to him how sometimes I get emotional etc. around their birthdays and he told me he’d be there for me if I wanted to talk to him if I was having a hard time on or around their birthdays.  So, he was already showing that he’s willing to be supportive and be there for me in relation to these things I told him.

Oh and also, we kissed for the first time ;).  He kissed me on Saturday night and then I kissed him back so yeah we’ve moved to the kissing stage now. 

Well and basically, I had this great talk with him, shared and bore my soul to him and he reacted calmly, positively and was supportive.  It was a really good talk and I like him that much more now that we’ve had this talk and now that I know he’s not gonna freak out or run away on me and such, ya know what I mean :p.

Oh and basically we went on a walk and had this talk and held hands the whole time.  We stopped and sat to have most of our talk in front of the temple here, one of the LDS/mormon buildings, which is where I want to get married one day is in the temple.

So, it ended up being a really special and kind of romantic time walking, talking and sharing all this with him in front of the temple :).  Oh yeah, another thing, basically we’re kind of like boyfriend/girlfriend now so yeah, it looks like I’ve got a boyfriend after all, who knew ;).

That’s the update for now and we’ll see what happens next as things go on :).


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  1. I know, it’s amazing. I’m still kind of like in shock and in between admitting this is real and wondering if it’s a dream or what kind of thing, ya know.

    Oh and when I talked to my Dad to tell him what happened after I talked to Cory, I found out that my parents kind of know/know of his parents and family. I mean, talk about a small world.

    My Dad has met his Dad before and his family does the Hickory Farms – they like own that or something. His Dad’s also an accountant and then I thought this was funny, but my mom had a crush when she was younger on this guy who turned out to be one of Cory’s uncles LOL. Oh and my Dad thinks that Cory’s Grandma was one of my brother’s kindergarten teachers too so how’s that for interesting lol.

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