Ever wonder…

Ever wonder if you knew the person you were going to marry when you were little, but you still don’t know that yet.

I mean I’m a romantic, hopeless or true or just a romantic so I sometimes sit awake at night when I can’t sleep, but probably should be sleeping lol, and wonder about things like this at times.  I sometimes wonder if I already know the person I’ll end up marrying even though I don’t know him yet or at least I don’t think I know him, but maybe I do or I did when I was growing up…perhaps.

I just wonder sometimes what if the guy I end up marrying this time ends up being someone I knew from when I was younger, ya know.  It’s an interesting thought I run through my head at times.

Well and then when I read some of these books that I do or watch Anne of Green Gables, I think to myself, I wonder what it would be like if I could go back and do my childhood over and see if I could find a Gilbert Blythe to be friends with when I was young that would always be there for me growing up and then we could end up together *romantic sigh* lol.  Yeah, okay, so I don’t want, wish, hope or dream of much, I know lol :p.

I think I’ve been having the theme of romance and childhood friends growing up to be together too much around me lately lol.  I watched Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea last week and sighed over Gilbert Blythe as usual lol.  I also watched Little Women just recently too :p. 

Then I read a book that had some teenagers that were friends and then decided to be bf/gf and la de da.  Then I just finished reading this book tonight that a close friend gave me for my birthday about a girl and finding her place in life and then her and the boy she’d been friends with since childhood getting together to be bf/gf and probably to end up marrying each other in a couple years when they were older – so cute and everything :).

Okay now I’m looking at all the cutesy, romantic, girlie movies and books I’ve been watching and reading and what I just wrote and it makes me want to gag.  Lol, I’m such a girl.  I guess I’ve been in some weird mood lately or something – I was going to watch Batman Begins tonight though, but didn’t get around to it.  Oh, well, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

As if all my movies, books and things weren’t girlie and romantic enough for all of you, there’s more lol :p.  I went out with my mom and saw these gardens at this place near my house earlier tonight, well, it was Thursday night and they were gorgeous gardens.  I wish I had remembered to take my camera with me so I could have put pictures up on here of these gardens.

It was 55 acres of gardens and they had huge man-made waterfalls that were awesome.  They had a river/stream and a lake and wow it was huge and gorgeous and it was so nice when we went because it was at night when the sun was going down and it was much cooler. 

There was this gentle, light, late summer breeze through all the gardens.  It was so peaceful and calm and we were one of the few people wandering through the gardens besides the birds and the animals. 

There were tons of hummingbirds twittering, some doves and pigeons cooing, some different types of finches chattering all over in the trees and the bushes, dragonflies and we even saw a couple little bunny rabbits.  They were soo cute and wiggled their little noses at us as they watched us walk by.  They looked so cute and cuddly, I wanted to pick them up, but of course I didn’t and wasn’t even going to try, but they were just soo cute.

They had all these little gardens done to themes in the big gardens where you walk through and look at everything.  It was soo cool.  They had a garden that was like the Secret Garden for those of you who know about that famous book and movie and it was the coolest little Secret Garden.  While my mom and I walked through the Secret Garden and then the Butterfly Garden then Shakespeare’s Garden and by Monet’s Lake with lots of Water Lilies on the lake and walked through the rose garden, Italian Garden, and all these other gardens within this huge place, we talked about which of the places in which gardens would be the ideal, romantic place to have a marriage proposal. 

I know a few favorite places in those gardens I’d love for a guy to propose to me in, but there’s one place I’d prefer the most.  Although you could go almost anywhere in these gardens and have it be freakin romantic.  Heck, you could just go on a date with someone to these gardens on a cool summer night and stroll through them holding hands and have it be dang romantic 😉 :).

So, my one place I think I’d prefer the most for a marriage proposal in these gorgeous gardens is in the Secret Garden :).  I love that Secret Garden replica they did in these gardens.  It’s so perfect, beautiful, peaceful, quiet and secluded so it really feels like a Secret Garden in there. 

There’s a couple places in this Secret Garden that would be perfect and so romantic for a marriage proposal.  They have a couple little benches around in secluded little spots within this Secret Garden with beautiful roses and flowers all around.  They have this cute, adorable little fountain in the middle of the Secret Garden too that lights up at night and ooo, that’d be romantic too to be proposed to in front of the lit up fountain in the middle of this Secret Garden.

Then there’s other various spots on other secluded benches throughout the gardens that would be romantic, perfect spots too.  Oh and then there’s in front of the rose garden with the lake and the sunset in the background for another spot.  Then there’s right in front of the lake by the water lilies and on this pier they have there that you can go stand on and look out on the lake – so the spot no the pier in front of the lake – another good one.  One other specific good spot I can think of was on this bridge crossing the river as you’re leaving the lake area and there’s these flowers growing on this trellis like creation over the bridge and it’s just another gorgeous, romantic spot :D.  So, see these gardens are plum full of romance and gorgeous scenery and there’s too many places you could choose from for a perfect spot for a marriage proposal in these gardens.

I wish I could go back to just sit and read a book in these gardens.  It was just so peaceful and I felt separate from the world in these little safe, secluded, peaceful, serene gardens with nothing but nature and myself.  It soothed me and my anxiety over everything I’m going to have to do next week and this weekend with this moving out and starting school again and all.

I don’t get that soothed, calm, peaceful, separate from the world and the craziness and that serene feeling from many places.  I usually only get that feeling from the library, the cemetery, and the temple (LDS temples).  Now I have a new place of peace and serenity to add to my list here, these gorgeous gardens :).

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  1. Yeah, I know, I’m bad :p.

    What can I say…I was feeling really romantic & girlie. I was also lost deep in thought in the middle of the night when I wrote this :p.

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