The Princess and the Hair

Okay, so I'm doing a spin on "The Princess and the Pea" fairy tale story.  We all know the Princess and the Pea story, right?  The one where to see if she's a real princess they put a pea at the bottom of this huge pile of mattresses to see if she feels it so they can prove she's a true princess.  Of course, she feels the pea through all these mattresses and proves she is a Princess – well sometimes I feel like I live that story but my version is the Princess and the hair because it doesn't matter where a piece of hair is on me – I will always find it.

I've always thought it's the weirdest thing, but if there's a strand of hair on my back, I feel it and get it off.  If there's the tiniest strand of hair anywhere on me, I feel it, find it and get it off of myself.  I cannot stand having stray strands of hair on me tickling my arm or anything so sometimes I've thought of comparing how I am with these stray strands of hair to how that Princess in the story was with the little pea.

I don't know if that makes sense, but I've always thought of that analogy/comparison with the hair thing with myself.  On another note, I get to go to the dentist next week – yay me – whee :p.  Um, I'm being sarcastic here if ya couldn't guess – I hate going to the dentist, but then again who really likes going to the dentist anyway, ya know.

I'm not really that excited to go to the dentist next week because I've been having a little toothache this week and come to the conclusion that I think it's very likely I have my first cavity.  I'm not excited about this at all.  I was doing really good – no cavities for 29 years and now I think I have my first.  I'm pretty sure I have at least one cavity, but it's possible that there could be more than just the one, who knows.  I guess we'll find out when I go to the dentist next week.

I've never had a cavity or had a tooth drilled etc. like they do with cavities so I'm a little nervous and freaked about what the verdict will be on my teeth after I go to the dentist next week.  I wish we didn't have to have cavities – I keep trying to wish away the toothache and likelihood that it is a cavity, but it's not working :p – dang it, I don't wanna have my mouth drilled – aah. 

Oh, well, that's life, I suppose.  I'm just hoping it's not really bad whatever the dentist finds when he checks my teeth this next week.  Hopefully, the dental visit won't turn out to be really bad and it'll be okay – whatever he finds – I hope, I hope, I hope.