More “make out” tips

Okay so here’s the other tips I promised after I wrote the last “how to make out” post 😉 *giggles*.

Now I would assume most of you would know these tips when kissing or making out with someone, but just in case you don’t, I thought I’d post them here ;).

Now I hope I don’t lose it giggling through this post too lol.  Okay,um, first of all, just in case you don’t already know, when kissing the other person, you should tilt your head so your noses don’t collide.  I mean we don’t want you to hurt yourself kissing another person or hurt them now do we 😉 *giggles*.  So, remember to tilt the head and avoid collision of noses 😉 :D.

Next we have the tip of what to do with your lips meaning, you should have them moist and soft and not dry and cracked.  In other words, use chapstick and make sure your lips aren’t dry, cracked or icky :p especially when planning to kiss someone ;).  Oh and in case ya all didn’t know, most people usually kiss with their eyes closed *giggles* – I would assume you all know that though.

Also when you’re planning to kiss someone, make sure that you don’t eat garlic, onion or other strong herbs, foods that would make your breath bad.  This means don’t eat the herbs etc. straight by themselves and don’t eat them in the food you have at dinner before you plan to kiss the other person lol 😉 :p.

Okay and this is a particular pet peeve of mine, if you’re going to french kiss, which means use tongue *giggles*, then make sure the tongues are kept in the mouths.  Do you know what I’m saying here?  I mean keep your tongue in the other person’s mouth and the other person keep their tongue in your mouth, don’t let the tongue wander all over the other person’s face or the other person’s tongue wander all over your face – can we see ew, icky. 

When using tongue, if you choose to do french kissing, you do not lick the other person’s face like a dog lol.  If the person wants their face licked, I’m sure they can find a dog to do that for them.  Don’t lick the person’s lips all over and make their lips get chapped either – I’ve had guys do these to me – they are some of the biggest turn offs, for me personally they are anyway.  I mean I don’t want someone licking my cheek or my lips getting them chapped thinking they’re “da bomb” at french kissing and making out with me – can we say not lol :p.

I mean really picture two people licking each other’s faces or having your face licked by someone – does that thought please you.  I would think not, unless, of course, you’re a weirdo or a dog trapped in a human’s body *cracks up* :).

So, let’s leave the licking the face to the dogs shall we and keep the tongue in the mouth if you french kiss/use tongue.  Alrighty then, I think that pretty much covers the additional make out tips I had planned to post here for now.

Stay tuned for more possible tips in the future 😉 :).


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  1. ohkaay, well i don’t know if i’m really talking to this boy, but he wants to make out w/me next week, and i’ve only kissed one guy. should i kiss the guy that wants to make out w/me tomorrow, before i make-outt w/himm ?

    alssoo, do i start it, or should he ?
    i’ve never made outt, soo.

    also, will he put his tounge in my mouth, or will i put mine in his firstt ?

    i’m reallllllly nervous! :/

  2. hi well me and this one girl like eachother but ive never made out and she has i have no exsperience lip to lip only on check
    so will some one please reply on this message i really need help!

  3. Hi I’m Kenny I have not made out with a girl before. My girl is coming over tomarrow and I’ve looked at a lot of sites to learn how..this was helpful

  4. My boyfriend and I are on 7 months. We’re good at making out together. But it’s getting boring ….. I do all the scratching, biting, kissing his neck and chest ….. but it’s getting old. I’ve found that doing it in weird places like kitchen counters and that sorta thing give it a new vibe every time ….. but I want something that’ll suprise him and drive him nuts…. any ideas?

  5. just made out fr the first time today…not the best experience i must say this guy wus such a dog it wus gross. guys remembr most girls dont like all the licking outside of the mouth!!! otherwise the kiss was uhmazin!! just remembr to go with the flow nd relax ud b suprised how natural it comes!

  6. i’m 14 and me and my girlfriend make out a lot. When we go to the movies, I let her sit on my lap and I tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me. Then usually we go in the hallway during the middle of the movie and kiss. Its so easy to kiss her because we are at the same rate of “speed” in the relationship, which i think is important. she loves 2 make out for about 3 minutes and we start off slowly and then we use a bit of tounge. I don’t know if this works for all girls, but she loves when i have one hand on her back and one hand just below her belt and she pulls me closer. She’s crazy about it. and she feels like she is all i want and thats good because its true.

  7. hey im 15 years old i have been going out with this girl for almost 2 months and we have made out 3 or 4 times i was nervous the first time i did it but you know it is really easy its like you were born with the knowledge of how to kiss and makeout.

  8. I have a question…
    I’ve made out before… I’ve gone far.. And it did come naturally.

    My question is about kissing the neck.. Supposing ur both completely comfortable with just about anything… i mean… do u just use ur lips? im not sure how that one works…

  9. so yea i kinda just had my first kiss last night, kinda made out with the guy.
    we were at my best friends house sleeping over too. haha.
    dont really remember anything though, not a good thing.

  10. i like this girl and i don’t know should i touch her you know wat when we make out but any advice???? plus lots of guys do it should i if she in comfortable and how should i do it????

  11. Lol i started cracking up when you said “I mean really picture two people licking each other’s faces or having your face licked by someone – does that thought please you. I would think not, unless, of course, you’re a weirdo or a dog trapped in a human’s body *cracks up* .” HAHa i cant get over it!!

  12. Yes i can’t emphasize this enough. Don’t sweat it. If it’s your first time, you’ll be nervous at first but that’s normal. Everybody is. After the first time, you kind of just get the hang of it. Like they say: “Practice makes perfect!” You can even say that to your guy if you’re self conscious.
    p.s. If he’s a good guy, he won’t care about how bad you are. He’ll just like the fact that he’s kissing you.

  13. Hey feel i have the exact same problem like i no shes rlly experienced but i dont no what to do so iwould like some help on that too!! oh and im seeing her tonite so fast!!

  14. i feel stupid 4 sayin this but ive never made out be4 and this girl i like ALOT! and she likes me but we arnt goin out cuz wed never c each other.but we gonna be hangin out this weekend and we prob will be making out!!shes made out alot and so shes rele experianced so i dont wana look stupid by not nowin wut 2 do cuz then she mite think of me as a weirdo or sumthin!so if u can help me with indepth of wut 2 do id apreciate it so much!! and if u can plz post stuff to me or im me at scrawford788. ty so much!!! and if im not on just im me sayin hey and ill get back 2 u =]

  15. first kiss was okay..cuz he new what he was doing and i had NO clue whatsoever haha. but my first make-out was horrible!!! heres a tip: if a guy sticks his tongue in your mouth..dont do it back right away. truussst meee. i tried and it was all over the place. dont do it! just wait until you get comfortable with the whole tongue thing. lol and when you do remember to take things sloow. and remember guys are suppose to be the aggressive ones! unless you want ppl to think you wear the pants in the relationship! been there! haha..just let him play around a lil but dont go too far. if he tries..tell him no and swat his can laugh about it to make him comfortable. just make sure your first makeout is someone you really like. good luck =]

  16. ok so im kiinda here to reply to many questions especially anne.
    Ok so first of all i had my first kiss yesterday…(at the semi formal at school) it was with my boyfriend who i love very much. Anywas anne i have braces and i thought something was gunna happen with them but no, like unless u wanna kiss there teeth nothings going to
    And to all of you who are scared i swear i was EXACTLY like you, and i was researching everything i could just like all of you. and all my friends told me dont worry its fine go with the flow, and i was like idc its sooo scary, but TRUST ME like seriously your going to be so nervous and then when it happens its all just going to go away. And dont worry about what you do with your lips or your toungue it WIIL COME NATURALY. And also Make sure your alone when it happens or else if your friends are there or something they WILL ALL come up to you and be like ohh emm gee cuz thats what happend to me:p

  17. okay so, i’ve never made out before.
    i recently got a boyfriend.
    and he wants to make out with me tomorrow!

    i’m sooo soo nervous and i cannot help it.

    any tips?

    oh and, we both have braces.
    will we get stuck?

  18. ive kissed a few guys.. the 1 im goin out wit now is the BEST kisser out of all of them and he litterally left me breathless on saturday.. he gets betta at kissin everyday he is an AMAZIN kisser… u most probs dnt want 2 hear all of this but i had 2 say it cuz he is AMAZIN!!! 😀

  19. Thankz for the tips. Next weekend i’m going to the moovviezz with my boyfriend and we’re going to makeout. hopefully.. wish me luck. lol
    I hope i don’t screw it up. haha

    keep up da great work and lub the tips. lol


  20. Don’t be worried about how your lips are, if your doing it wrong, if he or she thinks your bad, just go with the flow and everything will work out. I know thats something that you don’t want to her but it is really the best advice to give you. As long as your tongue stays in his or her mouth and you are gentle about it..things will work out. Plus, guys are so pumped to be making out with someone and are in the moment, I doubt they will be worrying about it.
    Good Luck!

  21. want) then go for it. But always be aware of your limits. Don’t do anything you don’t want to, and be careful. Reply back if you want more “in depth” advice.

  22. This is answering Emily’s question, the one about her dating a guy 3 years older than her.

    It’s sweet that your boyfriend wants to share his special moment with you, but your absolutly right about not letting him take control. Him being a senior, will have different expectations of you later on. You should just start by kissing him, and then gradually moving on into the “making out stage” or w/e u want 2 call it. So basically, all you can really do, is do what you feel ready to do. If you think that you can handle doing what he wants (what you BOTH

  23. Here’s the one thing that should b avoided when having ur first kiss with someone. Do not have it in a movie theatre. Even tho the setting is right w/ the lights off and everything, don’t do ur first kiss there. Especially if you’re like my cousin who is rly jumpy. She and her boyfriend shared there first kiss there, and the movie they were watching was an action movie. Someone shot a gun in the movie and my cousin jumped while kissing her boyfriend. I was there and could not stop laffing at them.

    Another hint of advice 4 GUYS:
    ~Girls love it when you show your soft sensitive side, so when your kissing her, hold her close and make her feel like she’s all you want in the world and that she’s the only one you care about at that moment. Start off slowly, then, depending on how things go, pull her closer and get a little more intense. While kissing her softly, hold her waist, or put ur thumbs thru her belt loops. You wouldn’t think so, but it drives us girls crazy.

  24. EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ. NOW.

    making out comes SO naturally. Once you start, you know what to do 🙂

  25. what do you do with your lips when your making out?
    is it like one long and continuous kiss with tounge or like lots of kisses
    im so confused

  26. Alright I have some genuine questions.
    So I am dating a guy 3 years older than me to start with and although he is the type to normally have girlfriends and all, he hasn’t wanted to make out with any one because he couldn’t fine “the girl” so as a freshman dating a senior, he said that I was the first girl he wanted to make out with.
    So we are going to both have NO experience so letting him take the wheel is not an option. My question? What the heck do I do?

  27. start slow i the theatre good god maybe the first date:-)im goin out ive made out but in class in thgot in so much trouble but im dating the girl now bathroom

  28. omg, well ya i have kissed and stuff, but i nvr hav made out and im a little worried, cuz my bf want me to(hes not pressuirng me) but i havnt kissed since i have gotten my braces, and idk wats it gonna be like now.

  29. omygosh!! i LOVE it when my guy puts his hands in my back pockets!! or at least when he hooks his thumbs in them or on my belt loops 🙂

  30. well , i really want to try it , but like , i dont know like, when to put my tounge in or what i do with my lips and stuff….
    after the first try , is it like , “oh that was easy!” ??

  31. Ok, every time someone asks for advice on kissing, I will give them it. Here is my advice… When you are going to have your first kiss, make sure its with someone special and that you won’t EVER regret who it was. (I still regret who mine was with) So, if you are going to kiss someone, these are some things to make sure of;
    ~Always apply chapstick incase of lips cracking or being dry etc…
    ~Make sure nothing you ate earlier was something like garlic or onion in it or anything like that that may give you bad breath. So just incase, before the whole date – chew some gum or have a mint. (Plus, it makes the guy crave that flavor even more. Hehe)
    ~Make sure also that if you are going to french kiss, try to make sure that your teeth don’t collide… (It hurts)
    ~Try not to do it on school grounds if a teacher is around…
    ~If it is a french kiss on the first date, your relationship MIGHT go a little bit fast.
    ~If a guy pressures you to do something that is really something you don’t feel comfoortable doing, then don’t. If he really does love you, he won’t push you to do anything you don’t want to do. And, if he does break up with you over something like; you didn’t want to french kiss already in your realationship, then honey… it was NOT ment to be. No one should ever push you to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing and they should understand that.
    ~When you do have your first kiss, make sure its probaly not in public where someone knows you because, some words can go out that turn into rumors and those rumors change to somethign really worse. So, make sure that you are alone. (that is if you want to be-your choice.
    ~when its a french kiss and you have no clue how to, just keep your tongues together but don’t make your tongue go outside of their nouth of course. Its almost like you are trying to tangle your tongues together. (which is the best thing in the world!(almost best thing…))
    Ok, for guys, don’t put your hands onto the girls faces… Thats the girls job to place their hand on your neck and face. Ally uo have to do is keep your hands at her waist. If it is a fast relationship and you are ABSOLUTELY sure she wants you to, you want feel her butt as long as she wants you to. (A little note, some girls are ticklelish on their butt.) And guys, do not push the girl to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Just don’t force anything. Also, try to make her get turned on so that she will want more kissing. And, try to chew a mint or really good flavored gum (like cotton candy flavor) before you make out because it will want to make her wnat even more which will keep you kissing for a while.

    Well, I think that is about it. It is pretty late so I will blog some more tips on tomarrow maybe.
    GUYS AND GIRLS; don’t push anyone to do anyhting they aren’t comfortable doing.
    Also, if this is your first time making out with someone, you may become hooked on making out… I know I did!^_^

  32. all i have to say is that make sure you really like this guy becuase if this is ur 1st time kissing then you want to remember it don’t u? if this is ur 1st time let the guy take the lead and just kinda follow what he is doing. guys: whe n u r kissing pull her close to u bc it is kinda hott if u r being aggresive and all. girls: if u want u can put you hands in his hair or on his face, but try something new and put ur hands somewhere else besides his hair or face, he should like it guys: don’t just put ur hands on her face either, put ur hands on her hips, thigh something that will turn her on too wanting more kissing.

  33. The first time i made out was in January i’m 14 and not supposed to date but the guy i was dating was one of my really good friends and we secretly liked eachother and i kept going to his house like every night to hang out in stuff and we were sitting on the couch and my younger sister and her boyfriend were on the other couch and we were watching Disturbia well he had been wanting to kiss me and i told him i wasn’t ready then that night when i had to leave stevie went to kiss me and then pulled away and i was all i’m not done yet and we did it again and the third time i was all i’m not gonna be done for awhile, then next night we made out for two hours so for the girls supprise the guys and kiss them i may be young but i know what i’m talkin about!!! lol

  34. well…um i think that there are alot of weird answers on alot of them are true though.I think everyone has their own opinion on what they like the best when they make out.If you’ve never kissed before this is what i did..haha i went on google and researched everythinggg on making out tips and studied it!lol and then ask for tips from ur guys and girl friends.also, i reccomend rly knowing the person and being comfortable with them..if u mess up u will b less embarrased.but if its a hook up then make suree to tell them ur not experienced and maybe even playfully b like “can u teach me?” lol…i promise it rly will come to u its just like majic..start out sloww with lips and stuff and then go into tounge..i personally dont like too much tounge its weird.but w.e. its about opinions! if its ur first time just do wat ur partner does and let him take the lead..then wehn u get better at it and it gets more intense lol, then u can take the lead just dont choke him with ur toung by putting it in his mouth so much or suck his face off by kissing his face tooooo much. i know its rly nerve racking if u havent done it b4…but it will be fine.good luck!

  35. i really like it when guys nibble on me..
    but im all for the romance,i mean there has gotta be
    some kind of intimate eye contact to initiate the situation..
    although i love guys that are passionate and deep.
    lots of tongue,foreplay,followed by more tongue..
    if the guys up4 it ill make out till i get tired..
    or until i wanna get down 2 biznizz..u kno wot i mean;)

    • if you have never kissed a girl/guy, and you think you might have no possible opportunities in the near future and are worried about it. look around for potential hookup opportunities, you dont have to be inlove with the person to make out with them, if your a guy, talk to a girl more often, and then ask her to the movies, haha. dont be shy? because there is no point in it. thats what i recently did. and it was very worth it! =D hope this helps

  36. Yeah i like starting off slow. If French kissing isn’t that exciting by its self. then you can try passing a mint between mouths, thats always been fun for me. (plus it takes care of bad breath) just be sure not to choke your partner

  37. Yes, kissing with eyes closed is romantic and powerful. But I am a guy and guys like to experiment, and we like to spend a little time adoring our girls.

    Try initiating the kiss with eyes closed and then secretly opening them up during the kiss. She is stunningly beautiful when you are both kissing and you can just watch her with her eyes closed. It may sound weird, but try it, guys, try it.

    Girls– don’t know if this is quite as gratifying for you… maybe you could try it too.

  38. Making out is so fun. My first time was in a movie theater *cliche*… It was the best kiss ever.
    Foreplay always makes the kiss better too, like a hand on the thigh…. etc. you know where im going with this one.

    It happened that the guy i was kissing had braces, but he was like the best kisser ever. You each have to know what the other wants, for example, my partner liked being kissed on the neck. And when you know what each other wants, it makes the kiss SO much better. But he had braces and it wasnt a problem at all, our kiss was really playful and sexy. Not hard grossness…. Kissing softly is so much hotter than hard and painful.

    It was one of the most romantic kisses ever. Guys: Put your arm around the girl and pull her close to you.
    Girls: Look in the guys eyes to show him what you want. If he is too scared to kiss you, kiss him on the cheek and then if he turns his head, go for the kill.

    Also: Never just JUMP into tongue. Its like real gross when you do that, start off without and the temperature rises and you both get excited, it makes it a lot better.

  39. i just made out for the first time yesterday.. lolz..:) amazing feeling. i really loved the taste of her tongue.. lol.. kept asking for it again an again!

  40. i prefer to take little brakes in betweeen…and tell my girlfriend that i love her…or other small talk like how amazing or beautiful she is….this helps a lot…

    i personally dont like making out during the movie…i always go outside the theatre and do it there…so it doesnt feel like we are being watched…

    also…i like to take things nice and slow…..not wild and crazy…..[[more romantic]]

    but when things get a little sloppy and you get some spit on your mouth…just dicretely wipe it off when your partner isnt looking…or if your gf is like mine…jokingly say ewww your nast and wipe it back on her…lol..but only do that if you are extremely comfortable with her or you know she has a good since of humor…

    i think thats about it….watch out for braces….they can hurt

  41. lol there is no time limit 4 kissing.
    yu don’t have to 4 the whole movie..
    when yu stop yu stop..
    unless yu wanna go again then yu go again lol
    when yu are there doing it, it all comes to yu so don’t worrie.
    but when yu finish it’s nicer to slow down at the end and then finish off there instead of jus ripping ur tounges out straight away lol..
    well thats was i perfer anway..

  42. How do you actually “make out” because I’ve never done it before. And what do you do after you’re done? Like, if you’re in a movie haha. Do you just sit back and keep watching it? Or do you just make out the whole movie or something? This is why I never let guys or try to make out with guys, because I don’t want to embaress myself, you know?

  43. well i guess that it is a good idea that a chick did this site cuz the weird one that i looked at last was like like them all over and i was like omg ewww so ya nice job anne! im a guy so no scooby kiss for u

  44. You seem, ah, well versed in such matters.

    Keep up the good work, Anne. And watch out for those infamous face lickers.

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