Things that go Bump in the night…

Fear, the unknown, weird things/occurrences and I – we have a strange kind of relationship.  I don’t like being afraid, but I like scary movies, haunted houses and the sort.  I don’t like getting freaked out, but I get freaked out and jumpy a lot of the time.

I don’t understand my need/want/desire – whatever you call it – to watch scary movies or go to haunted houses or the like when I hate being freaked out so much afterward sometime.  I don’t know, does that make sense at all – does anyone else deal with that weird relationship with fear etc. like I do…

Then there’s the weird things/occurrences that happen to me, it seems often throughout my life.  Some tell me I’m psychic or have some kind of gift – something like a sixth sense as it were or some have told me that I have some strange, special aura about me that’s different, unusual, special than anyone else.  I don’t know what to think sometimes.

I just know that strange things do happen to me often and at times I think there is truth to my having some kind of gift, but I don’t fully understand it.  It’s just strange. 

A strange thing that happened to me the other day was that I was making my bed in the morning like I always do.  I was doing my usual morning routine and I was arranging things on the table by my bed and all of a sudden this type of night light in the base of my lamp turned on. 

Now you wouldn’t think that weird at first hearing about it, but the thing is that for months maybe a year maybe more than a year now – that night light in the base of my lamp has never been turned on because it didn’t work.

I had used that night light in the base of my lamp every night for a while there a year or so ago and then one night the light had gone out.  I had tried and tried to get it to turn on and to work and couldn’t.  I tried lots of times and that night light hadn’t ever worked so I had decided to leave it be and use a different light.

Then all of a sudden just the other day, this night light in the base of my lamp just turned on by itself while I was arranging things on my bedside table as part of my morning routine.  I still haven’t gotten over how strange that seemed to me and still does seem somewhat strange to me.

And just when I started writing this, my door slammed shut – not by itself – it was the wind, but it sure as heck startled me.  I also felt something shift or change in the air or something when the door slammed shut – it was just weird – of course, I could just be being hyper sensitive as I’m a little jumpy all of a sudden.

I don’t know – it’s just that I have had so many strange things happen on and off – it causes one to stop and ponder things for a while.

Well and then have you ever had that happen where you’re sleeping and all of a sudden you wake up, but you don’t know why.  You just feel/know that something’s different – I don’t like when that happens.

Anyway, enough of that talk, so I went and saw X-men 3 today – YAY!!!  It was awesome and I want to see it again.  We didn’t find the fireworks we wanted for the 4th of July yet though.  We might go see the new Superman movie on the 4th in the afternoon though and maybe some other stuff before we do our fireworks – we’ll see what happens :).