My Birthday was Great :)!!!

My birthday ended up being a success.  I don't know how or what exactly happened, but my mother was decent and didn't ruin my birthday after all :D.

I had a good birthday too.  I went up to this big Gateway mall and walked around with my family.  We went to see the movie, "Cars", which was sooo much fun and it sooo totally rocked.  I LOVE that movie – it was so much fun – love Pixar – love them!!!

After the movie, we walked around this cool mall some more and I saw a sale in a bath and body works store there, which is one of my favorite stores so we went in there for a while.  I got some bath and body works stuff on sale for part of my birthday presents 🙂 and then we went to this great chocolate dessert store – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – and I got some yummy desserts :D.  Then we walked the mall some more and it was cool cause it's kind of an outdoor mall, well except when you're in the stores, of course, ;).

They have this fun little fountain place where you can run around and get wet that we watched the kids playing at for a while.  They also do a musical fountain show type thing that's kind of cool there that we saw.

Then when we were gonna head back to the car, I saw a bookstore, Barnes and Nobles and took off to go play there for a while before we left :).  I mean we all know how much I love bookstores, libraries and everything – like bookstores are as cool as cool chocolate dessert stores to me 😀 hee, hee.

So, after we hung out at the bookstore for a while, we walked around the mall a little more and then left to head for home.  On the way home, we decided to stop and check out this place called 'The Aquarium' cause we thought maybe it was an aquarium and it ended up being a pet/fish store, but it was a pretty cool store.  We walked around in the store and looked at tons of fish and a few other kinds of animals – reptiles etc., but they had a really good variety/selection of fish – it was a cool pet store so we spent a while in there looking around before we went home.

Then on the way home, we called and ordered pizza.  So, not long after we got home, the pizza came and we ate pizza and our goodies from the yummy dessert place and then decided to watch the movie, "The Hulk".  So, that was my birthday :).

I did also receive a few phone calls from friends, neighbors etc. wishing me a Happy Birthday.  I also received an unexpected card and gift in the mail from a friend of mine :).  And I got a few e-cards/e-mails from other friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday also.  I had a friend come over and bring me some candy and wish me a Happy Birthday and a couple other friends are taking me out for ice cream or something on Thursday night for my birthday so it's been a good one :D.

Oh and one of the e-cards/e-mails I got wishing me a Happy Birthday was from my 18 mo old's mom and family :D.  I was really touched to get that from them and know they were thinking of me and wishing me a Happy Birthday today :).  Oh and I've got my gift card from my 3 yr old and parents that I'm thinking I'm gonna use some of it and go buy myself a couple birthday presents later this week :).  I've got some things/ideas in mind of what I'd like to get myself with their gift card.

I'm also hyped up about some new authors and books I've found that I like and am interested in reading/buying now.  I've discovered Kathy Reichs, who was recommended to me by Tara, so it's her fault that I'm hooked on Kathy's books now lol ;).  Seriously, Tara, Kathy and her books rock so thanks for the recommendation :).  Also while browsing the bookstore today, I found another author/book series about dragons and mythical things, which I love to read about those things, that I'm excited to read and have on my list now too.  Oh and I found another author to add to my list to check out from browsing the bookstore also :).

I had a cute guy say Hi to me and check me out while we were at the mall today too, which is always nice to have happen every once in a while, ya know :).  Ya, so life's pretty good, my birthday was even better than I had hoped for and I feel great!  I'm even more hopeful, positive and determined about life, being able to achieve my goals, that everything will work out okay somehow and that I will end up with a good guy one day possibly sooner than I think :D.

So, I've definitely had an awesome day for my birthday.  It's helped me to refocus and feel rejuvenated in many ways about life and things I was having a hard time with and feeling down about recently :).  I'm so glad that there's ups in life when you need them and not always downs :D.

I think I'm gonna like being 29 and I think this year may just be one of my best years yet – guess we'll see ;).