Someday my internet will be done…

Okay I know, you’re all like, wow, what is this?  A new post from Anne…I thought she was without internet until this weekend.

Well, I got my student ID card and got on to the internet on the computers in the library on campus so I may be able to check in on the internet throughout the week after all – YAY =).

Anyway, I got off the phone earlier today with the internet provider peoples and they’re going to take longer getting my internet service hooked up – of course.  It’s like, let’s see how long Anne can survive without her internet hooked up and take as long as we can, shall we :p.

So, originally they told me they’d have my internet hooked up by this Friday afternoon at the latest, right.  I was all hyped up for having the internet at my place this weekend too.  I know – amazing how excited I get over the internet being hooked up, isn’t it lol :p.

Well, after talking to them forever today, I found out that they won’t be able to hook up my internet until Monday afternoon so I have a little longer than planned to go on without internet at my place.  Of course, now that I have gotten access to the internet on the computers at the library on campus, it won’t be as bad, but still it’s not the same.

Anyway, they kept me on the phone forever trying to sell me a bunch of other things and take all my money.  I was like no way, you’ve already got enough of my money.  I don’t need anything else – sales pitches can be so annoying sometimes, ya know what I mean.

So, my classes are becoming somewhat more interesting now.  My literature and gender class and reading “The Last of the Mohicans” is getting more interesting.  I actually am getting more interested in the book – *gasp*, I know, amazing that I’m actually interested in assigned reading.  I usually have a harder time getting into books that are assigned to me to read than books that I get to pick to read on my own, ya know.

My psychology class on abuse is still kind of uncomfortable for me, but it was less uncomfortable for me today than it was the first time I went this last week.  I understand and am following along pretty easily with what we’re discussing and learning in my psychology class though. 

It’s interesting how my psychology and social work classes are so far my best classes and what I’m most comfortable with and understand the most.  I mean I get the math and english classes too, but I have to put forth a little more effort with them in some areas sometimes then with psychology and social work, which come easily to me.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me for now.  I’m going to head back home and see how my birdie’s doing.  I’ve got a little bit of homework to do and things too – what fun, I know :).


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  1. Instead of using your Internet provided by the campus, you could try stealing someone’s wireless Internet. I admit, I surf for open networks in my neighborhood. See what I find. Oh, and when I was in college I hated the campus Internet because it was always bogged down with PC-infested viruses. Thank goodness for Mac’s!

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