Freakin Emotions

I just looked at the title after I published my last post of “A Ray of Sunshine” and got teary eyed.

It just hit me in a different way, I guess as I thought about the fact that one of my rays of sunshine, my second girl, is turning 22 months old today away from me 😦 waahhh. 

I already got teary eyed and cried a little earlier and wasn’t sure why at first, until I remembered that my second girl’s turning 22 months old today.  I hate that – stupid emotions and blah :p.

I need chocolate, ice cream, pizza or something.  I’m all feeling more down now – geez….waaahh, where’s my crying face when I need it.

I need a hug *pouts*. 

Geez, this is all I need, to cry when I have a cold.


5 comments on “Freakin Emotions

  1. Thanks guys :).

    I am feeling lots better today. Oh and I did go to Chicago once a long time ago and it was fun – I wouldn’t mind going again if I could work it somehow, we’ll see ;). We all have to get together sometime though, for sure :).

    Oh and another thing that helped me feel better was that Cory text me again out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him or see him until next week because he told me last weekend that he was going to go home this weekend, but who knows, I might go hang out with Cory tonight again lol.

    Life’s full of surprises :p :).

  2. ((HUG)) to you both.. I have been in both spots… so dont feel alone. And I love both of you guys. We need to bring Anne to Chicago next time.. lol.

  3. Thanks, Michelle.

    My cold’s still the same, but I’m feeling somewhat better now that I had my cry and what not.

    I also went out for a bit and then went to the store and got myself some chocolate, pizza and other goodies so that’s helped me too lol.

    Chocolate is definitely the best medicine, I think.

  4. Cant be there in person so hope this helps even a little ((((((big hugs)))))).

    I was feeling crazy when I was sick and cried my a$$ off. I babysit my neice and I wasn’t even thinking about adoption (or was and didn’t realize it) and I called my neice Kara. Well, after her dad picked her up I went to bed and just cried :(. But I was really sick that day so that probably contributed…

    Hope you cold goes away soon.

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