Happy Monday =)!!!

Okay, I know this is unusual, but it’s been a pretty good Monday for me today.  Usually, Mondays aren’t that great or really anything special, but there you have it, it’s been one of the rare good Mondays for me today :D.

I’m gonna go home in a bit and should be able to finish hooking up my internet at my place so that’s the first good thing – YAY for me :D.  Then the other good thing is that today has just been a kind of slow paced relaxed day for me.  I only had my Institute/religion class this afternoon and that’s all I had today as far as classes and all.

So, what has put me in more of a happy mood than usual, I guess you could say is that the guy I mentioned before, did I mention him.  I’ll have to go check if I did or not, anyway, this guy, his name’s Cory, I ran into him again today :).  He’s the guy who I knew from when I was living at home going to school and one of the guys that I liked that seemed the most decent that I met at a dance when I was living at home and he got my phone number and then never called.  He’s also the one I ran into at the bookstore up here and we were both surprised to see each other up here after last seeing each other when I was living at home going to the other school.

Anyway, if I mentioned it and you remember, he’s the one I spent that afternoon with talking and walking around half the city with and we exchanged phone numbers, but I didn’t know if anything would come of it or not.  Well, he showed up in the hallway in front of me this afternoon when I was on my way to my Institute/religion class.  Come to find out, he signed up for a class same time as mine, different class though, but at the same time.

Well, when I saw him in front of me in the hallway I called to him to say Hi and he turned around, saw it was me and proceeded to tell me how I was in trouble because apparently he thought that I’d given him a wrong phone number.  I don’t know how he did it, but he got my phone number totally wrong in his phone and he told me how he tried to call the number he had once or twice and felt dumb because it was the wrong number so he was playing around telling me how I was in big trouble because he accused me of giving him the wrong number on purpose lol.  It was really kind of funny and then we straightened out the whole wrong phone number etc. situation and he told me maybe he’d see or talk to me later and that he was having a hard time trying to find his class.

So, I decided to walk and talk with him while I helped him find his religion class before I went to mine.  Then after we found his class, I went back to mine and then found out they’d switched my religion class so I ended up back in the class next to his, but he got out of his class before I got out of mine so I didn’t see him afterwards.  He also has a class at 3:30 and our religion classes got out at 3:20 so I knew he’d gone off to his other class, but I did try to call him after I got out of class just to see if I could talk to him and mention that I’d ended up in the class next to his, but he didn’t answer his phone so I figure he can call back if he wants or something.

I’m not too worried about whether I’ll talk to him again or not now that I know he has my right phone number and I know that he tried to call me like a couple times with the wrong phone number then I’m pretty sure he’ll call me another time.  I’ll also probably run into him again on campus especially when our religion classes are right next door to each other at the same time :).

Anyway, that’s been my surprisingly good Monday today.  YAY for me :D!!!  Oh yeah that reminds me that he mentioned once to me when we were talking something about, he bet he’d made me day cause I’d run into him or something like that and I just smiled and then I told him that my day had been pretty good :).  He tried to ask me why my day was so good, but we didn’t have that much time to talk and of course we all know that I wasn’t going to admit to him that he had made my day along with other things, but he had done his part in contributing to my good day :).

I mean we’re only friends right now so who knows if anything else will come out of the friendship in the long run or not, but I wasn’t going to tell him yes you made my day, I mean ya know.  Anyway, we’ll see if he calls back later today or tonight or if I decide to try to call him again or not.

But yeah so it’s been a pretty good weekend and a good Monday too :).  Hopefully, it will continue so that this will be a good week too :D.  Oh and my Dad came up on this past Friday and installed a dead bolt type lock thing on my door since I didn’t have one and he also installed a security camera since the managers at my apartments won’t let us have peep holes in the door :p.  It’s not that unsafe or anything up here where I am or where I live, in fact, it’s pretty safe and secure, it’s just nice to be able to see who is at the door before you answer it just in case, ya know. 

Well and I wanted a dead bolt type lock or something because I didn’t like only have the one lock on the door, but that’s just me and the way I am.  I have my little birdie up there with me now too and he’s adjusted pretty well now and has fun chirping up a storm in my apartment in his cage by the window where he sits.  He’s not that noisy or loud when he chirps either so no one’s complained about my having a bird or it being too noisy so far so that’s good.

So, yep things are still going good and working out for me up here living on my own :).  I’m so happy I decided to move out on my own and go to school up here.  It’s one of the best choices I’ve made in a long time and it’s been turning out really well for me with everything so far and it just seems to get better as time goes on with living up here :).

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that everyone has had an okay Monday so far.  I do realize today is 9-11 and so it’s most likely a pretty crappy day for lots of people and I feel for them and all those who suffered with 9-11 too.  Nonetheless, despite it being 9-11 and a Monday, it’s been a good day for me and it is my niece’s birthday today too :).

So, I hope everyone has a good one despite it being Monday and 9-11, well as good a day as they can anyway. 


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  1. Just talk to him. Don’t beat around the bush. It could be that he is shy as well. Guys are like that. They’ll talk to their buddies no problem, but when it comes to the opposite sex, it’s a different story.

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