Pondering Guys & “Confession”

I’ve been pondering and thinking about some things about guys and what not that I just have always wondered lately.  I also have a “confession” of sorts lol :p.

So, here’s some of my questions I’ve been pondering and wondering about with guys here…

1) Why is it that most or almost all guys prefer longer hair to shorter hair?  Why do guys go so crazy for longer hair?  (I have long hair, well, it’s a little longer than my shoulders and maybe close to the middle of my back right now and Cory goes crazy over it lol).  Oh and why do guys love to play with your hair so much?

2) Why do some guys always feel or think they have to be the protector or whatever?

3) Why do some guys like to tickle, caress etc. with your hand?  I mean I like it and all, but it freakin gives me major butterflies and so forth and it’s just one of those things I wonder about sometimes.

 4) Why do some guys always tell you how cute girls are in a movie that you’re watching with them?

5) I just wonder sometimes why guys are the way they are and what makes them tick…sometimes wish I had a little handbook that told me what all these things mean with guys, ya know lol.

Anyone else wonder these things at all?  Oh and my little confession I was going to say is that, well, I’ve already told my parents, but haven’t blogged it yet.

It’s just that a week or two ago, I found that there was a miscommunication or something and Cory isn’t 25-26 like I originally thought he was.  Yes, he’s younger…he’s more like 22-23 instead of 25-26 like I originally thought.

So, he’s more like 6-7 years younger instead of only 3-4 years younger than me.  I know, he’s young and there’s a bigger difference in our ages there than I thought and than I planned or wanted with  a guy, but he’s a lot like me and acts more mature and a lot older than his age.

I know some people will be like oh my gosh hearing that age difference between us, but others are like big deal, if it works and he’s the right one/right kind of guy with you than it doesn’t matter.  I mean really it’s up to me and him because we’re the ones who have to deal with the age difference if anything serious comes of this or not in the end.

I totally didn’t plan for that to happen though.  I have always tried to stick to an age range much closer to my age and if there hadn’t been a miscommunication and I had known at first that he was actually 22-23 then I wouldn’t have given him a second thought or the time of day.

In a way, I’m glad there was that miscommunication because otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to know him or had these fun times with him and everything else that I have had with him so far.  I mean I would have regretted not getting to know him and everything that has happened and I’ve experienced with him so far if I had ditched him simply because of the age difference in the beginning if I had known then what I know now, ya know.

Anyway, my parents had two different reactions to my telling them that about the age difference as well.  My Dad was like big deal, if it works, it works and if he’s the right one/right kind of person for you than the age difference won’t matter.  Then my Mom was like what in the heck are you thinking hanging out with a baby?  I was like trust me, he’s not a baby lol.  He may be younger than me, but he’s certainly not a baby :p. 

Of course, my mom’s all ask him if he has any older brothers you can date (um no, little late for that since I’m starting to like him more now, ya know) and then she was like well it can’t be him because he’s younger and he doesn’t fit the mold that she has designed for me ha!  Like I’d ever fit with the mold of the guy she has designed for me anyway – ew.  Besides since when did she get a say in who I date, hang out and be friends with anyway – oh that’s right she doesn’t, I care more about what my Dad says and he thinks it’s fine if it works out in the end so :p to her lol.

Besides there was another thing that happened Saturday night that I didn’t mention previously…there was one time during when we were together Saturday night and we were sitting together and holding hands and he had me lay my head on his shoulder and then he laid his head on mine and it was the weirdest thing, but in kind of a cool way. 

I’m not sure how to explain it, but when we were sitting there together next to each other, holding hands with my head on his shoulder and his head on mine, it was like we fit.  I mean like our bodies and everything just like felt like we fit together like puzzle pieces and it just felt so natural, normal, comfortable and right that we were with each other and fit together sitting like that.

I don’t know how to explain it really or how I was feeling about that, but maybe some of you know what I’m trying to say here.  It was just that I felt like I was…in a sense…home.  I don’t know, it’s probably nothing, but there you have it anyway :p. 


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  1. ok im gonna answer your first 5 questions

    1. this really depends on the guy also its that they prefere one to the other its just that they enjoy looking at you.

    2. This one has to with nature I mean come on men have been the protectors since the begining.

    3. The reason they do this is because they know that you enjoy it.

    4. Its that they plan to tell you while your there its simply that they know you will here them and they want to tell you as much as possible.

    5. AS for this one Guys are fairly simple I mean you don’t need instructions because girls are like the ultimate remote. lol

    P.S. yea i am a guy and yes I do realize that this is a bit old but i figured what the heck might as well

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