The Infamous A

The Infamous A

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This is “The A”, which if you go to my college, you’d know all about it. Supposedly this is where you can become a true aggie – what we are here at my college :).

So, how you’re suppose to become a true aggie is go with another non-true aggie to this A on a night with a full moon during Homecoming weekend, which was this past weekend. Then you and the other non-true aggie are suppose to stand on “The A” and kiss at midnight under the full moon on Homecoming weekend and that’s how you become a true aggie lol.

I think it’s amusing and pretty interesting. Anyway, Cory has mentioned about becoming true aggies a few times, well he did this past week and weekend so I was a little suspicious of why he was so obsessed with this true aggie thing lol.

I mean either he was finding it amusing and interesting like I did or he’s obsessed with it and the idea of kissing someone. Or he was thinking about kissing me and becoming a true aggie a lot lol – my Dad thinks it’s highly suspicious how he kept talking about it too lol.

So, anyway, I don’t know, maybe he was thinking of kissing me, maybe not. I think he probably has thought of kissing me already because that thought of kissing him for me has already passed through my mind at least a few times lol 😉 :).

Anyhow, that’s the story behind “The A” up here and how you’re suppose to become a true aggie – woo woo 😉 *giggles* :).


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  1. The intriguing older woman huh lol :p. But yeah, that makes sense and he is the kind of guy I’m looking for and so far he’s a lot better than other guys I’ve been with even when they were older.

    It just goes to show that maturity and age don’t always equate each other, ya know. I mean I was with a 32-33 yr old for quite a while and he never tried to hold my hand or anything and he was a mama’s boy – ick. Well and he had the maturity level of a 20 something year old even though he was 32-33. Whereas, Cory, is 22-23 and has the maturity level of like my age, I mean ya know.

  2. You know I was thinking…. it might be better that he is younger… older guys expect more.. and in this case you are the intriguing older woman and he is the kind of guy you are looking for….

    If that makes any sense….

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