Happy Hyper TGIF!!!

I’m sooo happy hyper and all over the place right now.  I have been for pretty much all the day today though :D!!!

I’m really hyper right now and don’t know how I’m sitting here typing this cause I want to run around and be hyper!!!  I know I’m weird – so what else is new ;).  Okay, here I go…wheee…*runs around the room, jumps up and down, screams, does her hyper noises, eeeekk, woohoo* :D.

Today has been a good day despite weirdness here and there.  I got a call earlier today and got a package from my 3 yr old and her parents that I picked up from the agency today 😀 😀 :D.  You can’t tell that I’m hyper happy about that or anything, can you :D.

So, see, I was being totally irrational with my thoughts and freaking out with the whole delayed e-mail thing a few days ago.  I knew I was being irrational, but it always helps to get unexpected wonderful surprises like this package to help you found your irrational thinking :D. 

It was a late birthday package from them :).  They sent me tons of pictures, home movies and cool stuff :).  They sent me some professional pictures they had done of my 3 yr old in May and she’s sooo adorable.  I wish you could see the pictures – I don’t have them on the computer yet.  I’ll have to scan some in and put them up for you to see – she’s just so precious :).

Oh and she’s soo cute in the home movies of her.  I got to see home movies from March of her opening my presents and all her presents on her birthday :).  She says Hi and Thank you to me and says my name and talks about me/mentions me in a couple of the home movies – it’s soo cool :).

Oh, oh and guess what I got from them…I got a pink hot chocolate mix with Sleeping Beauty on the front of the container – oooo :).  I also got the professional pictures, some snapshots and a bunch more pictures on the CDs.  Then I got quite a few home movies on the CDs too :).  I also got some little ceramic things – a ceramic fishy and ceramic ladybug etc. that my 3 yr old painted and a Disneyland keychain with my name on it :).  I got a Tigger magnet and an antenna ball that’s mickey mouse with a gold graduation cap on for me since I got my Associates degree at the end of April earlier this year :).  Oh and of course, I got a cute little birthday card that not only did my 3 yr old’s parents sign, but my 3 yr old did her little scribble (signature) on my birthday card too :D. 

I thought it was pretty cool stuff and on one of the home movies my 3 yr old tells me and my parents “Thank you for presents” from her birthday :).  My parents enjoyed seeing that too :).  Oh and when I watched the movie of my 3 yr old opening my presents – she kept looking at the presents getting excited and then saying “look what Anne got me” referring to me.

One of my favorite things so far was in one of the home movies I watched from her birthday.  My 3 yr old was riding around on her Dora trike, which was a present from her mom and dad and her mom who was taping the movie said to her, “do you know who that present’s from?”  To which, my 3 yr old said, “This is a present from Santa for Christmas” and her mom said “No, it’s a present for your birthday, but do you know who it’s from?” 

Then my 3 yr old looked like she was thinking and then said, “Santa” with a big grin on her face (such a cute grin too, not that I’m biased or anything here) :).  My 3 yr old’s mom said, “Nope, it’s not Santa” and so my 3 yr old sat and thought a min more then said, “Anne” then she got no response from her mom so a minute later she repeated again in a shout, “Anne”!  She had the huge grin on her face again when she mentioned my name as the possible giver of the Dora trike.  Her mom again said “No, it’s not Anne, it’s from Daddy, well both me/mommy and daddy” and so then my 3 yr old looked like she was thinking for a minute and then told her Mom and Dad thank you for the Dora trike :).

I just found it interesting that when my 3 yr old was guessing who gave her a present, she guessed first, Santa and second, me lol :).  I’m right up there with Santa in my 3 yr old’s mind.  Well and it also shows that my 3 yr old knows who I am as far as the understanding of her 3 yr old mind goes anyway.  But I’m not some foreign, unknown abstract person in her life and neither are my parents.  My parents are called Grandma and Grandpa by her and her parents too because we are her family too – it’s just interesting in a cool way, ya know :).

I thought it was cool that she guessed me second when guessing who gave her the present though :).  It was a great Friday :D.

I love everything I got from them and so glad that I got that package from them today.  It just made my day, my week, my month and possibly the rest of my year, well until I get the next letter, pictures, packages from them anyway 😉 🙂 :D. 

YAY for me :D!!!  I sent a thank you e-mail to them a little while ago too so we’ll see if that goes through or if I get another delay message this time.  I asked them if they got my other e-mail so if they didn’t I can re-send it, but I’m thinking that hopefully the whole e-mail delivery should work better now :).

Happy is me :)!!!  I hope everyone has a great weekend :D!!!

4 comments on “Happy Hyper TGIF!!!

  1. Lol you counted the smileys :p.

    Well, life works out pretty well for the most part overall in the end though. At least it has so far although there’s always been the downs, of course, but the downs make the ups that much more enjoyable, ya know :D.

    Whenever I get packages, letters or pictures, I usually get happy hyper and post over 30 smileys though 😉 😀 lol.

  2. There should be a rule against posting over 30 smiley faces in one go.

    Then again, congratulations, Anne. Sometimes, life works out well — not often mind you, so enjoy those times.

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