My heart’s hurting…

I don’t know why exactly, but my heart’s just been hurting more than usual in the past hour or so.  I mean it’s hurt like this before, but it’s been a while since I felt this pain in my chest when my heart was hurting.

I don’t like it when my heart hurts like this and I feel an actual physical pain there.  It hurts so much when it does this every once in a while that it makes me wonder if I’m having a heart problem, which I know I’m not, it just hurts and bothers me when it does this every once in a while.

I was just watching something on TV or a movie and got triggered and started to cry.  Then for some reason after crying, I found myself thinking about all the pains, heartaches etc. I’ve been through that could have been triggered and could have been what I was crying about for a while there.

Then I guess thinking and bringing back some of these memories back to the surface along with the emotions was too much all at once for me, for my heart tonight because it started hurting.  Now I have a physical pain in my chest because my heart is hurting and aching over these things of the past again like it does every so often.

I don’t like when my heart feels like this.  I hope the pain subsides and goes away for a while again soon here.

I keep thinking of R.E.M.’s song, Everybody Hurts and one of Vertical Horizon’s songs that says When I cry inside and my insides blow apart or something like that.  These are some of the songs that describe some of how I’m feeling at the moment with my heart hurting and having just been all emotional.


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  1. My boyfriend want to split up with me and I don’t want him to go! We have been together for nearly two years and we have had our fair share of arugments, but my love for him is still strong! We talked about things yesterday but he has found out that most of his family hate me! I don’t think he wants to leave but because he is close to his family he doesn’t want them not to like him for being with me! My heart is killing me and I want to die but I know he isn’t going to put me before them! I’m in so much pain!

  2. Mine’s hurting too. Wow, it seems there’s a lot of people with a bad past, a painful present or a bleak future.

    My heart hurts every couple days. I’m pretty sure that all of you know the unbearable, choking, heavy feeling. Like something’s crushing your heart and all you want to do is scream and cry.

    My problem is that I can’t really do anything about the things that cause it. I’m not able to get a job, mainly because I’m young, not even finished secondary school, my parents are both rather useless at taking care of kids, my boyfriend is in college already and furthermore, lives far away so we never see each other, my mother is psychotic, so on and so fourth.

    The little things really love piling up, don’t they? The most horrible thing is the one thing that makes me feel better, my boyfriend, well, I get to see him for 2 days maybe every month or so.

    Well, at least I get a small reprieve.

    I want to cry, though. I’m so pathetic. I’m also failing at life, so you know, pretty bleak future, past AND present. Woot.

  3. wow i thought i was the only one. thank god i thought something was wrong with me!
    it hurts so much sometimes and i have no idea why. is it truly something like depression? because i can smile. i know i can smile, because ive done it. but i rarley smile because im truly happy. simple things, like watching two people in love or even reading about it, makes my heart hurt so much. i was so scared, and i told my mom (yeah im like fifteen) and she laughed. now the pain, although i feel it only when im thinking about things that are near and dear to my heart, or my worst fear, has not only hurt my heart but also it hurts in my hands too. curling my hands into fists makes it worse. does this happen to anyone else?

  4. My heart is hurting too. I’ve been “cleaning up my side of the street”, and trying to work out what is causing my unhappiness. I’ve stopped allowing gossip. I’ve been writing inspiring quotes on my chalkboard. I am trying to delight in the little things, like a warm day, with the sun shining on my face and a cool breeze rustling the tree leaves. I see people around me and sometimes I covet their things-but I know that these people aren’t content. I want to find contentment in myself and with who i am and not the things I own. I want my marriage of 8 years to be a marriage that we both can be proud of and never questionable. Its a little harder to get my spouse to conform. That leaves my heart hurting. Good intentions are plainly intentions if the actions don’t display them. The only person I can change is me, and how I get filled up inside. I am learning to not ask the questions, I don’t want the answers to and trying to busy my mind with productive things. Your heart can be hurting but you are never alone… its okay to hurt, but self realization must come so that what is hurting your heart can be changed. Peace out!

  5. My heart is hurting too. Its very painful and now I’m crying and don’t know what to do. My heart is hurting and I wish someone would tell me how to make the pain stop. Its been hurting more and more of late. And I don’t know what to do to make it stop. Usually I try not to think too much about things that make me unhappy, like no money, no job, no child, no man. But more and more I feel very isolated in this world. I’m not getting anything right about my life and at 36, 37 in August, I might as well admit to myself I’m a failure. I tried very hard to make things work but the key is getting people to understand you so that you fit in. If everyone comes back saying they don’t like you then that means I don’t have a clue and am not equipped with the right things to make life a success. So now my heart is hurting from knowing that I don’t know how to make it things work and even worse its going to keep on hurting since I don’t have a solution to all of this.

  6. I too am hurting, but God is faithful and just and promises that hes close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalms 34:18) Read God’s word it will help. It will also help you get in touch with yourself and who you are. take small but deep breathes and sometimes the pain w/fade away, also say prayers, crying out to the lord . he is compassionate and merciful and heals. It does take time but you will be a stronger person –I pray for all of you that hurt

  7. I feelling very bad. because my heart’s hurting her. I love her forever but she told me about can’t come back me. because never she love me I lossing my mind. when i was see her face, she beautiful. I missing her Please come back me. Please give me my lover If have a god. I’m crying inside

  8. my heart is aching right now. badly. my girlfriend of 2 years is coming over so we can break up properly. wish this pain would go away. shes my 1st love too. dont know what im gonna do without her. the break up is prob needed but we love eachother. jus stuff changes i guess. Good luck. ur not the only one and lets hope it gets better eh?

  9. I get heartaches too… it happens to me when I think too hard about a boy who was my first love, but didn’t share the same feelings. My theory is that it is an actual physical pain, which comes from straining the heart by not breathing properly, crying more often than usual, and pressure on the heart that sometimes results from listening to music and straining your heart strings. Take care of yourself. I wish I could say that it’s not worth it to waste away on the thought of reciprocated feelings, but those who say that have never experienced true love. Listen to happy music, and go to sleep earlier than usual. If this repeats more often than is usual, or gets worse, see a doctor.

  10. Now I’ve never had cake batter – that sounds like something I should try sometime.

    I wish we had some peanut butter & chocolate ice cream here – maybe I need to go get some :D.

    Ice cream for lunch is always good – hey it meets the dairy requirement for the day 😉 :).

  11. Oh yes! Now you are talking. At baskin robbins.. I was addicted when pregnant.

    I like coffee ice cream with chocolate and peanutbutter at cold stone…

    That and cake batter with just rainbow sprinkles.. maybe I need Ice cream for lunch.. hahaha

  12. Yeah, I know I’m weird, I like sherbet :p :D. I also love like anything with peanut butter and chocolate – yummy :).

  13. Umm well last night I had Rainbow Sherbet, which is good, but Girl Scout Tagalong or Moose Tracks are good too – yum. Man, I’m hungry now lol :p :).

  14. Yeah, I know crying’s good, but I still don’t like it sometimes :p.

    Ooo, what kind of ice cream – I did have some ice cream last night when I was bummed lol.

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