Overusing smilies

Okay so I admit I sometimes overuse the smilies here, but I like the smilies, so sue me.

What’s wrong with using smilies anyway?  I’ve had a few comments on how many smilies I use in a post or my overuse of smilies in posts, so what’s the big thing about smilies?  I mean I didn’t know there was a limit on how many smilies a person can use in a post.  I thought I could use as many smilies as I want, but apparently some people prefer less of my smilies.

Oh, wow, would you look at that I haven’t used a smiley face in this post yet, there must be something wrong with me.  So, which kind of person are you?  The one who’s like yippee, I don’t have to read a post with lots of smilies in it or the one who’s like this is a boring post with no smilies in it.

I am or try to be a generally overall happy type of person most of the time so I like to use smilies to show it.  I mean I like to use smilies and I do overuse them sometimes, but I’d rather overuse them than never use them.

Anyway, everyone has their different tastes, likes, dislikes and opinions and one of my things happens to be liking to use smilies when I write so there :p.  


2 comments on “Overusing smilies

  1. I love smilies! 😀 I even use the old fashioned kind still in emails! 🙂 I’m sure some would say I overuse them too, but so what!? ;p People shouldn’t pick on you because you like to express yourself. 😡 That’s just crazy! :oS

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