Did ya know…

…apparently I’m a Princess 🙂 lol.  I got a birthday present and card from my 19 mo old’s parents earlier today that says I’m a princess anyway ;).

They sent me a book that looks good – the kind of book I would like called “Princess Academy”.  I’ve never heard of it before, but it sounds good from what I’ve looked at and read about the book so far.  It’s a book that’s about fantasy – yeah I know duh – never would have guessed that with the name “Princess Academy”.  It’s a book that’s a youth book or something like that, but Harry Potter was for young readers/youth too and the Harry Potter books are pretty good – at least I think they are.

Anyway so that made my day to get a birthday present and card from my 19 month old’s parents today :).  I also got my Cars soundtrack – woo, woo – “Life is a Highway” is on myspace page now and it was on repeat in my CD player in my car today.  If you couldn’t guess that song is one of my favorites – I also have some others I like on the Cars soundtrack too though :D.  Oooh and I also got my other book, “Eragon”, in the mail today too.

Yep, so today was a package day for me – whee :).  My Dad and I are probably going to go see X-men 3 tomorrow afternoon and then scope out the coolest fireworks for the 4th of July :D!!!  Of course, we get to go see X-men 3 and get fireworks because my mom will be gone all day tomorrow – YAY so we don’t have to bring her along and have her be whiney or moody plus she doesn’t want to see X-men 3 anyway.

I’m psyched to see X-men 3 though.  I’ve been dying to see it ever since it came out and pestering my parents and family and friends to get someone to go with me :p.  A couple of my friends were talking about us going to see it, but then plans changed, life happened so I was left looking for someone else to see it with. 

I tried to get my mom to let us go see X-men 3 on my birthday last week, but she wouldn’t so we saw Cars instead.  Don’t get me wrong though, Cars was great.  I just wanted to see X-men 3 too, but my mom wouldn’t go so now my Dad and I are going to probably go see it tomorrow 🙂 – YAY!

That’s my exciting life for now lol.  I did have a really good day today though :D. 

Hope all’s well with everyone else.