A Haunting Memory

James Blunt-Your’e Beautiful (mtv)

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While I don’t know if I like this music video with this song a lot, I like the song.  I was listening to the radio earlier today and heard this song and it sparked a memory of mine.

I found myself remembering something like this that happened to me except I was a girl and the guy caught my eye.  Oh and I didn’t go jump in the ocean over it either and I don’t know that I’ll never be with the guy.  I just haven’t seen him since that moment we shared kind of like he talks about in the song.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I always remember this one dance I went to.  I’ve been to lots and lots of dances too, but not many of them stick in my mind like this one and a few others have stuck with me.

Anyway, I always have remembered being at this one dance and this guy coming over and dancing with me and how we hit it off.  He was around my same height and he and I were having intelligent conversation.  He also wasn’t freaked out about my going into Psychology/Social Work and wanting to be a counselor like most others had been that I’d talked to back then.

I can’t explain it, but in that brief time we were talking and dancing together he and I really connected.  His name was Mike and of course, I didn’t know his last name and after the dance we were talking and really getting along well when he told me his friends were motioning him over so he had to go see what they wanted since he’d ridden with them to the dance. 

He told me he was going to go check what they wanted and then he said that He’d come back over, if he could (if they weren’t leaving), because he wanted to talk to me more and maybe get my number or something.  I remember I said um okay and just stood and watched him go over to his friends and then a friend of mine came and asked me what was going on so I told her.

After I told my friend and was standing there, I said why am I standing here, I should go ask him for his phone number or see if I can talk to him before he leaves instead of just standing here waiting.  So, I remember going over to the corner where I’d last seen him talking to his friends and catching a glimpse of him and he of me and then he was lost to the crowd as was I. 

Then when the crowd cleared and I could finally move around and try to find him again, he was gone.  He’d, of course, had to leave with his friends and it was like he’d vanished.  I kept going to dances for a long time after that in hopes of seeing him again, but I never did, but I still wonder about him sometimes.


2 comments on “A Haunting Memory

  1. Yeah, that’s why I said that I didn’t know that I liked the video, but I like the song.

    I don’t agree with that message and before I saw the video I thought it had a different message.

  2. That is a depressing video… I like the song, too, but it looks like he’s saying if you can’t be with the one you want you might as well kill yourself. Hm. Not a pretty message.

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