Cool Guys

I know, now, don’t everyone have a heart attack on me here since I’m posting twice in a row within a couple hours.

It’s just that I have a more happy, positive post to put here since I am friends and having fun with an in real life cool guy as opposed to the clueless online stalkerish weirdo I mentioned below lol :p.  I’m still talking with Cory and we’re still having fun being friends, hanging out, texting and all so there is hope beyond online stalkerish weirdos for me hee, hee :D.

Anyway, yesterday was a pretty stressful day for me cause I had a math test and this math class is already stressing me out.  I’m probably going to have to go to get some tutoring to help me out with passing this math class, but I’ll be okay.  Also, I had a paper, it was just 3 pages, but still a paper, nonetheless that I had to type up last night to turn in today for my Psychology class so I was totally flippin out with stress yesterday lol.

So, I was talking with Cory while I was all freakin stressed and it wasn’t a good idea that I talked to him while I was that worked up over school and all.  I mean we didn’t kill each other or anything, but we weren’t communicating as well yesterday because I was so stressed so I wasn’t on my usual same wavelength that I am with him yesterday.

Well, I ended up apologizing to him because I didn’t know how mean or ronchy I was coming across in our conversations and then today we picked up the conversation again with texting.  Needless to say that today was much better for us and our conversations because I was back to normal and on the same wavelength that I usually am when talking with him and all lol.

He did tell me, being kind of bratty lol, that I was usually always a little snippy, but that he was just extra nice and never said anything about it.  I told him that I try not to be that way and that I was just saying sorry because yesterday I was worse than usual.

Anyway, when he mentioned being kind of bratty and joking about it, but mentioned nonetheless that I was usually kind of snippy, but he just didn’t say anything about it, it got me to thinking.  I just suddenly realized after he said that to me earlier today that he puts up with me so far as a friend lol so that must mean that he cares or likes me to some extent, right ;).  I mean why else would he keep talking to me, hanging out with me and what not if I’m such a snippy little brat sometimes like he says lol :p 😉 :).

Oh and we haven’t really hung out for a while because this past weekend I went home and then this weekend he’s going camping.  I think it’s kind of funny though because yesterday he and I started talking and then last night right before I went to my math class he said something kind of as a joke, but kind of said something about my coming over last night.  Then, of course, I had to tell him I couldn’t go over last night because I had to go to my math class that went until 10 pm and take a test plus I think it was good I didn’t hang out with him last night with my higher stress level, ya know what I’m saying here lol.

Well then today while we were talking, I mentioned to him how I still have his chocolate that I bought for him because of this inside joke thing or what not about a week ago.  So, we were talking about how I still had his chocolate and hadn’t eaten it and he said to me so can you control yourself until Saturday night or do we need to hang out tonight? lol.

I was like I can control myself for a long time because I didn’t want to seem like I had to see him or something tonight even though I would have liked to have hung out tonight.  I’m trying to keep my distance, just be friends and play it cool still, ya know lol as I can tell that he’s doing that too.

So, I was kind of surprised when he said that too though because I was like, what he wants to hang out on Saturday night after he gets back from camping now?  I wasn’t expecting to hang out with him this weekend, but maybe we will be hanging out this weekend after all, who knows, guess we’ll see what happens.

Then I was thinking some more, which as we all know, I often think too much lol and found it amusing to realize that he had tried to get me to hang out with him last night, tonight and now he’s talking about maybe hanging out Saturday night.  I’m chuckling to myself because when we first talked on Wednesday he asked me what I was doing this weekend and then I said I might be going to a dance on Friday night and asked if he was still going camping. 

He told me he was still going camping and was just wondering what I was doing this weekend like he was saying he didn’t want to know with the thought of us hanging out just that he wanted to know just cause he was just wondering – ha and I fell for it…at first, now I think he was thinking about hanging out, but trying to be nonchalant about it.  I can’t believe I fell for that lol.  I even remember saying something to my Dad on the phone last night about that and my Dad just laughed and I didn’t get it until now :p.

So, I could have hung out with him last night, but I had math and I could have hung out with him tonight, but I said no in a round about way because I was playing it cool.  Maybe I’m being too difficult or what not with him though…I don’t want to make it too hard for him, but I don’t want to make it too easy either, ya know.  It’s interesting playing hard to get and playing cool in real life being friends with a cool, decent guy that’s interested in you at least as a friend, if nothing more.

Okay so I haven’t done this in a while, well, we all know it’s been a while for me right lol.  Anyway, just wanted to share and update the positive aspect of my life as far as guys with me at present :D.