Great News =)!!!

Here’s the update on my ongoing situation I’ve been dealing with in trying to get out of staying in the unwanted living arrangements on campus.  Everything all came together today and we were finally able to work the situation out :).

Yesterday we spent the day up there at the college again doing apartment hunting for most of the time.  We drove by a lot of scary places and I called and talked with lots of people.  We went by and saw inside quite a few places, talked with managers, owners, etc. and took some applications.  So, in short, we were pretty productive and made some good progress with it all yesterday :).

We ended up finding one place that would be a very good one and it was exactly what I wanted and felt the best about it.  I just felt like it was the right kind of place and that I could be really comfortable there so we talked to the manager about renting an apartment there.

The apartment he showed us was great and I was thinking I’d really like that apartment, but he said that he had someone else who was suppose to be coming and renting that apartment.  He also told us that he would have 2 or 3 more places available similar to that apartment he’d shown us by this weekend so we told him we’d call him back today and let me know our final decision.  We still had to call the guy with the on campus housing and make sure that was taken care of and that I could get out of that contract with getting my money refunded first though.

So, this morning I got up and called the on campus housing man and told him I had found another place that would work for me so could I get out of the contract and be refunded my money now.  At first, he didn’t sound happy at all and was still trying to push me into meeting this roommate and giving it a chance, but then my Dad stepped in on the conversation – he was also on the phone, did a conference call – and my Dad took over some of the conversation to make sure that this on campus housing man understood some things about our situation and all.  My Dad’s got a way with helping out and being good at talking to people in these kinds of situations, ya know and I did quite a bit of talking and discussing too, but my Dad helped out with the conversation also.

Then after my Dad and I talked with him for a little while, he said he’d call and talk to a staff member of his and see what he could work out.  He told us he’d call us right back, well, I don’t know how long it was until he called us back, but it seemed like it was forever and I was having a hard time staying calm waiting and wondering if it was going to work out and he’d let me out of my contract or not.

Finally, after a while, he called us back and told us that he hadn’t be able to find anything out yet.  His staff member he was trying to reach was unavailable for the time being so he told us he’d thought of a proposal that he’d like to run by us and see what we thought about it.

So, he told us his proposal and what he suggested was that he keep the deposit and a couple hundred extra so I would possibly lose out on about $300, be refunded the rest and be let out of the contract.  While this wasn’t ideal or what we hoped for, it was better than nothing considering everything so I was pretty happy about that proposal.  He also said that if he gets someone in there soon, he’ll also refund me the $300 dollars too so it’s possible I could end up with all my money back instead of most my money, but all things considered, I felt lucky and blessed to get out of the contract with that kind of proposal from him.

Anyway, we talked to him some more, made sure everything was worked out and then got off the phone.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a lot of pressure lifted off me as I did when I hung up that phone earlier knowing I wouldn’t have to be in that unwanted situation and that I’ll get most and possibly all my money refunded as well :).

Also, we called the manager from the other apartments that I loved so much and wanted to live in that we saw yesterday.  I talked to him and asked him if I could go up tomorrow and work things out with him, pay the deposit and get everything processed and secure so I could move in once an apartment was available because we thought that the other one he’d shown us had be rented.  Well, at least, it was suppose to have been rented last night.

After talking with the manager of the apartments that I love, they’re called Twin Creek apts., I found out that the place he’d shown us yesterday that I’d really liked was still available 😀 YAY!!!  So, I asked him if I were to come up tomorrow to put the deposit down, fill out the application and everything, would I be able to have that one bedroom apartment, that he’d shown us.

He asked when we’d be up there tomorrow and we told him we’d plan on getting up there by 11 am at the latest tomorrow morning and he said that would work fine for him :).  Then he told me that he’d be fine to hold the apartment for me for a day until I could get up there tomorrow :D.

So, I’m getting refunded most of my money from the other housing I was going to be in with the roommate and possibly may end up having all my money refunded in a while here from them too.  I got out of the housing contract that had the roommate and I found a great place to move into that fits what I wanted with the place to myself :).

The Twin Creek apartments are also really close to campus.  It’s only like 5-10 minutes from campus and it’s in a community apartment setting with lots of other students living there so I’ll still get the feel of campus social life and be able to be around lots of other students in that living arrangement that I can be friends with, but that I don’t have to share a place with – YAY :D!!!  It’s like the best of both worlds for me from my perspective anyway – being able to have a place to myself and being able to socialize and be around lots of other students and people my age too :).

I do have to do some added things here and there with living in Twin Creeks that I wouldn’t have had to do living on campus, but it’s worth it to me :).  I’m feeling a lot less pressure and stress and a whole lot better about moving and going to school up there now that this has been pretty much all resolved :D.


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