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Okay there were a couple search questions I saw on my blog info that I thought I’d answer here.

First, in answer to the search question, “Are mermaids real?”  The answer would be No, mermaids aren’t real.  Sorry to burst your bubble there, but no Ariels are going to come out of the ocean and say Hi to you or fall in love with you.  The chances of that happening are slim to none.

Of course, there are those who would say that mermaids are real or could possibly be real, but they’re not.  It’s just another discussion that goes on like the one about whether or not the Lochness monster is real. 

People say they’ve seen the Lochness monster, but no one has solid enough proof of it and it’s not real either.  Just like people claim to have possibly seen mermaids or siren like creatures all the time, but don’t really have any solid proof of that either. 

Mermaids, Lochness monsters, fairies etc. are all myths and some people discuss and talk about them possibly being real or being seen, but they’re not real.

The other answer I have is in response to the search question, “What if a girl with strep throat kisses?”  If a girl/guy with strep throat kisses someone, then the chances are very high that the person they kissed will get strep throat also.  I would not recommend kissing when you have strep throat or kissing someone with strep throat.

If someone with strep throat wants to kiss you, I would run away lol.  Okay, I wouldn’t necessarily run away, but I wouldn’t kiss them.  It is rather risky in my opinion to kiss someone who has strep throat and not exactly a good idea.

It is possible to kiss someone who has strep throat or while you have strep throat and not get them sick, but the odds aren’t necessarily in your favor.   The risk and chance of you getting or passing the strep throat to the other person is much higher in my opinion if there’s kissing involved.

Most of the time, it’s better to be safe than sorry so I would strongly recommend not kissing a person who has strep throat.  Also don’t kiss someone while you have strep throat, it’s not really nice to risk passing such a “lovely” thing as strep throat to someone you’re kissing, ya know.


3 comments on “Search Term Responses

  1. I hope you don’t get strep because it sucks, but there’s the chance that it could just be in your mind.

    In addition to the airborne and tons of water, you might want to try Vitamin C as well – that’s something I also take when I think I might be getting sick.

    Hopefully you won’t get strep though.

  2. i kissed the guy i’m dating who has step throat. He was on medication for 1 day plus some hours before we kissed. I am talking airborne and drinking tons of water to ward off strep. lol. i must sound crazy. he seemed to be getting better but i talked to him today and just seemed to sound worse. i’m not sure if i feel like im getting sick or it’s just in my mind how sick he is. i am trying to brace myself. haha

  3. And yet there are people who strongly believe something that’s so obviously unreal even though it’s been proven otherwise. I couldn’t really understood until recently why people behave in this way. One probable hypothesis is that people want to “feel good” all the time. Believing in “something”, real or fairy, will make this fuzzy feeling inside them.

    How naive and stupid, you might ask. Sad, but true.

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