On to Happier Times

Smash Mouth All – Star Video


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Now I’m going to move on to happier times and happier thoughts :).  I thought this video of the song All star by Smash Mouth was a good, happy one to put here as I look to happier times :).

Okay so don’t anyone faint or anything here…well, maybe everyone should make sure they’re sitting down.  Alright, is everyone sitting down now?  Oh, how silly of me, of course everyone’s sitting down, in front of their computers ;).  I just don’t want anyone to faint or fall off their chairs here lol ;).

Alright, I know I’m being ‘dramatic’ here, but some might be in shock when they read what I’m about to write here lol ;).  So, don’t anyone faint on me here, but my sources tell me that the girl formerly known as “She-Ra” (inside joke there) that’s now known as Anne (that’s me lol) is coming out of hibernation from the dating/social life world.  Now, everyone stay calm – if anyone’s shocked, it’s me ;). 

I did see her though, this Anne girl, coming out of hiding and hibernation within the past few days.  The big question now is will she see her shadow and go back into hibernation from the dating/social world for another 6 months or will she stay out in the sunshine ;).  Scary stuff we’re dealing with here and a slightly skitterish, nervous little Anne too lol.

This emerging from hibernation for me has been gradual, but I think it’s starting to come full circle for myself so to speak.  I mean this is scary, but a couple guys within the past few days have messaged me online to ask me to hang out and…stay calm…I actually seriously contemplated and thought about going to hang out with them – EEEKK *runs around and faints* lol.  I told you to stay calm, geez rofl :p.

Of course, I didn’t say yes and I didn’t go out and hang out with them because I didn’t quite feel totally comfortable with it.  I did actually think about what I’d wear and how I’d do my hair and what it’d be like to hang out with them though – I almost did say I’d go hang out with one of them! 

Oh my freakers, I know, the world’s coming to an end or something, right lol 😉 :).  I almost went out with a guy – I came thisclose to saying okay, but then I freaked and/or wimped out and didn’t go.  That’s perfectly fine too because there’s other guys I’ll be able to hang out/go out with when I’m more okay with it and them in the future, but wow that was an experience.

I’ve never come that close to going out/hanging out with someone for a long time – I mean I haven’t dated or hung out with any guys for almost 2 1/2 years now.  You have to understand how this is like a big deal and new territory for me all over again after almost 2 1/2 years of no dating or hanging out with guys.

It’s just that I realized within these past few days that I’m really ready to start venturing out into the dating/social world again.  I will be saying yes and going out/hanging out with guys again within the next few months – well it’s very likely I will.  Once a guy asks me that I’m comfortable with and in a setting I’m more comfortable in, for example, I’m pretty sure I’ll be going out/hanging out.

Oh and not to totally shock everyone so much they can’t handle this lol, but I may even reconsider meeting people from online again.  Okay so I’m not going to meet people from online to “hook up, make out” or anything like that, but I am contemplating possibly meeting people from online again for friendship at least.  I don’t plan on getting too serious or marrying anyone that I might meet from online, but it’s possible I might meet some cool friends from online or cool people to hang out with sometimes.  I don’t know, we’ll see, but I might just be more open to that idea again.  Although I have different rules and guidelines in mind for people or rather guys from online if I should decide they’re worth talking to, being friends with and possibly meeting in person one day.

But, yeah, Wow, there ya have it, there is life after everything I’ve been through and after not dating etc. for almost 2 1/2 years.  There is life and hope again for me and guys in the dating/social world after all 😉 :). 


6 comments on “On to Happier Times

  1. Yeah, I have meet some cool people online like you and Christine and some others so it’s not all freaks online 😉 🙂 lol.

    I know, me, you and Christine need to get together and hang out one of these days :).

  2. hehe, meeting people online :). Okay, when we hooking up?!? LOL, see, I’m not crazy and you did meet me online, though not IRL yet. One of these days though, we’ll have to hang out.

  3. Well, ya know, I am a girl so I like to use the smilies :p plus I can’t help it if I’m a generally overall happy type of person :).

  4. You’ve got enough smilies in this post to kill a moose at twenty paces.

    Otherwise, nice blog!

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