A Ray of Sunshine

Oooo, I’m excited now…I just looked outside and there’s finally some sunshine today.

Man this weather’s been getting to me today.  All the cold, the wet, the rain and eeek, did I mention how cold it is here?  I don’t know if I’ll survive the winter here – eeekk lol.

I don’t know – today just wasn’t one of my way happy days and mostly because of the icky weather and the cold.  It’s just one of those days where you want to curl up in front of a fire with a good movie or a good book or something.

So, let’s see what’s new with me lately?  I’m just going to school and doing my thing living life.  Nothing way exciting has happened lately.  I mean I’ve talked with Cory, but that’s not necessarily a big thing – I mean it is, but it isn’t, ya know.

I’ve already been here living on my own and at school for a month now, if you can believe that.  It’s been thundering and raining on and off all day today.  I don’t always like thunder storms much.

Oh and I’m probably a little down today too because today is when my second girl turns 22 months old.  It’s just another one of those dates where I get a little down sometimes and the cold, icky weather doesn’t help either.

I don’t know where the time keeps going so fast.  Anyway, Im still doing pretty good overall.  I’m doing a lot of individual changing and redefining of myself still.

I keep learning more and sorting through more emotions and issues as I’m up here.  Oh and somehow my life keeps getting better.  I don’t know how my life keeps changing and improving like it is, but it does.

I keep thinking to myself that my life can’t get any better than it is and then somehow it does lol :p. I get to study for a test in my psychology class this weekend and got homework etc. to do, so yeah things are moving along :p.

Well, I can’t think of much else for now, but I’ll probably write something more later.  I do have a lot of things going through my head and such, but I don’t know how to work it and write it all down just yet so I may be writing more later on.


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  1. I hear you on the better thing… then I have a little set back and think.. ok that is the end of the good times… then they have been bouncing back! It is just shocking.. CHEERS!

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