Relaxing Saturday

Well, today has been a pretty relaxing, easygoing kind of day.  I do still have to do some homework and things, but for some reason I’ve been feeling more peaceful today than usual.

Maybe it’s a sign that I’m starting to settle down and get even more comfortable in my new place and with the new school and all.  Who knows…it’s just nice to feel this calm again since I haven’t felt this way in quite a while.

I did go hang out with Cory last night.  We had fun, went out to eat, watched a movie and talked.  We were going to go to a corn maze here, but I chickened out because I don’t know what it is, but something about corn mazes/corn fields in the dark kind of freaks me out.  I would like to overcome that fear sometime though, but last night wasn’t the time to overcome it.  Well, there’s always another time right.

Something that I’ve been thinking about from last night is that afterward when I was sitting at home unwinding before I went to bed, I heard my neighbor – mystery cute guy – talking with a girl as they walked out and he was saying how it was nice to hang out with someone.  Anyway, I just remember sitting here last night before I went to bed wondering to myself about how it would be if I were to hang out with this mystery cute guy next door and what not.

I mean Cory’s nice and all and we’re friends, but I want to hang out and get to know other guys and other people too, ya know.  Anyway, I can’t explain it, I just found myself thinking that myself and this mystery cute guy next door may be more alike then we think, I mean ya know. 

I was just thinking it was kind of funny and interesting that I’m by myself here and this mystery cute guy was by himself next door (I think – not sure though) and we both were hanging out with other people last night, but I was wondering what if the person we’re both waiting for is right next door sort of thing.  I mean it could be anyone really, but that thought just crossed my mind last night besides of course, when it has crossed my mind when I’ve been with Cory before that is.

It’s just some more food for thought going through my brain here is all.  When I sit and my mind wanders, I find that happens a lot as usual.

Well and with Cory last night, we were talking about this, that and the other and he kept saying things about different things that clearly show he intends to be good friends with me and hang out with me a lot more times in the future.  I don’t know, after last night, I’m a lot more comfortable with him than I already was except that little nagging doubt that still is lurking around at times in my mind.

It’s just after last night, I’m not worried about him not liking me or not wanting to hang out with me again as much.  It was funny last night though because we came over and hung out at my place – I know bad Anne lol.  

Anyway, nothing happened – don’t worry.  I wouldn’t have let anything happen either and he’s not the type to try to make a move or anything – he’s a slow mover beyond being friends, which is a good thing for me right now.  But yeah, I just thought it was funny because he and I watched one of the Harry Potter movies over here at my place and he was like sitting on one end of the couch and I was on the other end lol.

Of course, what was funny to me is how we started sitting on opposite sides of the couch like that and then by the end of the movie we were sitting next to each other lol.  Although I kept putting things in between us and then he kept moving them so they weren’t in between us. 

Like we started out and I put the remote controls in between us and then he moved them.  Then I got up and got some popcorn and treats and put them in between us when the movie was about halfway through and the popcorn and treats stayed between us for a while.  Then one time when I was holding the popcorn bowl in between us and there wasn’t hardly any popcorn left, he took the bowl and moved it.  Then we just sat for a little while with nothing between us and then I put my can of chocolate sticks in between us and they stayed in between us until the end of the movie lol.

Anyway, I just thought it was kind of funny.  Oh my heck and then when we were sitting in the car talking for a minute there were these guys in the apartments watching us out the window and they were all yelling at us out their windows.  They were all going woo woo and doing their catcalls and wolf whistle crap and I was just shaking my head because I was like what is it with people that they think you’re making out if you sit in the car with someone and talk for a few minutes – geez :p.

So, it was another fun and interesting time with Cory again lol.