“How to make out” (part 2)

Now when I wrote the previous post titled “how to make out with a girl”, originally I was doing it just for the fun of it.  Although I did end up actually saying some truths in it.

What I didn’t realize until now is how much of a response that post would get.  I didn’t think much of it, but now I wonder.

In discussing how I’d been thinking of and then done the previous post for some humor on how to make out with a girl, I had some friends and family tell me that I should mention things that I didn’t.  Apparently I forgot to give some ‘important’ instructions in my previous post about making out with a girl.

First of all I was told that I should mention that you should keep your hands on top of the girls clothes, which I didn’t mention because I didn’t think of it at the time.  But to be respectful to the girl and well to each other if you really like each other, you should try to keep your hands on top of the clothes.

It was also mentioned that I should remind guys and I think this applies to girls as well here that they should show the girl respect.  The girl should also show the guy respect – the girl/guy shouldn’t be ‘used’ just for making out is what I was told to mention here by others.

Also when I mentioned previously to ask your buddy for pointers on making out, I didn’t mean for you to literally practice with them.  I just thought that maybe guys could share pointers or tips with each other like for example, if one guy’s never kissed, but his friend has – ask the experienced kisser for pointers – it would make sense, right.  Of course, I don’t know since I am a girl.

In retrospect, thinking further about giving the example of watching “The Little Mermaid” for an example of kissing, if you were seriously wanting an example, I wouldn’t really use that.  I mean really, the prince seems to take forever and have a hard time figuring out how to kiss Ariel in that movie.  So, maybe that wasn’t the best example lol ;).

Perhaps watching the end of “Never Been Kissed” with Drew Barrymore would have been a better example for that.  That is one of my personal favorite kisses in a movie or the kiss in the movie “The Notebook”, of course these are what some of you guys would consider chic flicks so you probably wouldn’t want to watch them anyway.

Oh and one other thing that was pointed out to me is that I said in my previous post that you could whisper ‘sweet nothings’ in her ear.  I apparently may have failed to define what ‘sweet nothings’ are – I would assume that most of you know what they are, but if you don’t know, here’s some examples.

Some examples of ‘sweet nothings’ are tell her how pretty, beautiful, or cute she looks.  Tell her how pretty her eyes are then she would respond by looking at you and then when she was facing you, it would be the perfect time to go in for the kiss.  Tell her how you like her hair, her cute outfit or something like that – those would be examples of ‘sweet nothings’ to whisper in her ear.

Other than that, I have no other suggestions or ‘instructions’ to add here.  Like I mentioned previously, I still think the best way to make out or know how to make out with a guy or girl is to have personal, hands on experience with it.

I may have some truths or little things here and there that can help, but experiencing it is where you will really learn about it the most. 

So, the only other thing I can think of is to get someone to practice with and seeing as how I’m not going to offer myself for practice here *giggles* (that was for you, Phil) ;).  The only thing to do is go out with a girl or guy to experience and learn for yourself.

Edited to add here that I’ve thought of some more possible pointers etc. that I’ll be writing soon so stay tuned for more kissing/make out tips 😉 lol.

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  1. hi im new to this site and i was reading this article thinking when you makeout arent u supposed to suck on a lip or somthing.
    ive heard guys et the bottom lip and girls get the top and visa versa and im just not sure.

  2. Hey ive been going out with this girl for about a month and i really feel shes the one. Ive never made out before so i need some tips where to do it and when lol. Please reply Thanks soo much.

  3. sup guys ya the girl i like is goin to the movies w me tonight and shes allready told me she likes me and weve been be4 no make out through so can someone tell me how to approach it would be help :DDDD pwease

  4. well what worked for me was tha game of truth or dare. get som friends together and be sure to include ur gf or the person u like. also be sure that one of ur buddies knows u like this girl. som ppl wouldnt agree to this tactic as it is somewhat distrustful but have ur buddy dare u to kiss her. look at her and if u see that she is okay with it lean in and kiss her. this happend to me last night and the next day i called her and asked her if the kiss meant anything. hopefully if shes honest then she wil tell you how she really felt. but that is one way to figure out if u r rdy for making out and kissing. but keep the pda down a little som ppl dont like it much. what u want to do to kiss a girl is to make sure u brush ur teeth. i kno i may sound like ur mom but it rlly is important. if u got bad breath to the point of where a breath mint wont even work then u got a problem. if this kiss goes rong then ur in trouble she wont want to kiss u again. second thing is figure out what you r going to do with your hands while you r kissing. dont touch anything innapropriate if shes not comfortable with it. but it should come very naturally. and if u suck at making out start low, dont go straight to making out just give her a peck on the lips it rlly helps the whole making out thing, so start slow and make ur way up. just so evry one knoz im a guy who frowns upon gayness.

  5. Well hey ive never been on this website before but me and my girlfreind are doing ok except for one part making out shes not too good at it and neither am i. can u give me some tips on what i can do better or somethin well please reply back thank you sooooo much.

  6. boys its always best to just kiss ur gf lik normal but after that kiss, look her in the eye and lean in for more 2 start. but lean in slow so she knows ur ready and to give her to oppertunity to back away if shes not ready yet. this is comin from a girl so belive me.

  7. how would i approuch a girl to make out with her? i have never made out with a girl befor. i have a girl friend named alyssa and i don’t want to make out with her because i don’t know how. so once you get this reply bak please alex

  8. im a guy and i love never been kissed! but that is cuz im just weird… so anyway ttyl probobly a few minutes

  9. Thanx for replying,
    We’ve had a bit of a chat and she has said she likes the way I kiss and she likes kissing me but every now and then when we’re together she sais she doesn’t like kissing me and everyone can kiss good 😦 and I reasure I have been told before I was the best kisser :(:(:( lol… And who was a kidding. But I think it was the stuff past a kiss, like… I don’t know… Use your imagination 😉 “giggles” :p

  10. Waj,

    I think you should also talk to your gf and ask her what she likes and doesn’t like when kissing. I mean if she doesn’t like the way you’re kissing then she should try to tell you and help you figure out what she does like.

    It’s not always easy to talk about things like that, but that’s part of making a relationship work sometimes.

    Other than that, I’ll be in touch to see what other help I might be able to offer :).

  11. Anne,
    You sound really cool, so I’m gonna get straight to the point here.
    I have a girl friend, and I have had for the past 10 to 11 months. We have split up twice, no more than a day :$ and I have never felt so inlove. Anyway, during our must recent break up, sparked by me as I thought she didn’t want to be going out any more, she mentioned I wasn’t good at making out :$ :(, and since then I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE, (yes embarasingly enough) including the internet for tips of what I might have been doing wrong. She is the third girl I’ve ever made out with and none of the others seemed to mind, yet they never had the relationship we’ve had. So maybe we could get in touch.

  12. Graham, man, you sound like a real dick,
    It’s not for the pleasure, it’s actually for the girl and the affection and love you can show through such intimate actions as a kiss or if you’re lucky more. And I stress, ‘IF’ you’re lucky; not if you’re pissed.

    I don’t know about you but i’ve never had a girl try and get me tipsy or ‘loosened up’ just so she could make out with me, but maybe girls have the same respect you have for them.

  13. A bit of alchahol does the trick mate…it did it for me..not too much ..not to get u tipsy just to loosen you up.
    kiss on the lips ..and if she likes it she’l open her mouth ..that simple mate.

    Cant contradict me. it happend this sunday ..

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