Ooo I feel special…Not!

That was so much fun.  I was just surfing the web and all like I usually do at night before I head to bed and some guy messages me on myspace.

So, there have been some okay, nice guys/girls/people I’ve talked with on myspace and all so I look at the guy’s profile and he seems alright.  Then I decided what the heck I’ll message  him back cause all he said was what’s up, just wanted to say Hi so I message back and say not much and Hi back.

Then we were messaging back and forth for a few minutes and the predictable stupid guy says so can we IM and I’m like uh what’s wrong with messaging on myspace.  He’s like it’s not fast enough like IMing is so I’m like whatever cause I don’t like to add just whoever to my IMs, ya know.

Then he hit himself out of the game – my game anyway so to speak and sent the next message.  The next message he said to me you know you want it tonight right?  I had a pretty good idea of a few things he could be talkin about and sleep wasn’t one of them, ya know what I mean.

And I sent a message back playing dumb and said want what?  I was giving him one last chance to retract what he was saying or implying or else finish hitting himself out of my game for me lol.  So, he sends another message and says um to make out lol – yeah that’s the lesser of the things I was thinking he was implying, but for some reason, I think he said to make out to try to make himself sound less ‘bad’ to me.  I really think he meant and was thinking of sex not just making out, I mean how stupid does he think I am anyway.

I wrote back one more time and said um, no I’m not that kind of girl so buh bye now.  Then as I was going to block him, he sent one last message I saw that said, oh, come on, baby, you know you want it and you’d like it tonight though right?  Arrrggh.

Yeah so I deleted his messages etc. and blocked him.  That made me kind of upset though.  I mean no big surprise right, but that disgusts me when a guy tries to keep coaxing you into wanting what he wants when you don’t want it!!! 

Not to mention, yes, I’ll admit, I’d probably like to kiss a guy right now since I haven’t in a long, long time, but I don’t want to kiss just any guy off the internet or the street and so forth.  I want to kiss a guy who I know and feel comfortable around that I’m friends with, ya know.  I want to kiss a guy that cares about me and that isn’t out to kiss me just cause I’m there in the moment he wants it.

Plus I’d rather kiss a guy I’m friends with and been out with before and known more.  I mean it just doesn’t sound that appealing to go driving to some guy’s house that’s like a stranger or have a stranger come to my house at like 1 in the morning that we’ve just talked online for a few minutes and hey we’re gonna make out now.  And yeah everything’s gonna be fine and dandy with me and a total stranger making out ha ha – not.

I’m just so totally not comfortable with that idea and so I’m sitting here typing this instead of kissing-making out with a total stranger.  I feel much better sitting here typing this than in a strange guy’s house who would just want to use me though.

Oh, what fun, the adventures of talking online to people and the risks we take lol.

What a fun adventure I had with myspace just now though – great one for the journal and the memories lol.


10 comments on “Ooo I feel special…Not!

  1. True – if you’re their type, they most likely are mine too :). I’m just not sure I want to try dating through online again – okay so I’m a little freaked out about dating again period.

    I mean on this other website I ended up on, this one guy contacted me and he’s 26, cute, an EMT, divorced with a cute little girl, and lives near me and seems nice, but I just can’t bring myself to contact him back cause I don’t know, ya know lol :p.

  2. Hmm, well, I’m not looking for a relationship either – I only put on my profile that I was looking for friends. I also put that I don’t want to hook up with anyone right now on my profile.

    Who knows – I’m just lucky and attract crazies sometimes, I guess lol.

  3. Not from crazies…

    I think it is because I Im not looking for relationships and all that. My profile may not come up when they run a search for that stuff.

  4. Well what the heck… I dont get these things on myspace… maybe your settings are wrong?

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