I told you…

I jumped to all sorts of irrational conclusions when I was freakin out on myself and dealing with my insecurities last night.

Geez, well, this is what happens when you haven’t gone out into the dating/social world with someone for as long as me.  It was normal – my night out with him and everything and I freaked out because I’m use to the abnormal – it’s weird, but true.

We’re talking/texting again since a little bit ago and I was so off base with my insecurities lol.  I know, big surprise there.

He told me he had a good time last night too and we found out that we don’t go to the same church at the same time.  Although we might pass each other on Sundays though, you never know.

Anyway, all is well again – it never wasn’t well.  I just went a little weird with my insecurities is all, but I’m all good again. 

I sorted through a lot of my stuff on my own and then talked to my Dad a while ago so that helped a lot.  Then ended up texting/talking with Cory now and that helped me too so I’m fine and just annoyed with myself for letting myself get carried away with my thoughts, ya know.

Oh, well, that’s life in the dating/social world for ya.  That’s just the way it is – gotta deal with it.

6 comments on “I told you…

  1. Yeah that’s what I thought and have found with some guys who actually told me they are insecure sometimes.

    It’s a guy/girl thing. Girls talk about and express these things and guys don’t as much so that’s why everyone hears about girls being insecure, but not guys being insecure.

  2. Men are certainly insecure too. You can trust me on that because I’ve heard the constant whinging from guy friends as well.

    We just don’t express it in public. It’s rare that you’ll find a guy gushing about the date he just had and moaning about why the girl did this or didn’t do that.

  3. I know, I’m thinking it has to get better.

    I mean this is just the beginning of my getting back in the game here so it’s got to get better.

    Of course, I’m already doing my insecure stupid thing again somewhat since I talked/texted with him on Saturday night – augh lol.

    See the thing is that I’m use to fast movers and weirdos and this guy is a slow mover and not a weirdo so this is a whole new ball game for me with this type of guy this time around lol :p.

  4. Hey.. you know I do the same thing…

    It HAS to get better… actually, I sort of feel it getting better. But yes, I am still shocked when they call/text…

  5. Well, for me, it’s not necessarily society that has made it hard for me with being insecure and having low self-esteem.

    I mean society has played its part, of course, but more so my mom and other things have affected how I am and how I constantly battle with low self-esteem and insecurities.

    Anyway, that’s just me. Oh and I do know some guys who are insecure and most of the time if guys are insecure they don’t tell anyone.

  6. What makes us so insecure?! Just about every woman I talk to is insecure about one thing or another. We’re all beautiful, healthy, intelligent women, and yet we feel unworthy so often. Does society still have such a grip on the roles of women that we can’t hold our heads high? Libertarians fought for our rights decades ago and yet we still worry about everything. Are all men insecure too, and they just don’t tell anyone? I doubt it; they all seem way too cocky to me. Anyway, just thoughts.

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