PSYCHE!!! :)

Ha, ha – I had all of you thinking as well as myself that I was going to go to the dentist and find that I had one or more cavities today.

But guess what…chicken butt lol – okay no seriously…there were no cavities!!!  I was all ready for having my teeth drilled and all that whole ordeal and then there were no cavities – YAY :D.

So, I still haven’t had my first cavity in life yet.  My no cavity streak is still alive for the time being.  I was so happy to hear the dentist tell me there were no cavities.

It was just a bunch of plaque and tartar buildup and stuff.  Well and I hadn’t had a dental checkup for 18 months so yeah – bad Anne 🙂 lol.  So, my teeth are feeling somewhat better now.

I still have to make sure to floss etc. though and go back to the dentist sooner than 18 months from now next time.  So, I got some unexpected good news from the dentist and didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on having my teeth drilled since luckily there were no cavities after all :).  So, it was a happy day for me…again :D. 

I know – it’s a miracle another happy, good day for me, which makes what…4 happy, good days in a row – well and a little over a week of good times overall now.  There’s something wrong with that lol – I don’t know how to handle this many happy, good days in a row and these many good things going on with me lately.

I also went out to lunch with my friend today before the dentist and she’s working on getting me a birthday present still.  So, the birthday celebration stuff is still coming…:).

Okay enough of my happy ranting and raving for now.  I hope all’s well with everyone else :).