What’s up with these guys…

…calling all us girls, “baby, baby, baby”.  I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked I was 29, which is far from being a baby :p.

I know I’ve read recently on my friends blogs about being called ‘baby’ by a guy or guys and hating it, but I hadn’t had it happen to me since a while ago until within the past day or two.  I swear if you want people to send you messages, all you gots to do is put up a picture of yourself online and they’ll all come running.

Well all the freaky guys will come running anyway.  So, okay, I haven’t put pictures of myself up online for a long time and for good reason, but I decided to put some pics of myself up just the other day and now all the freaks are coming out of the woodwork again.  Now I’m contemplating taking my pictures back down again…

Anyway, I’ve been getting messages from these freaks that have seen my pics saying ‘Hey, baby, you’re way cute.  We should go hang out sometime’.  Or ‘Well, hello there cutie. How are you?’ or ‘Hey, baby, I just had to write to say Hi cause you’re so totally hot’ or ….ya get the picture, right – after reading these I, of course, find myself inclined to *gag, puke, hurl*. 

Also after reading these messages, I find myself contemplating taking down some or all of my ‘way cute, hot, etc.’ pictures.  Man, like I don’t have enough freaks foaming at the mouth when they see me in person – now I get messages from them online too – ick.

Well and on my blogs/sites, I’ve made it clear, I thought that I’m not looking to hook up with anyone right now.  I only want to be friends, but of course, these freaks don’t understand what the word ‘friends’ means.  

I feel like going to some of them and saying can you see here on a profile where it says I’m only interested in friends?  Do you know what it means to be just friends?  Would you like me to look ‘friends’ up in the dictionary and spell the definition out for you freaky weirdos?!

It’s like say friends now spell it now tell me what it means, now think about it and tell me do I want to talk to you or hook up??  Yeah I know it’s hard for the freaky weirdos to use their brains sometimes, but geez man, if they’d use their brains once in a while, it’d make things a little easier for me – ha.  

Yeah I know since when and why would any freaky weirdos want to help make things a little easier for nice, decent, normal girls like myself – blah *rolls eyes*.  Okay, vent over, you get the picture, right – well especially if you’re a girl or a decent guy.

But if you’re a freaky weirdo, you won’t understand any of these things I’m typing here lol – big surprise there :p. 


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  1. *sings*
    Poor, poor pitiful me!
    Oh, these boys wont let me be
    Lord have mercy on me!
    Woe, woe is me!

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