“How to make out with a girl”

Alright because of popular demand *giggles*, okay because there’s a few of you using the search terms of “how to make out with a girl”, I decided to answer your question lol.

Of course, you realize since I am a girl it isn’t exactly easy to come up with instructions for you on how to make out with a girl lol.  I mean being a girl, I have never kissed or made out with another girl since I don’t swing that way – I’m totally straight and only interested in guys so don’t even think that.

So, I’ll be doing my best to inform you how to make out with a girl from my experiences when I kissed guys *giggles*.  Man I don’t know if I’m going to make it through this post lol :D.

Um, so let’s see where to start here *cracks up again*.  Well, I’m assuming we all know the basics here right?  You have asked the girl out and you’re on a date so we start from when you’re sitting with her on the couch watching a movie or something then.

Alrighty then, so there you both are and you wanna kiss her so what do ya do – how do ya make your move?  Well, there’s a few ways to make your move – yawn, stretch and put your arm around her – that old move works still or just lean in for the kiss.  Or you can look into her eyes and whisper sweet nothings in her ear and then lean in to kiss her, so you have to pucker up your lips lika dis *puckers up into the kissey face* and then *bat your eyes lika dis* – oh, whoops – sorry, forgot you’re a guy so you don’t bat your eyes that’s what a girl does *giggling*.

You could go watch Little Mermaid for instruction on how to kiss and make out with a girl too lol.  Okay so you lean in and kiss her and then just keep kissing her if she lets you that is and use tongue and do french kissing or don’t whichever you and the girl you’re with prefer.

Seriously it’s not that hard to make out with a girl or guy for that matter if you’re with them and want to and they let you.  I’m not sure what else to tell you peoples or what kind of thing or instructions you’re looking for when you use the terms of how to make out with a girl, but it’s usually a natural thing.

LOL and if you think that anywhere on the internet is really going to give you an instruction booklet on how to make out with a girl, you’ve got some problems.  I mean seriously that’s like expecting the internet or some website on the internet to be like an instruction booklet on how to understand girls for heavens sake ROFL – like that would ever happen – I don’t think so. 

I mean us girls, well, at least speaking for myself, I know I don’t even understand myself half the time so instructions on these kinds of things on the internet aren’t really gonna help you.  If you wanna make out with a girl, then just do it or ask your buddy for pointers or tips cause my blog and me probably won’t be able to help you much *giggles*.

I mean the internet is a plethora of information and you can do and learn a lot of things with the internet, but how to make out with a girl is kind of a hands on experience at least from my perspective as a girl it is lol :p.  I’m sorry I couldn’t resist doing this post, it just cracks me up when people are looking for instructions on how to make out with a girl on the internet 😉 :).


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  2. Hey Gary man dont worry the same thing happened to me we where behind the school kissing not making out but kissing and our parents walked around the corner. Thae immediatly asked what we where doing and i said i was telling her a secret but btw. The other night i went to my friends house 4 her b-day and we played 7 minutes of heaven. well it ended up i had to go with my girls best friend. Now my ex hates me i need some help?

  3. hey im alex and im 15 and heres a really funny story..well not to me but im sure you guys will get a laugh out of it… haha yesterday a girl that i really like came over to my house (shes one of my besties btw) and we hung out all day i had my arm around her cause we do have a little thing going on well right before she leave she throws her arms around my neck and caught me completely by surprise and started making out with me and i panicked haha (i did like it alot and i totally wanted to do it btw) but ya i did freak out and started usuing my tongue a little wich she didnt like it was just really awkward but i fixed it kinda….just cant wait to do it again becasue i f**k up this time haha..the thing is idk if she will want to do it again cause i kinda did screw up but we still ave our thing going so it must not of botherd her to much things will be better next time i hope :D…do you guys have any advice on how i might be able to get another shot? she told me she doesnt like surprize make out sessions so dont tell me just go for it haha e-mail me your advice please!!! sharpshooter_1994@hotmail.com
    THANK YOU!!!

  4. You are all lossers if you need this…just go for it..if you are in love with someone and they feel the same way then they will understand..SO JUST DO IT!!

  5. people are you kidding me??????? i mean come on, your 12? YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY DUDE. i am 14 and i kissed my gfplenty. we made out behind the bleachers.it is really weird at frist then it gets better.

  6. hey i kissed a girl today but she went for a makeout and i backed off and i wanna know how to make out

  7. uh hi iam daniel uh i have a problem i have never even been close to kissin a girl but i have met this really kool girl but idk what to do, because i have never been in this situation before? iam scared i know iam kind of bein a pussy but iam just really really shy i cant help it, just sayin.

    any answers will help! plz write back =]

  8. im almost 13 and still didnt make out wit anyone yet and most of mi friends did wat older girls and i dont no how to ask my girl friend to make out with me and i wonder if she eva did it realy never comes up how do i tell her i want to and how do i make out at all im afraid im guna do somtin rong lol somone help me plzzz lol

  9. i am a 12 year old kid and i have a girlfriend weve kissed before but never really made out and i was woundering how to she if shes does want to !

  10. i’m makin out with a girl next weekend…first time…idk how to do it….hahahaahaha i’m such a looser…well i wanna no how to make out

  11. hey I just turned 15 and I haven’t hooked up with a girl and I’m afraid that when Ido the girl with think I’m bad …… Shut I worry

  12. ok so last night i was at my gfs house and she was acting like she wanted to make out. right when i was about to make my move, she got up and ran into a differnt room. i went in there and then we started kissing, and them she asked if i wanted to make out. and just to let u kno that was my 1st time. i dont see y its so hard for all of you. if uve never kissed or made out be4, the only advice i can give you is to just do it, cause you only have 1 life.

  13. people do you not have sisters or brothers seriously peeps ure using the internet to find out how to kiss a girl you must be desperate, im 16 and have bben out with this boy scince i was 12 and girls do get embarresed at first but look at it like this if the girls aint ready they aint ready and plus aswell there are loads of girls whuu want to kiss boys and boys whuu wnat to kiss girls butt if you ont be up front about one another then you would never know where your relation ship is would you any way gotta go byyyyyXxxXx

  14. well there are alot of ways to make out but the biggest is right and wrong me and my girlfriend just sorta happened so she went along

  15. i really like this guy in my chorus class…he’s also in my sunday school :/ but hes one of the “popular” guys and im not on hia radar…what do i do?
    also…i’ve never had a true relationship or my first kiss
    HELP! :/

  16. hey yea im at a movie and i want to make out with my girlfriend but i dont know if she wants to what do i do

  17. I’m 13 and I made out last night with my 15 year old boyfriend. Weve been dating only since Valentines day. He’s kissed me before but only like pecks. He used toungue last night (at his grandmas lol) So I was jw……Are we goin too fast?

  18. hey im 14 and i havent been kissed yet im really scared when he leans in i turn my head and make him kiss my cheek instead god this drives me crazy its just i didnt mean to it jus happeneds.i need ur help seriously i need u 2 help me over come my fears.

  19. so yeah, the 11 yr old needs to learn to keep it in his pants,ppl like him are the type of ppl who end up knocking up 14 yr oldds and causing granparents to be parents. its wrong. BTW. gary. i knw whatchu mean, its hard to make the move. its a lot easier to make it on a ddare. its some psychological thing, if u have the feeling u have to do it itll be easier than just wanting to do it. so tell ur home dawg to dare you to do it at there nxt party!

  20. Seriously when you’re truly in love you don’t need to ask questions like these. It will all come natural soon enough there will be more to your relationships then sex, but I guess you guys are 13 14 years old.

  21. hah, so these comments are pretty funny. especially the 11 year old. but hey, if thats what he wants let him do it. anywhoo, great job with this post, anne. 🙂

  22. im 13 and a half and i realy want to kiss my gf and i know she wants to kiss me to… but we was sitting on the couch last night after the ball droped… I MEAN FOR NEW YEARS FOR ALL YOU OTHER PERVERTS LIKE ME! lol and we had been talking b4 and i knew she wanted to and my mom ad dad were gone and everything so i didnt have to worry about them freaking out but she said she liked foreful guys and that if i wanted to kiss ther then ide have to be forceful and i know that it wouldnt be rong or anythig since she wanted me to but i have alot of trouble making the first move on anything HOW COULD I EVER BE fORCEFUL!?!?!?!? so then she asked that if she kissed me on the cheek first if i would kiss her and i REALY REALY wanted to french her and i know she did to so i said idk why dont u find out… she sat there for a minute and finished watching a and sing they were singing on the tv… and btw it was realy freaky because it was like somebody was trying to tell us something because she had made a slideshow out of pictures she had on photobucket and, because alot of te pictures had poeple kissing in them, she named it first kiss… then (we was wathing channel 2) the song that was being played had something to do with a first kiss. then after that the women on channel 2 said some thing i ant remember then kissed a guy from the band so it was realy odd… so then se kissed me on my cheek real fast and wasnt expecting it so i said do it again and she did and about that time i managed to get the courage to kiss her on the lips… so when she was leaning in i turned my head and kissed her on the lips but then when i was about to french kiss her, her dad showed up atthe door to pick her up…. (i did not have verry good luck that night) so i never got to french kiss her and it left me feeling half happy and half like i failed…. and now… im sure that the next time i see her im gonnah ave to same problem because it was just a qick thing when i kissed her on the lips and i realy didnt have any courage it was just like my head turned on its own and i didnt mean to but then i felt realy goog after i did and i have a feeing that next time im alone with her im not gona have as much time and im gonna coward out like i have every time before… any tips on how to keep that feeling from happening? sry if my post is a little long… i just cant keep from it… sry i know theres alot of useless info in there and im just gonna shut up now so you can stop reading ok?

  23. my girlfreind is pissed at my best freinds girlfreind and she keeps hurting herself to stop from hurting her because she doesnt want 2 make my freind mad at her cause their good freinds….everytime she hurts herself i feel really bad….wat do i do?

  24. so this girl i ve been going out with for a couple of weeks
    and she kisses me after a date and i just freeze up and don;t say or do anything
    any tips or ideas?

  25. dudes ok all you have to do is know that youre ready and shes ready. then once youve been giving eachother pecks for a while move it to the next step. give her a peck on the lips. then when your having a nice moment like at the movies or something kiss and you can just tilt youre head to the side and when youre lips go together have your mouth open. itll come naturally. but if youre worried just know its kind of a sucking and a swirly movement of the tongue.

  26. I just made out with a girl about an 4 hours ago. All that it really is that you need to make that first step with the kiss. You need to be sure that both you and her are ok with it. Once you know that, hold her close, and make sure to look her in the eyes and smile if she looks at you. Not like a wierd kind of a smile but an “I like you kind of smile”. Pretty soon she will start making it more obvious, like moving her head close to yours and pressing her body against you. When that happens, just make sure that it is a good moment and she is ready and start to move in. If she wants it, she will move towards you also. If you are in a public place, and you liked the kiss, suggest that you go elsewhere. Once there, kiss more, but more passionetely and it will progress into French Kissing and making out.
    Just so you all know, I just met the girl 2 1/2 hours before making out with her. I am 15 years old.

  27. umm ur 11? uneed 2 slo it down a little or soon enuf u’ll b askin strangers on the internet how 2 use a condom

  28. well im 11 and i have kissed a girl but you dont explaine the tounge motions. My girlfriend said she likes it when i do the tounge motions hard like just all sworly around. She just likes it.
    Oh lots of girls like me in the school but they are ugly as shit. I stick with the girls in DC. They sexy and got big asses.

  29. yeh it rlly isnt that hard at all. it is like she said almost a natural thing, i was playin truth or dare last night and the girl i liked was playing too. we had broken up that day because her friend was mad at her for going out with me so the relationship is still there. it was the bros bfor hos rule with her and i accepted it, so we were playin the game and like all the ppl there know i liked her and were teasing me about it. so this one girl mallory had dared me to kiss her and i did it. she felt completly fine with it. im only 13 so how can this be hard for someone thats like 28? it really isnt that hard. if she likes u as much as u like her then it wil happen

  30. Hi, Im 13. I have been going out with this girl for over a month amd we like kiss but dont make out. I relly want to make out with her but i dont think she wants to. What do i do should i ask her.

  31. yea ive been datin this girl for a month and i dont no how to make the move to makeout with her yet. do u have any advice at all?

  32. hey, im 13
    ive been going out with this girl for a month now
    we kiss like on the lips every day, but we both soo badly wanna pull/snog/make out (whatever u wanna call it) do u have any tips?

  33. im triying to get a girl called jessica and i need some tips on how to get girls do u got any

    • yea dude just flirt with her as much as possibal then when you guys are all alone just say i find your really pretty and i wanted to know if you wanted to go out then if she say yes give her a hug and a small kiss

  34. Hey. theres this girl this girl i like. We spend alot of time toghether with friends. When I sit down near her she pulls up next to me. However, i was giving her a hug the other day and someone asked if we were going out and this girl got really agitated and backed off really quickly and was like, with him? never, but she still hugs me ands really close. do you think she likes me?

  35. Hey Simon,

    I don’t think that you should be bothered or worried at all that you haven’t snogged a girl yet when you’re only almost 14 years old.

    You still have plenty of time to find a girl and kiss her, you’re still young and shouldn’t worry about that.

  36. hey,

    im 15 and im goin out wid my gurl,she HOTT
    so i liked some of ur advices but not all of dem.
    Cuz dey weren’t wat everyone would want to do everyone would want to just give any girl a kiss u would have to do it very slowly not dat fast,and try to know da gurl more and find more bout her

    iight im out

    byeez, 3z

  37. hey ,

    im tryin to go out wid a girl named Nilofar.She’z relli nyce and ur website dat i thought was going to be great ,but it come out to be wat i wanted

  38. yeah, uh…i thought that this thing was kinda pointless cuz there is no proper way to make out you’ve gotta put your own style, spin, passion or watever you wanna call it into it so…yeah pointless.
    no offense

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  40. Well if you are young enough to need to search this out.. I say.. um.. keep your hands on top of her clothes.

    Wanna make out, Anne? *bats eyelashes* *puckers up*

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