Clueless Weirdos

Okay so I ended up signing up on another website that I thought was for finding friends etc. kind of like myspace. 

Well, come to find out that this other website even though it said it was for friends, it’s not, it’s really an online dating website – not really what I was looking for or anything but I was on it so whatever.  I haven’t used the website much at all nor have I talked to anyone from it, but I keep having guys from that website “flirting” with me lol.

I say that about them “flirting” with me like that because I find it kind of amusing that I get an e-mail alerting me to the fact that a guy named so and so has flirted with me.  Oh and also I get e-mails alerting me that this guy “has an eye out for me”, this guy “is waiting for me” and this guy “is watching me” and so forth.  It really kind of cracks me up, I mean, ya know.

I was just thinking about this the other day because I was like so when a guy says Hi to me in real life and he’s thinking he’s flirting with me, could I get an e-mail telling me that this guy was flirting with me when he said Hi to me in real life LOL.  Well and then I was thinking one time when I got some e-mails alerting me to some guys “flirting” with me from this website, Wow I didn’t know that so many guys were “flirting” with me until my computer/e-mail alerted me – funny how I didn’t know I was being flirted with until my computer told me so, ya know lol :p.

So anyway, these guys send me messages and I’ve never responded although I have thought about responding with a few of them that seemed decent, but then I just haven’t responded.  Well most of these guys get it and don’t bother me after they try once or twice and get no response or anything from me, but there’s a few guys that keep trying to get me and that want to “catch me” <– their words, not mine.

More specifically, there is one particular guy of the few clueless weirdos from this website that I’m feeling like he’s becoming borderline stalkerish with the way he keeps buggin me.  I’ve had I don’t know how many messages from him now like around 10-15 that I haven’t responded to or done anything to encourage him or anything and he’s still at it – the weirdo.

He keeps telling me how he wants to “catch me” and hook up with me and blah blah blah – freakin online weirdo guy – ick!  Anyway, I just happened to get a message in my e-mail alerting me to some guy wanting to talk to me from that website today and I haven’t checked in on that website for a few weeks or a month.  I don’t go on the website much at all and so I go check today to delete the message etc. and there’s like a bunch of other messages and they were all from this weird guy.  Then it says how many views your profile gets and it had a couple views on it from this weird guy too so now I’m like ewww because I’m wondering what if he keeps looking at my profile even when he’s not sending messages – ick!

Anyway, I was just deleting all this weird guy’s messages and thinking about it and I was like, seriously, what is so exciting about me?!  I mean I was just wondering what is so intriguing about me that this weirdo guy is all like he has to have me crap.  I don’t know I just thought I was a pretty normal cute girl, but I didn’t think I was like someone worth harassing like he has been.  Of course, he is a weirdo so who knows.

If he doesn’t knock it off, I’m going to delete myself from existence on that website.  I mean I don’t really use the website anyway other than I find it amusing sometimes and I thought maybe there might be a one in a million worthwhile person on there to talk to, but I obviously haven’t found anyone like that on there.

I just get amazed sometimes at how weird some guys on these online websites can be.  I really shouldn’t be surprised or amazed though because I did marry and divorce one of those weirdos, which is why I don’t hook up with online weirdos anymore ha, ha.

Of course, when I’m talking of online weirdos, I’m not talking of the few cool online people I know here and you should know whether I consider you a cool online friend or person or not by now :).  So, I was just annoyed by that and had to vent, but I’m done now lol.