Note on Search Terms – On Soapbox!

Okay, I’m weird, I know.  So, I look at my blog stats and what search terms people use that bring them to my blog and there’s some pretty interesting search terms that people use.

My note here is in reference to the ‘sick’ terms people use like this one for example…

something nasty to see on girls or possibly this one…

A girls Body photos for 12 yr olds…

So, my note to you people/freaky weirdos in my book who use search terms like those –

My blog does NOT contain sick, freaky, weird and disgusting things like those that you’re searching for so go search somewhere else.

My blog is NOT porn friendly nor am I – I detest and loathe porn with a passion and most people especially guys who look at it – it’s all tied to some very bad past personal experiences with my ex-husband, some ex-boyfriends and abuse etc., but porn and I are NOT friends so I do not like weirdos like you who put those search terms in the computer!

I am very anti-porn and so is this blog so no need to look here for what you want. 

Thank you – I’m done with being on my soapbox and my vent/note to the weirdos now.