Racing Against Time

Anyone else ever feel like they are racing against time?  I do – especially lately.  Ya know, racing against time is like impossible to do or seems like it anyway.

I just don’t know where time keeps going so fast.  I wish I could have time take a break or slow down sometimes, which would be kind of ironic and strange, wouldn’t it…time slowing down and taking a break – ha ha :p.

I can’t believe it’s July already, not only that, but it’s almost already the middle of July – how did that happen??!!  I was thinking about all the stuff I still need to do before I move out in August and over-freaking myself out about how I need to hurry up or I’m not going to get things done.  I know I can get things done, but not if I don’t put the ‘plan’ into action to accomplish these things on my list.

Okay, so I’ve been putting myself in a little bit of panic mode about getting things done before I move out because of how fast time is passing me by lately – eeek.  I’m alright, I just need to breathe and chill out – ever feel all wound up tight like running around and doing things but then it’s the middle of the night so you can’t get all the things done you want to do.

Have you ever been in one stage of your life and you’re about to have change like moving somewhere and you know it’s going to be another stage of your life?  Like everyone moves in their life, I know, but sometimes the move is more than just a move, ya know what I mean.  Like I’m going to be moving, but I also feel like I’m moving/transitioning not just physically, but in other aspects as well such as emotionally, mentally, spiritually and so forth.

So have you ever felt like your moving is more than just the physical move like I mentioned above and you know it’s time or past time for this to happen, but you find yourself wondering at times if you’re really ready for this change to happen now.  I’ve also felt like something’s going to happen or something’s coming on and off for quite a while now and I feel that whatever is coming/going to happen is connected to my moving too.  So, with that said, I also wonder if I’m really ready for whatever it is that’s going to happen.

I mean I know this is right for me to move and continue on with my education and working toward my degree and achieving these various goals of mine, but I’m also wondering if I’m going to be all prepared and ready for this move when it happens.  Then again how can you be prepared for change like this, I mean you can be and you are, but at the same time, you aren’t.

It’s like taking a leap of faith in yourself and your decision/choice to make the move and go this route/path in life.  It’s like having to test your faith in yourself or in your conviction that you’re making the right choice that you’ve been feeling right about and then when it gets closer, you kind of feel a little nervous -eeek.  It’s like testing your faith in God and that He’s helping you as you feel he has been. 

Okay, so can you tell I’m having a freak out/stress out moment about life right now lol.  I’ll be fine and I’m still going to move – there’s no way I’d stay living here with my mom – would never work.  I’m just thinking too much at the moment and overly freaking/stressing myself out about time, change, my life and some of the unknown that lies ahead in my near future here.

Anyway, it’ll be fine.  I’m just having a freak out time like I do every once in a while with change, life, the unknown and all :).

I think I’m going to go think or rather not think while I go chill and watch a good movie, read or something before I head to bed :p :D.