Guess what? Mermaids might be real!

Seriously, apparently there’s been various sightings of mermaids, siren like creatures, water spirits and other similar creatures of the sea.

Check it out lol, just go type mermaids in google or blingo and it’ll come up with plenty of websites with listings of sightings of so called mermaids or the like.  I didn’t think so many people had time to make websites to list so called sightings of mermaids lol :p.

Oh and get this peoples, yesterday, someone put this question into a search engine and ended up here at my blog.  You’re gonna love this one, they asked, “What is a girl?”

I was stunned when I saw that in my list of search terms lol.  I mean seriously someone’s got bigger problems than I thought if they’re seriously asking the question, “what is a girl” – HELLO girls are all over here on Earth.  How could someone not know what a girl is?

I came up with a few possible scenarios here. 

1) Aliens do live here on earth and one of them wants to know what a girl is *giggles*.  Yeah right, not a likely scenario.

2) Someone’s brain was dead when they typed that in the computer or something of the sort :p.

3) Someone was asking the question in a philosophical manner thinking about what a girl is.

4) Someone was totally bored and thought that might be funny to see what happened when you typed that into a search engine.  They did it as a joke.

5) Someone is seriously and totally lost and confused about gender and therefore isn’t sure and is totally confused about what a girl may or may not be.

So, which scenario do you vote for?  I think it has to be 2 or 3, but then again 5 could be a valid scenario too, who knows.  I just know that whoever asked what a girl is has got to be kidding, trying to be philosophical or totally confused.

Anyone have suggestions on answers on what a girl is LOL.  I thought the answer to what a girl is was obvious and easy for people to find and know, but apparently I may have be wrong.

Interesting people, let me tell ya.

6 comments on “Guess what? Mermaids might be real!

  1. Other possible “Could be”:

    1. The person doesn’t know the English language very well ( it happened to me many times b4, i know 5 different ones, but i sometimes don’t know simple words in English it could be that he only knew two words in English:
    “What is”.
    2. The person is of “Gay choice”, and as everyone knows many gay-male
    people not only hate but envy normal “girls” as well, as gay-men often compete with girls for straight men.So it could ve been a sarcastic remark/question.
    3. A straight girl who is questioning or has doubts of her sexuality,thinking
    meaby she could be gay, and was asking for a definition ofwhat really “is a girl”?
    4. the question was asked in a innocent way by a very young kid, boy or girl 6 or 7 years old, who is trying to learn about life…what is a boy, what is a girl explained by an adult, meaby.
    5.The questioned was asked by a sexual pervert that just wanted to read
    the definitions of what a girl is, in his own perveted way.

  2. Okay whoever asked the question-What is a girl? They are insane come on a girl is the opposite of a guy hello. I think they were probably tryin to make a laugh here or there cause thats just crazy man for real. Or there retarded and never had any lol.

  3. Girls are… evil! LOL, Okay, maybe just me ;).

    My answer is the guy was playing around. I’ve typed in all sorts of odd things that I will not publicly admit to ;).

  4. I think he/she was trying to learn about girls and thought the phrase “what is a girl” was most appropriate — however crude it is.

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