Cute, Coy Looks

Okay so you know how us girls have our “looks”,right?  I mean like we have our innocent look and our coy look and such.

Well, I’ve known I have my own looks like these for a while anyway, but a while ago one time when I was talking with Cory, I was informed more about these looks of mine lol.  Anyway, he mentioned how I have these certain looks and I know what they are and I look cute when I do them.

Well, it occurred to me after he said that, that guys also have looks of their own too.  Now, come on, guys do have these looks, they may not be all coy and what not like when girls do the looks, but I’ve seen guys do their looks too.

I noticed this recently one time when I was talking with Cory and we made eye contact and he flashed me his dazzingly smile.  It was dazzingly too and he had a hint of mischief and something like a sparkle in his eyes too.  I also noticed what I think was a cute dimple when he smiled like that, okay so it was a snapshot moment of this look of his and I have all the details memorized lol :p.

That was just one of the times, there have been a few other times, but that one with his dazzingly smile really struck me and sticks out in my memory for some reason.  I’m not sure why it sticks more than the others, but it does.

Oh my gosh, I’m such a girl – eww lol.  I mean there’s nothing wrong with being a girl and all like I’m being here, but this is what I’ve been against for so long and now I’m turning into what I never thought I would.  A sappy type of girl crushin on a guy friend blah blah blah – I’m such a girl :p.

Of course, this too will probably pass…then again I suppose ya never know…


2 comments on “Cute, Coy Looks

  1. Yeah I told Cory about how he has the looks last night and he was like nu uh and then he gave me one of his looks LOL.

    I was like you just did a look and he was like nu uh. I just think it’s funny how guys are always like girls are so evil with their looks when they have them too :p lol.

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