Why do we have Phlegm? Ick.

I was just wondering like I often do about things and thought what’s the purpose of phlegm anyway?

I’ve been fighting a cold and last night it decided to step it up from its side of things.  So now, not only am I fighting a cold, but a sore throat and with all this fun stuff comes phlegm – disgusting, I know.

Anyway, I found myself wondering what is the purpose of phlegm really?  Does it have a purpose or is it just one of those ‘necessary evils’ to plague you in life?  I hate phlegm.

So, yeah I’ve been feeling a little out of it today with fighting off the cold and all.  I was passed out for a lot of the day trying to get more rest to help fight the sucker off, which didn’t help my state of being coherent for part of the day.

Oh and I had another “feeling special” moment today when I was checking my e-mail and websites.  I found another one of my favorite kinds of messages from another dumb guy on myspace.  I know I haven’t had one of those in a while, I wasn’t missing them either, but I guess someone thought I needed to “feel special” again while I was feeling crappy fighting off my cold today lol :p.

It was so great and made my day to read this guy’s message to me lol.  He was all, “wow you’re so cute and sexy (okay so maybe I am on good days *giggles* 😉 ) in your pictures” and then my favorite part of his message was this part, “I hope you’re wild, single and into meeting and hooking up” rofl.  Obviously the guy didn’t read my myspace page very well.

It says right on my myspace page, granted it’s not in caps or anything – maybe I should make it that way to draw attention, but it says on there, “I’m 29 years old and happily single…” right in the about me section under my blurbs.  Then it says in the who I’d like to meet section,”…I just want to meet people to talk with and be friends.  I’m not really interested in dating anyone off here or looking to hook up with anyone right now…”  Now I don’t know about you, but I think if he’d read my profile and paid attention, there’s the answers to his hoping I’m “wild, single and into meeting and hooking up” statement.  Silly, silly guy – might want to read and pay attention before you send silly messages :p.

Oh, well.  That’s life for ya.  I mean, heck, if we didn’t have people like that, then things might not be as interesting lol. 

Then again has anyone noticed that when someone takes themselves off the “dating market” is when the guys/girls take more notice.  It’s like that whole thing of wanting things more if they’re out of reach or seemingly unattainable, I guess.  It’s like as soon as someone is off limits then seemingly everyone wants to talk to them and everyone wants to know them once they’re no longer interested in the dating world for the time being.

Interesting how that seems to happen, isn’t it.


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  1. Most of the phlegm that you produce ends up in your stomach. On the way to your lungs, all of your airways are lined with a sticky substance called mucus. It’s there to mop up things like bacteria, viruses and particles of dust and dirt from the air. The linings of your lungs have tiny thread-like projections on their that beat. They all beat in the same direction which creates a current which pushes the mucus out of your lungs and up to your throat. Now if you get a lot of mucus, sometimes you cough and it can come flying out of your mouth. But most of it goes down into your stomach. That’s very important, because as it has all the nasty things you’ve breathed in locked up in it. These are carried down into your stomach where stomach acid kills all the bugs. What’s left then goes into your intestines. In the walls of your intestines the dead bugs and dirt meet special patches called Peyer’s patches, and that’s where your immune system learns what’s doing the rounds in the air around you, what sorts of things it has to mount an attack against, and what sorts of things it has to ignore. So normally you swallow most of your phlegm, but if you have excess production, coughing it up helps to get rid of it.

  2. LOL – still no action, huh, Michelle ;)? Of course, I don’t have any action either, but that’s by choice lol.

    Oh, don’t I know it. MySpace is totally sleazy sometimes – remember I found a few of my icky exes on there one time :p.

    YAY for vacation :D!!! I need a vacation, but won’t be getting another one for a while. Oh, well, that’s life :p :).

  3. Phil is riht on the phlegm. Maybe he’s a really rich doctor and wants to marry me

    I could always use a second hubby… Maybe then I’d get laid ;).

    MySpace is a sleazy place sometimes… should see what I dug up on my sister’s hubby! EEK!

    And my week is going to get better. Monday when I go on vacation… Vacation, at least, cant make it worse.

  4. I’m getting popular? What does that mean, Christine?

    *note I’ve never been like totally popular before ;)* lol

    But yeah, I guess more people are finding my blog somewhat interesting nowadays.

  5. True, it definitely could be worse lol. I love your responses and approaches to the “wild, single and into hooking up” messages *giggles*.

    *wonders what weird picture she can find to send to these guys* hmmm.

    Ah, so you also caught my phonetic spelling attempt lol – yeah I tried :p :).

  6. I love “wild, single and into hooking up” messages… I go right into “we’re so right for each other” and “you GET me” to set the “FREAK” alarms off, then I follow it up with a pic of someone in full in a Star Wars Storm Trooper get-up and claim it’s me at last weekends “killer get together with my friends…” Not once has anyone replied that that was hot. Play with ’em a little… there’s great fun to be had that way.

    Just a reminder, it could be worse… you could be getting no “hook-up” messages and lots of “enlarge your penis” spam… I mean you win some you lose some, you know 😀

    Nice job with the phlegm… and kudos for the whole phonetic spelling attempt. Hell. it was worth a shot!


  7. I don’t know, why are you posting that? lol

    That just makes me want to go to Iraq now, let me tell ya – ick *wrinkles her nose up* lol.

  8. If you’re ever in Iraq..the phlegm is a special treat–the air is dry(more lubicant needed) and more dirt in the air (more filter needed). Why am I posting this?

  9. Well, you sure know more about phlegm than me for not being an expert, Phil :p.

    And yeah, “happily single” is kind of an oxymoron, but it best describes where I’m at right now in my life.

  10. Hmm, well like many fluids in the body, phlegm (or more generally mucus) is used as a lubricant. The main purpose of respiratory mucus (phlegm) is to act as a filter for dirty stuff in the air, I believe.

    But I’m not phlegm expert, Anne.

    “I’m 29 years old and happily single…”

    Happily single….I always thought that was an oxymoron.

  11. Wow lol that was a duh moment – flem instead of phlegm :p.

    Yep works everytime – swear them off and they appear out of nowhere lol ;).

  12. *clears throat* Boy, I hate PHLEGM! Hahaha. Flem… ROFL. Sorry. That was funny.
    It’s ok, I know.. it was the cold and summer vacation interupting your vocabulary flow. 😉

    I know what you mean by “swear them off, and they come out of the woodwork”… it happens every time.. doesnt it?

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