All is right…again :)

It seems like a lot has happened since I last wrote in here and I guess in a way it has.  It just seems like it's been longer than a couple days since I last wrote an entry here because of everything that's happened recently.

So, first, on Thursday night, I went out with my friends and had ice cream.  We sat and talked about life and everything for a while.  They gave me two discount movie tickets for my birthday present – YAY :D.  They're such cool friends.

Then on Friday, I got a call in the afternoon on my cell phone, which I wasn't expecting cause usually no one calls me on my cell phone.  I mean I don't give my cell number out to many people cause I've had to change my cell number quite a few times cause of weird guys that wouldn't stop calling so I've stopped handing out my cell number to everyone lol :p.

So, back to the unexpected phone call, it was from one of the places I applied to for a job and they called me in for an interview Friday afternoon.  They offered me a job in the cash office at the retail store because I've had experience with that position before, but I ended up not getting that position because they want someone who's going to be there in that position more long term.  I'm only looking for something for about 2 months before I move out and go to school in the fall so they still offered me a job, but it was a cashier job instead of the cash office job, but I'm okay with that cause it gives me some money and it's a better job than working at that pet store would have been :).

Besides having my job interview and getting a job that I should be starting later this coming week, I also got my ears pierced and run errands and stuff on Friday.  I tried to pierce my ears once before when I was 18, but I had a bad experience with it so for the past 11 years, I haven't had pierced ears, but I went and got them pierced on Friday so I'm giving having pierced ears another try now.  Hopefully, my ears won't get infected or have problems this time like they did when I was 18, guess we'll see.

Anyway, Friday was a busy, good day for me and so was Saturday – I know – Wow – two busy, good days in a row.  On Saturday, I got all my cleaning and laundry done and then made dinner too :).  I've just been having a really good weekend and well this whole past week was really great overall :D.

Although I do have to go to the dentist for my routine checkup tomorrow afternoon and I'm not excited for that.  The dentist will probably scold me for not flossing as much as I should etc. and I'm not too excited to find out the verdict on my teeth from the dentist this time because I'm pretty sure I have a cavity.  I might have more than one cavity, but I'm pretty sure I have at least one.  My first cavity or cavities in 29 years.  Pretty good that I've gone 29 years without ever having a cavity and having to have my teeth drilled and get a filling though, huh :).

Oh and they sang Happy Birthday to me at church today in the class of little kids I teach – whee lol :).  Also there's one of the other ladies in my church that said she's going to come by and bring me something for my birthday and another friend of mine in the neighborhood that lives just down the street from me is going to take me out to lunch for my birthday tomorrow or sometime this week :).  So, the birthday gifts and celebrations just keep going on with me so far :D. 

I got some fun stuff for myself for my birthday besides piercing my ears with the gift card from my 3 yr old and parents too.  With the gift card, I got one of the books I wanted, Eldest by Christopher Paolini, Kelly Clarkson's CD, a Mary J. Blige CD, and Disney's Lady and the Tramp on DVD that I didn't have in my collection yet :).  Then when I came home later Friday night, I went online and ordered the book, Eragon by Christopher Paolini, which is the first book and then Eldest is the second book in this series and the Disney Cars soundtrack and used my own money to buy them.  I should be getting that book and the Cars soundtrack in the mail later this week so I'm excited about that. 

I also went to the library and got to spend time there having fun and browsing books.  I checked out a couple more of Kathy Reichs mystery books that I'm excited to read as soon as I'm done with this other book I'm finishing up :D.  I'm planning on going to the store with my Dad later this week to pick out some cool fireworks to do on the 4th of July too.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get off work from this new job I'll be starting by 8 or 9 pm on the 4th of July so I can do fireworks :).

So, life's still going pretty good and I'm feeling pretty happy and psyched about the future lately :).


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  1. Thanks! Happy Birthday to you too – I hope it’s a great one for ya :)!!!

    Oh and don’t have another heart attack, but I’ve got more pictures put up besides the ones from yesterday lol.

  2. OOH… Must-have-kelly clarkson-and-cars-soundtrack!

    And happy belated bday!

    Glad everything is going well!!!

    This’ll be your year, for sure!

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