Where have all the good men gone?

As you can see by the title of this entry, I'm feeling frustrated with men recently.  Or should I say lack of men as in lack of good men and having my feelings reinforced of there being few and far between of the good kind of men I hope to find.

Yeah, I'm happily single, but I have my times where I wish I could have a decent prospect in the dating scene.  I have my times where I would like to find a decent, good man to be with and it seems to be getting harder to find him lately.

Okay so this recent bout of frustration with men and all was brought on because I went to a dance this past Friday night and was very unimpressed with the quality of guys there.  I felt very out of place and it seemed rather obvious to me that the guys at that dance were not on my level and I was disgusted with the lack of ambition among the guys I talked to there.

Of course, I've been somewhat disgusted with the lack of ambition among most guys I've talked with or know for quite some time now though.  I just don't understand these guys that are all wandering around lost with no direction in their life.

Given I had my time where I was lost wandering around trying to find direction in my life, but I found my direction – some of these guys seem to never find a direction for themselves in their lives.  I can say that I understand more now why good, worthwhile guys were turned off by me when I was just taking up space, wandering aimlessly with no direction in my life because now I feel that way about guys I meet who have no direction and seemingly no ambition of any kind in their life.

It's just that I'm about to turn 29 – ack, I know and I'm looking for something more substantial and concrete in a guy that's worthwhile.  I'm looking for a guy who's secure in many ways about themselves and their lives and who can or could provide or help provide for a family.  None of these no direction wandering guys are secure in much of anything nor can they or could they in the near future provide or give much help in providing for a family so that doesn't impress me much, ya know.

I'm also more picky about some things with guys than others, but that is my choice.  It's just that at this dance on Friday night, I danced and talked with some guys and none of them really seemed to be secure or have much direction or ambition in life.

Well, first off, I talked with this guy who's just kind of passing through town, not going to school and hasn't decided if he wants to look for a job or not so he's just bumming around – so unimpressive to me.  Then this other guy hadn't been to school since he graduated high school in 97, wasn't going to school and didn't think he'd be going anytime soon and all he was doing was working a maintenance job at a warehouse – so impressive.  Could you tell I was being a little sarcastic there – ha ha.  Then this other guy wanted to write a column for a newspaper on opinions – which was a step up from the other two, but still I wasn't all that impressed by that – being a writer isn't that stable of a job.  Well and another reason I wasn't impressed was because that hopeful writer guy was like only 18 or 19 – way too young for me.

Then I saw or ran into quite a few guys from my past there – hate when that happens and they were all the same as the last time I'd seen them.  They were all still wandering, no direction and not sure what they wanted to do with life and they all still wanted to hang out with me – leechy kind of guys that have no direction in life that I don't like to hang out with at all.

There was also another guy who came to the dance with a few people and he came up to me like as soon as he walked in the door and was like don't I know you.  I was like yeah I think you do and then we figured out we'd hung out at a dance in the past and he was all well, we can hang out again so he and I and this other girl and guy and little group were hanging out at the dance.  Well it got weird when a slow song came on and this girl in the group got asked to dance by some guy and she said no I'm on a date and then she and this guy who came and talked to me and said hey we can hang out again here went to slow dance.  So apparently this guy who all walks over to me right when he walks into the dance and talks to me and says we should hang out again like the other time we hung out at a dance was there at the dance with this girl on a date.  Now I just thought that was weird.

I mean, do you know what I mean.  I just think it's weird to take someone on a date to a dance like that in the first place because most people go there to hang out and meet people not to go on a date with someone they already know and like kind of thing.  Then the really weird thing to me is why was he all coming over to me, to talk to me and invite me to hang out and everything like it was so cool to see me again and hang out with me when he was there on a date with this other girl.  I mean that's just weirdo city to me, ya know.

So, anyway, that was my "fun" experience at this dance on this past Friday night that brought about this frustration vent about guys.  Now ya know why I'm wondering where all the good guys have gone and where they're hiding after hearing about my experience at this dance this past Friday night.

It's just so irritating to me when I've gone through everything I have in my life and recently received my Associates degree after working and keeping at it for a long time and these guys don't seem to care much about college education or stable jobs/careers in life, ya know.  Well and here I am getting ready to go off to college again this fall and pursue my Bachelors in Social Work and then my Masters so I can become a licensed social worker and hopefully one day also become a Psychologist with a PhD -Doctorate degree and these guys are doing nothing. 

They're only working maintenance in warehouses or not even going to school or working – sometimes it almost seems like they're waiting around for a free ride from a more ambitious girl like myself to come along and save them from having to take responsibility, get direction and/or find a stable job etc. in life.  I don't understand why these guys don't have more direction or a better job and why don't they go to college.  I place so much importance personally on college education and so many guys are like college is a waste of time and money – augh.

Then, of course, I've broken up with my recent ex boyfriends because they've had no direction, been lazy, been mama's boys, had no college education or placed no importance on it and so on.  Of course, there were lots of other factors in these recent break ups, but those were also key factors as well as the fact that these exes of mine wanted a free ride off of me and I wasn't going to give it to them.  They freakin wanted me to be the sole breadwinner for the home and work all the time, while they stayed home and played and spent all the money I'd earn.  In my view of things, that is not how it's suppose to work, the guy is suppose to be the sole provider for the family and when necessary the girl helps out, but she's not suppose to do it all herself – although it seems that's what everyone thinks nowadays at times – that's not how I view it, how I was brought up or what I'm looking for in a relationship/marriage either.

Anyway, it seems that the good men are becoming few and far between nowadays so I've just been having one of my frustrating times with that – blah de blah :p.


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  2. Is the question rhetorical or do you really want the answer? Because I have the answer.

    Where have all the good men gone? They’re right there, in the corner talking to the girl who had the courage to approach HIM… as you’re sitting there waiting to be pursued, and ending up with unambitious guys.

    See… Men (just like women) have a built in fairness barometer. It doesn’t make ANY sense to use to pursue a woman who’s our equal.

    Why would I (a PhD candidate) go around pursuing, asking out and trying to impress PhD candidates such as yourself? That makes no sense to me. That’s like me trying to convince you to give me your red 1994 sedan in exchange for my blue 1994 sedan, and even ME paying you extra on top of it!

    The only deal that makes sense is if its 50/50. We both do an equal amount of work. You do 50 of the courting, and I do 50 of the couritng. Then it makes sense.

    The issue we have though is entitled princesses who expect to be pursued by a guy who’s her equal or higher. I’m sorry, no, that’s a crappy deal.

    Let me give you the magical formula for meeting a smart, ambitious PhD candidate. Go to a business meeting, conference seminar, and when you see a cute guy, walk up to him and ASK HIM OUT.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t both be pursued and be equal. Its a crappy deal and men are refusing to take it. The only reason you’re meeting guys who are below you, is because that’s the only fair deal. It only makes sense that they approach you if you’re higher up than them. Why would I court/approach an equal? What’s the logic in that?

  3. Im not going to read the small shit… if somehow you are a goood man contact me me … snowbunnyian1@yahoo.com .. life is to simple .. do it right ; the first time .. you don’t get a second chance ,, live lift as if its your last

  4. I believe the real question is “How can I keep improving myself so when the right person comes along I am ready?” In today’s society it seems that everyone blames someone else regardless of the problem. Taking responsibility has been put on the backburner and we rush to point fingers and push blame not accepting that we re part of the problem.

    If i remember correctly a relationship typically consist of two individuals.(unless of course you like messy triangles, or you make the mistake of allowing family and friends to interfere) When they meet and make a commitment no matter how large or small they are BOTH responsible for keeping that commitment afloat.

    Lets also not forget the wonderful stages of relationships, Honeymoon, intermediate, engagement and then obviously marriage. Each of these stages are extremely delicate in face they get harder and they progress! The divorce rate says it all. The except being the honeymoon stage of course. Things are always wonderful, great, amazing and you two never seem to disagree. Most of us can agree that new things are exciting. Lets face it when the honeymoon phase had dissolved keeping the relationship afloat is difficult, hard work and darn frustrating if you re not prepared. Hence the phrase “grass is greener on the other side”.

    I wont even dive into my view of the other stages of a relationship. My point is, be educated in the ways of dating and improving yourself physically and mentally are the things you should spending your time on. If you re spending time wondering where good men and women have gone you may as well try to solve the meaning of life. Look in the mirror thats where the good men and women are. Unfortunately our characteristics, traits, and habits are just not a good match for everyone.

    Look I m just a normal guy that had to learned from some costly mistakes, nothing like cheating or the like but from either rushing, not being a challenge aka mysterious/interesting or just plan not knowing how to deal with a certain type of situation correctly. I hate to say it but you have to treat dating as a skill you can develop. The more skilled you are the better the relationship you can create. If you do not agree or questioning my thought process just stop and think about a situation with you and your significant other where you wish you could go back and do it differently. Having the skills to solve the problem or cool the situation can save you a lot of heartache not to mention help you get rid of the notion that there are no good people out there for you. These are the basic things i have learned.

    If you weeded out the field and found someone, let things develop slow, if you see each other everyday for a month and get sick of it. Imagine how much better it would have been if you just put some space the that month may turn into 5 or 6 maybe more.

    Dont spill your guts! worst thing you can do, keep the negatives to yourself. There is always a time and a place when things get serious.

    Stay confident and be a challenge, NO ONE wants a wuss, it doesnt mean you cant be a gentleman or good woman just avoid being needy at ALL cost. Playing a little hard to get without getting carried a way will do wonders. The law of attraction is alive and well.

    Have self control, aviod talking too much about pointless things keeping your convos short and light until you re serious can make the difference. Again do not act needy its great when you meet someone new but dont lose your individuality and spend your entire day/week/month with them. Remember Successful people are attracetive and BUSY!

    My best advice for men, keep your mouth shut and learn how to listen. The best conversations are when you just listen. I have personally made this mistake a trillion times.

    Im not a relationship coach or a educated doctor in the field. I just realized i needed to be ready for the day when i have my heart out on my sleeve or just keep getting crushed.

    The majority of us are good men and women, we just need to be better men and women so we can at least have a chance out there.

    Meech, a man who wished he had developed these skills much sooner.

    PS NEVER stop bettering yourself!

  5. “Now, here’s my dilemma, all of the wonderful Christian women i meet have a problem with me, they all really do like me, they are confused because my confidence sweeps them off they’re feet yet they can’t figure out what’s wrong with me.”

    My personal situation is and was very different from yours. However, we have one thing in common. “Modern” women are determined to discover what is wrong with every man. It really doesn’t matter what you do. They will find something, whether its true or not!

    I’ve never used or abused women. I treat them as well as I am capable of and I’ve really tried to understand what they want, but that doesn’t really help. The only exceptions are those who don’t have it together and need you for support. They can prove to be difficult separate yourself from.

    The rest are just looking for an opportunity to reject you. They complain that they want to be treated well, but the reality is that when push comes to shove, they will go for the slick guys with the looks and money. When women say they can’t find decent men, this is the type that is in short supply. Funny but such men always have been, but the difference today is that far too many women believe that this is what they deserve. In acting on this, they are spoiling it for those who don’t think this way, since men can only endure so much unjustified rejection.

    • Hello all. I’m a 51 yr old female.
      Seems like both men and women have it rough at times, and in different ways. It also seems plain to me that men only want what they can’t have. Love a guy, and he treats you like dirt. Leave him, and he wants you back all of a sudden. I’ve struck that with every serious relationship I’ve had. What did I want (or imagine I want)? A guy that treats you kindly, that gives you a kiss once in a while. I’m not needy, and I don’t want to appear so. So I have to tell myself that I don’t love the guy that much, that if I do show it, it will turn him off, and in doing so I will probably fall out of love for real. It’s a sick way of having to deal with men that only want you when they think they can’t have you.
      Sorry but I’m brassed off about it.

    • Oh so I should say “I don’t deserve a decent man”?? What the hang do men want anyway? They never cease to look for the next conquest..always looking…the never ending search for what they’re missing out on.
      I hope, Steve, that you dont go around saying you want a decent woman. You’re spoiling it for the rest of us.

  6. This seems like an old blog but, i felt the need to respond.

    I’m a guy who fits this bill, i’m 29 and i wonder “where have all the good women gone?”

    I have no education, i have absolutely no drive for it, i’m a complete bonafide college drop out. I couldn’t focus due to lack of desire, i had absolutely no interest paying attention in boring classes i spent 12 years of my life in, i couldn’t maintain good grades and everyone around me seemed to only care about partying which i didn’t partake in after high school. In general, i lack the ability to sit around w/o physically using my hands for very long.

    I ended up going into Construction, decent pay, tough physically demanding job that helped me sleep at night, i saved all my $$ and pay rent to my folks (still to this day). I ended up investing in Real Estate, i own several homes in Northern California free n clear and collect several grand in rent every month, i recently quit my job in construction and now run my own internet based buisness from home, i got a part time 20 hour a week job at Starbucks that gives me full benefits and i make more money overall than any single one of my buddies i grew up with who all went to college.

    I’m a Christian, and the Starbucks i work at is right next to a Christian university with quite a few lovely Christian Lasses who know absolutely nothing about me because i simply don’t care to brag about my success.

    Now, here’s my dilemma, all of the wonderful Christian women i meet have a problem with me, they all really do like me, they are confused because my confidence sweeps them off they’re feet yet they can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. I am not acceptable to them because i still live at home and work a dead end job with no education.

    These women want a man who can provide, yet, when i was in Construction, i worked with many Illegal Immigrants, all who were married, all had kids, who make way less than i do and they all had these beautiful loving wives who were proud of them and accepted them as the hard working providing men they are, wives who didn’t even work! Wives that stayed home, accepting a 1 room home raising many kids and were happy to be able to do it!

    You see, our society has created an unrealistic view and thus brought up a buncha spoiled little brats who think it’s their god given right to consume everything up in mass quantities and live this great life with 2 n 1/2 kids and a white picket fence, whereas in most country’s around the world, it’s commonplace for grandkids, kids, parent, and grandparents all living under the same roof because prosperity has been good to them, but us spoiled rotten little brats see this actual blessing as a major pain and could’nt stand the possibility of having to live such a disgraceful life.

    I pray to god almightly everyday that he will grace me with a loving lady who accepts me as i am, i promise, with all my heart to love her as Christ loved the church, and would die for her! If only such women existed in a nation of spoiled entitled little brats.

    Which brings me to my final point. We’re all dying! This life is so short it’s a mere spec of dust in a eternity of infinite existence our finite brains can’t even begin to comprehend. Take my advice, stop clinging to all the blessings western culture has infused you with and get a clue, go find a guy who’m you can fall in love with and stop caring about all the physical blessings he can bring you, which in
    50 years from now you won’t be able to take with you to eternal life! Fall in love with the man, not the possessions he can bring to you.

    You never know, you may find a smart witty guy like me, that has a few hidden surprises you would never have guessed, but you ultimately wouldn’t care, because that’s not why you would fall in love with him, is it?

  7. I think we all are finding happiness getting money, relationship with man or women, searching in the see, forests, mountains and more things to get happiness But In my view happiness comes from our inner. What is inner. Inner is our soul and is God gifted. We should spare some time remembering God. Don’t leave other things but spare some time for God. I assure you will find inner happiness and it boost your daily life also. The other thing is that when you follow some thing it will go beyond your reach. Try to ignore some time it will follow you.

  8. I can relate. I am a 29 year old woman who has found myself in a relationship with a man that I thought was evrything until he got comfortable. I’m lucky to get lunch in nowadays. I don’t know how I found myself here.
    If I get a good looking man, he’s a complete asshole. If I get a man that doen’t look so hot and can’t even do me right, he’s like a dream come true ( the way he treats me anyway).
    I’m sick of men. I’m sick of being a housewife without the ring. I’m sick of everytime we have a conversation, it ends in an argument, and everytime he talks to anyone else he’s happy go lucky. Men suck and I’m tired of them.
    Why can’t I just find somebody to lavish all this loveon and have it recipricated?

  9. I am up late browsing the web and I am thinking just to myself about all the things that women say about men. Where have all the good men gone? I am trying to reach out to the women out there (and no I am not gay to those who are wondering) to let them know how life is playing out in the younger years. Please let me share my thoughts on the subject as I am a young man which may or may not of just had a realization.

    So many women ask where the good men have gone? Again I believe they are out there, which I would honestly love to say I am one of them. Always do I treat women with respect and dignity they deserve. Lately I have been in the dating field, yes fresh out of high-school and roaming the field. I have come to learn from my latest girlfriends if I may say that, men are not all to blame for being bad.
    For months I have dated and kept up surprises and done sweet little things to my “love” so may be called. Gone as far to the fact where I was hypnotised in front of my entire senior class party and when asked what HOTT model i would like to “make out with” if I had a choice, and from the video, I saw my face turn to the audience look right into the eyes of my sweetheart and call out her name. Hey may not be romantic to some of you but give me a lil leeway i was hypnotized remember. Anyway just using that as an example I am coming to realize that after months of buying her flowers on random days just to let her know I’m thinking of her, taking her to movies, dinners, going to everyone of her sporting events, being great friends with her friends and not hitting on them and still… Maybe I could just be on a rant here but I would like to maybe strike a few hearts that might read what I have to say.

    And here it comes, ladies some of you are killing/destroying the good men out in the world. I am still recovering from a terrible loss. What more do women want? I have been very open sharing my thoughts with some of my girlfriends doing everything they could possibly want from surprising them with anything I can think of that will just put a smile on their face, to giving them their space because they want to be with their friends. Awesome, I am down with that. Yet it still is near impossible to make women happy, come on life is too short to be mad, “that so-in-so’s a slut because she texted you hi” then turning around and flirting behind good guys back(for an example my back). Then to having every time being made a fool of and walking in on your sweetie with another man. Or even worse having them slowly fade away to find new love while you are left feeling helpless, and no matter what you do she is not going to respond because this guy is a badass and girls dig the badasses now. Life is not fair, glad i learned this early on so I may present it in the work force hopefully. Maybe the author can read my response and say… Damn, there goes one great guy that some self-centered girls ruined. So next time just maybe….maybe…. if you see a man that seems down and about. Won’t trust a new love, really closed up, that could maybe be me. Sitting there wishing I had found just one of the SO MANY women out there praying and wishing for that perfect man to come along.

  10. well, i grazed over all the comments left and noone has really touched on the untalkable taboo. men are the way they are because women allow it. our society teaches that the only way to get anywhere in life is if you are sexy. so now we have a bunch of sexually driven girls who are helping ruin everything for us real women. a Real woman has respect for herself, loves herself and will not let anyone mistreat or degrade her. Real women need to start standing up for themselves as “real women” and let these punks we call men know that as a woman we will not put up with their infidelity or lies anymore. i am a 31 yr old woman and i have noticed a horrible trend developing. nobody really wants to be faithful to just one person anymore, but then why would any man want that when he can have any freak he wants. and the sad part of this is those same girls who are throwing sex at any and every man also cater to these men and allow them to sleep with whoever they want without any consequences. so to all the women out there who are sick of being played and lied to ….DONT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!

  11. http://menforjustice.net/cms/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

    I hear lots of whining from American women these days about the supposed “man shortage” — the unavailability of “suitable” males with whom to have “relationships.”

    But it is American females who have themselves created such a “shortage.”

    Thirty-five years ago, when I looked at the state of American Genderwar, I thought that men just Didn’t Get It. I scolded them for their linear, rationalistic rigidity, for their sheep-like conformity, and for their too-frequent mistreatment of their wives, girlfriends, and subordinates in the workplace.

    Twenty years ago, I thought that at last men were Getting It. They still had some ground to cover, but it was clear that strong-hearted men had made enormous progress in re-inventing themselves and masculinity. At about the same time, I began to have concerns about increasingly supremacist attitudes amongst Western women.

    How speedily the floppie flips in these enatiodromic days, when seeming is not, good is evil, and shit is sold as soap.

    By the early Nineties, I knew the worm had turned and started digging for China. In a couple horrendous decades, men had largely Gotten It – at great personal and collective price — and a huge chunk of the American masculine had reformed itself radically, raising its consciousness on various fronts. This involved much sacrifice and courage on the part of the masculine, for manhood is ever defined according to the moment’s cultural need.

    Nineteen-sixties America marks the first instance in recorded history in which men attempted to define masculinity according to their own natures and needs, instead of allowing females, kings, “nobles,” or States to fashion of us what they would – fodder if there was war, laborers if not, “fathers” that have no power, lovers sold “love.”

    That nascent attempt at male self-definition terrified the West sufficiently to send it scurrying back, full tilt and blindfolded, into the ancient matriarchies. The feminine was artificially elevated and empowered, served by weak men. Authentic manhood was demonized and sent to Scapegoat PIt. There it remains, undergoing transformation.

    Just as men were Getting It, women were Losing It. In this new Millenium of onrushing Genderwar, women assume their moral, spiritual, and practical superiority over males. They have now have reached “just Don’t Get It” central.

    Instead of re-aligning with the transformative masculine, the feminine embarked on a rampage of vengeance, selfishness, censorship and self-entitlement the likes of which even the Paleolithic matriarchies hadn’t seen. Men got trampled, and masculinity, rather than being created anew, instead was annihilated. In the wake of the glorification of all things feminine, the scattered remnants of masculinity were driven underground – to cage, gutter, and graveyard.

    Of course there were options – there always are. One could hide behind the wife’s hem, or one could whore oneself to the very institutions whipping one’s back, and the back of one’s brothers. I chose the latter — though a combination provides the greatest social protection for males.

    In Femamerica, the new matriarchy, every male became fair game for the Empowered Witch, who wears the armor of a “War on Women” while wielding the legal knife.

    By 1990 I knew that the nation had gone mad, and that the Empowered Witch ruled unopposed. The remnants of “patriarchy” were conserved only in organized athletics, and the neo-matriarchy was entrenched, back in business, an extraordinary coup pulled off virtually without resistance. The few men who did resist were – and are – easily isolated and picked off. Even the most docile attempts at brotherhood were either banned or ridiculed into extinguishment.

    The Battle of the Sexes has been over for more than a decade now, in case you’ve been busy watching “Law and Order” or “Ally McBeal.” Women won.

    It was a slaughter. One side was Empowered, the other trussed and muzzled. The modest advances made by masculinity over the paltry last few thousand years now have been neutered. No aspect of the culture, with the exception of athletics and a little art, authentically reflect the needs and values of the masculine. Everything else – law, relational customs, education, commerce, communication – though fronted by men — are institutionalized to serve the feminine.

    After hearing for so long how it’s a “man’s world,” it comes as a shock to modern Western men to learn that civilization is not really about them. It’s about women and “their” children — the matriarchal kinship unit. It takes no magus to scrye the signs, only an ability to confront the everyday reality of a culture fractured into a thousand points of greed, triple-think, and identity politics, where excellence and merit fall prey daily to the mediocrities of entitlement, privilege and power.

    The new caste system in America is gender, with class running a distant second.

    San Francisco, my city of residence during the Eighties, is the politically correct capital of the West, along with its near northern satellite Berkeley, and distant satellites Eugene and Boulder. Denigration of the masculine became an art in San Francisco during the Eighties, and The City was not the open, fun place advertised. It was, in fact, a hellhole for single masculinity, tolerant only if you were the correct gender.

    I wish I had a buck every time a raging single female in San Francisco told me, “There are no single men in The City. They’re all either gay, married or losers.” Now I knew lots of available single guys, including myself. So this mantra translated was: “I can’t attract the males I want, therefore I will subtly demean all of them, including you. That way my problem becomes your fault, and I get to unload my dumptruck of psychic crap on you. You, of course — being male — are prohibited from defending yourself. That’s why we have laws, you know.”

    It’s the same interpersonal strategy a three-year-old employs: I can’t Get My Way every instant, therefore You’re an Asshole.

    Amazingly, these same females would become even more enraged because I wouldn’t ask them out. Talk about Not Getting It. By then, I was exhausted from two decades of feminist girlfriends. I’d run clean out of apologies for being born male.

    Any chance comment in the workplace could easily cost me my job. It all depended on how any female within hearing range “felt” about it. Ditto for the universities. To varying degrees, they enacted “interpersonal behavior codes.” On some campuses, if I even looked at a female I was liable for disciplinary action, including expulsion. Again, it all depended on how any female “felt” about it.

    Astoundingly, American females never stopped to consider what their agendas of complete control might have on my desire to interact with them.

    While living in Portland during the mid-Nineties, I noticed a subtle shift in the dynamics of power and desire between American males and females. Women, flush with victory and its spoils of power and wealth, were becoming much more aggressive in initiating relational contact. To be sure, by the standards of initiating to which men are held, the signals of women were, and are, weak indeed. But they were definitely making overtures less deniable than before. Additionally, I began to notice that females in their twenties were increasingly loathe to embrace the gender-supremacism of their Baby Boom elder sisters. The new generation had witnessed the destruction that feminism had wrought in their own families, schools and workplaces, and they wanted no part of that brand of “liberation.” Meanwhile, however, their elder sisters clung tenaciously to their privileges, preferences, furious attitudes, and airs of victimization and moral supremacy.

    Where, asked these Baby Boom women, were all the men? I could have told them, of course, where the men were and are, but being already in possession of all correct wisdom — not to mention Incarnated Goddesses — no female ever bothered to ask me. To date, not one has. What could I know? I am, after all, only a male.

    The men – what’s left of them — are in hiding, of course. That’s what any refugee population does when war is made on it, and its homeland is laid to Waste. Sister, understand: only the weakest of males serve the totalitarianism of gynocracy. No real man, confronting his betrayal by American culture and femininity, will teach in your schools, for the lessons are false, and he knows he is conditioning more kids – especially more boys – into further betrayals. No real man will drone in your corporations, corrupt collectivities hiding behind the stained skirts of “market forces.” Go to any indigenous town on the planet. The market is the locus of women, their interests and their power. As for the coercive “forces” of the market — well, modern American men know all about social coercion.

    Man shortage? Fuckin’ A there’s a man shortage. America rapes anything even vaguely masculine.

    Sister, you’ve spent the last four decades codifying masculinity out of existence. You carry our balls in your purse, and now you’re infuriated because we don’t feel like having sex, much less a “relationship”? As recent census figures confirm, men spent the Eighties and Nineties backing away from women, and right now they are in Full Flee — not in vengeance, but in self-preservation.

    Across the Pond, the song’s the same. Five-hundred women responded to an Edinburgh restaurant’s promotion for a Single’s Night mixer in “honor” of Valentine’s Day 2002.

    Two males responded. TWO. The owner of the restaurant – a woman – said: “We’re a bit disappointed because we thought we’d get so many more guys than girls – after all, they’d have a room full of single women. But I think men take themselves too seriously these days.”

    Ms. Owner Does Not Get It. Western women criminalize masculinity, emasculate their men, assign males fourth-class citizenship (behind females, “their” children, and household pets) – and then are stunned that men are not crawling after them, demanding “relationships?” Single women have spent the last forty years relieving Western men of their jobs, houses, children, money, basic civil rights, and self-respect. Under highly advantaged conditions, enforced by their State, females now “compete” with males for the necessities of survival.

    From a position of assigned inferiority, we must deal with over-empowered single females in every facet of our lives. Why would we voluntarily pay to enter a room with FIVE HUNDRED of them gathered in power? For a “romantic relationship?” Under tyranny of the matriarchate’s interpersonal, sexual and social Gulag?

    Of course, it cannot be that males are simply avoiding females, out of disgust and very real fear. That is an unacceptable conclusion, not to mention inappropriate and offensive.

    Despite confirmation by the last American census, Western cultures MUST pretend that nothing is amiss between males and females. To admit that males are desperately seeking escape from females and the neo-matriarchy is to admit that the West’s endless empowerment of females and disempowerment of males may not be the progressive, everybody-wins bonanza that was, and is, shoved down our throats each day.

    As Ms. Restaurant Owner smugly asserts, the problem – as ever – is with men. This time, we are “taking ourselves too seriously.” Females and Western feminist cultures, as always, share no responsibility for the sundering of male and female.

    Western females want to rule over males, and simultaneously expect – not want, but EXPECT – men to repond to them with chivalrous, puppy-dog romantic devotion. They do not understand why their slaves do not to love them.

    Much of the “man shortage” also stems from the fact that females rarely “trade down” in social and financial status. Despite their protestations they want, as ever, for their mates to inhabit higher positions of power than themselves. Empowered women of the new female upper middle class – the SUV Set – do not want janitors, fry-cooks, and hospital orderlies as intimate companions.

    As females were artificially awarded positions of power in the West, the pool of “acceptable males” from which to choose shrank drastically. As formerly middle-class males were divested of their jobs, kids, bank accounts, homes, and self-esteem by the matriarchate and its servants, women began to find the pickings falling somewhere between slim and none – and Slim didn’t leave town, either. He sleeps in its streets, under the very noses of his empowered sisters. He’s not feeling especially romantic.

    While you were busy “liberating” yourself, dear Sister, our streets and prisons – the Male Shelter Movement — filled up with the men whose jobs you took, under legally advantaged circumstances. The remaining tatters of masculinity went underground. Now you own the SUV, own the house, own the children, and own the nation. The Escapees are no longer interested in, or restricted by, your versions of sexuality or relationship. They love women, but make no mistake: Things Have Changed. Romance is the furthest thing from their minds, as well it should be, for romance is a predatory ideology in sheep’s clothing, a subjugation of the masculine and a deification of the feminine. The feminine must be elevated ONLY upon merit, not by coercion, the mass shaming of males, or codification. When the feminine is elevated by force, or self-elevates, the Empowered Witch of the negative feminine is constellated. Given any opportunity or pretext, the Empowered Witch will proceed to wreak bloody vengeance on the masculine, and upon all Creation, ever under cloak of righteousness, goodness, and the “protection of children.”

    The Baby Boom Generation wanted to revolutionize the world through love, to bring heaven to earth, but when push came to shove, it found – literally — that it lacked the collective cojones to pull off the transformation. Instead of male leadership, the Boomers produced Bangin’ Bill Clinton and his scary wife.

    The spoiled Boomers thought Eden would be rebuilt in a day, and when it wasn’t, and the Powers broke out the Big Nightstick, they turned tail and ran back to institutional America. The revolution – that still must be borne — quickly fractured into identity power politics, fundamentalism, intolerance, hypocrisy and coercion. Led by feminism, the Left imploded and began, like the Right, to feed on its own citizenry, by instituting domestic tyranny and calling it “progressiveness.” Expecting heaven to reappear spontaneously, the Boomers faltered in 1968 when the Powers laid the Boot on them, and went scurrying for fundamentalist hideyholes, cocooning with desperate denial and isolationism.

    Likewise Boomer women – even while chanting the mantras of peace and love – instead chose power and made war. White females rule America. They own everything except love. Now their bank accounts are jammed, their careers have peaked, their wrinkles have deepened, and suddenly they’re Ready for Love – whatever they decide that now means.

    Now the “Women Seeking Men” columns in the personal ads often exceed the “Men Seeking Women.” Overwhelmingly, the women placing ads are Baby Boomers. Four decades of sending the best of American masculinity to the prisons, gutters, and graveyards, and suddenly the culture has recognized a problem … not that masculinity was massacred, of course … but that there seems to be a “man shortage.” Which is to say, there’s now A Problem because females are beginning to be impacted and dissatisfied.

    Indeed. But there’s been a Man Shortage in the land for decades. I can walk all day in America without encountering a real one.

    The survivors of American masculocide — The Escapees – have been underground a long time now. These men who have opted out of Femamerica, who have repudiated its Empowered Witch and Toxic King, are left with only one sovereignty, only one area of culture and existence not under subjugation. Their love is their last prerogative, and they will no longer have their love – nor their bodies — used against themselves. They will no longer permit relationship by commerce, much less pay for sex, either overtly or covertly. Who needs a “date” when one might as well arrange to be financially mugged? When one can be arrested, and imprisoned, merely upon the word of a female or a child? As for marriage, males are finally recognizing it for the matriarchal institution it is. They are learning the hard way – as they had to learn eons ago under the yoke of matriarchy – that feminine institutions like marriage will not protect their sons, nor themselves.

    Nolo me tangere said the Christos, following his betrayal and resurrection. Touch me not. He was still within the magnetic fields of materia, not yet “ascended to the Spirit Father.” Likewise, The Escapees will no longer let unclean hands — the hands of power — touch them.

    Only American women, in the madness of their powerlust and self-absorption, could imagine that men would repay betrayal with slobbering romantic submission. Recently, one notices desperation creeping into Madison Avenue advertising spins, especially in liquor and automobile commercials. American men are constantly told how fabulous and superior women are, how we should fall all over ourselves seeking female favor, how we should be pulling our brothers down so we can ascend the bloody man-rungs and win the favor of the Alpha Female. Buy my car and women will love you! Drink my beer and the babes will go ga-ga!

    Same old game – males pay for “love,” and then are supposed to feel grateful and lucky. What kind of worm begs, mewls, and pays for “love”?

    The “Man Shortage” – the lack of authentic masculinity in the modern West – is at the root of our cultural problems, especially amongst American boys. And no wonder. Manhood has been systematically denigrated, outlawed, and destroyed by the culture in the past half-century. The void of authentic masculinity is filled by gangs, suicide, violence, substance addiction, depression, and schoolyard shooters.

    Hunker down for the long haul, ladies. Pickings are going to be scarce for quite a spell to come. The “Man Shortage” ain’t goin’ away. Men are goin’ away, and many have no intention of coming back. The Escapees will not meekly tiptoe back into the fold, begging forgiveness like the pathetic “Promise Keepers.” Many of the Escapees do not want relationship with you under any terms – even if you could break the addiction to your Rules, your privileges, your power. Which you cannot.

    The good news about Genderwar? Some young women are beginning to rebel against the feminist party line. Our true Sister, who loves us without reservation, is constellating, composing herself like a walking symphony. At last Gretel has sighted the Empowered Witch, and she will yank her Brother from the oven if she can.

    Baby Boom females want to believe that men have abandoned them in search of fresh, nubile young’uns. There is some truth to that – it’s a bio-evolutionary fact. But the deeper truth is that we are dead tired of your Me-First act – backed up by the increasingly totalitarian forces of your State.

    “Man shortage?” You bet there is, baby. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Five hundred single females, and two males. Consider and get used to it.

    Leading feminists have stated explicitly that the world would be better off without males. Perhaps they will get their wish.

    The dyas, the unit of the couple which has dominated since the late matriarchies, is broken. The dyas, the twosome, is the fundamental unit of civilization, and of the family. It is also the primordial expression of the opposites in human beings, which means that the couple as foundation of social structure necessitates Genderwar.

    It is the responsibility of the feminine to share her home in matter with the masculine. This is the balance for the sacrifice of male body and spirit. If the feminine shirks her responsibilities, the masculine will withdraw first spirit, and then body — perhaps for a very long time.

    Not a day passes that I do not fail to pray that women and men will conjoin under new – and radically different – agreements. I hope that real love will grow from this cultural dung and blossom again. A new world groans in its birth-pangs, but it will remain inanimate until female and male finish their War.

    Although women won the Battle of the Sexes, modern bi-lateral Genderwar is only now taking full shape. Feminism has constellated the Empowered Witch and her Toxic King. Likewise, it has awakened the male from his slumber in cultural chains. Now, he too stands up. He too scents his freedom.

    That will not please women, and it will not please the Powers. Both feed from male body and spirit. There will be conflict of unprecedented proportion and kind. This primal confrontation between female and male cannot, and should not, be avoided.

    This time around, Genderwar will force all the cards to the table. Face up.

    To borrow from David Crosby, it’s been a long time coming, and it’s going to be a long, long time gone.

  12. Four decades ago when feminists were making the case for women to leave their families in pursuit of a career, one of their arguments went like this: “When women join the workforce, the world will become a kinder, more compassionate place.”

    Funny, it didn’t quite work out that way.

    Because that all-purpose epithet “male chauvinist pig” made its first appearance right around that time.

    From there it only got worse. By the 1970s, feminists had lapsed into an orgy of male-bashing. Men were stereotyped as insensitive, controlling, sexual harassers, batterers, and rapists. Eventually the phrase “male-dominated” became a short-hand expression for anything that was wrong with society.

    But it was husbands and fathers who were targeted for the vilest attacks. Feminists set out to destroy the “Father Knows Best” image. Hard-working hubbies were denounced as domineering, abusers, deadbeats, and another all-purpose smear, patriarchal oppressors.

    Somehow, all the name-calling is hard to reconcile with the earlier promises of a kinder, gentler world.

    History proves that when society scapegoats a group, curtailment of basic civil rights is likely to follow. And that’s exactly what happened. Laws were passed that violated men’s basic Constitutional guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law.

    In 1973, the Supreme Court granted women the sole legal right to abort an unborn child (www.newswithviews.com/Roberts/carey8.htm). In 1990 President Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act which allowed women to evict their partners solely on account of being “fearful” of an attack. And in 1996 draconian child support enforcement measures were enacted (www.newswithviews.com/Roberts/carey9.htm).

    Men generally don’t like to complain. A man will endure ridicule and abuse, and then move on with his life. But abuse him once too often, and he will vote with his feet.

    And one day, men woke up to the fact that marriage was a losing proposition. The math was hard to refute: Half of all marriages wind up in divorce. In 85% of cases, mothers gained custody of the children. And sometimes, bitter ex-wives would try to turn the children against their father, what psychologists call Parental Alienation Syndrome.

    In the face of such dismal odds, men decided to go on a Marriage Strike. By the millions, men opted to remain single. In 1990 the U.S. marriage rate was 9.8. By 1998 it had plummeted to 7.4 (www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr47/nvs47_21.pd f). That’s a huge drop in eight short years. And women became desperate.

    So for men, the political was indeed personal.

    True to form, the pundits’ first reaction was to pin the blame on men. If men won’t make the Big Commitment, the reasoning went, wasn’t that further proof that they are cads at heart?

    But two years ago, researchers Barbara Dafoe Whitehead and David Popenoe decided to get the male perspective. Their now-famous report revealed – surprise! — that many men are fearful of marriage because “They fear an ex-wife will ‘take you for all you’ve got’ and that ‘men have more to lose financially than women’ from a divorce.”

    I know some of these marriage-strikers. Tom, for instance, fits the perfect picture of the eligible bachelor: 30-ish, well-educated, witty, heterosexual, and a successful entrepreneur. But he views marriage as a raw deal for men.

    And other men, after years of feminist brain-washing that “women can do anything a man can do, only better,” have simply decided that they have precious little to offer a woman in a committed relationship.

    So ladies, if you are having trouble finding your Better Half, I have good news for you. Forgo those expensive beauty products, figure-distorting Wonder Bras, and bulimic weight loss programs. You can stop wasting your money.

    Instead, pass on those women’s magazines that pound the constant drumbeat of domestic violence. Avoid the office gossip who constantly denigrates her boyfriend. And skip the local presentation of that awful play, The Vagina Monologues.

    A kinder, gentler world – maybe the end of that Marriage Strike is just ahead.

  13. I recently read an article entitled “Where Have All the Good Men Gone” and others had posted comments that girls in their 20s have missed their chance at meeting Mr. Right in the short time of life when these great men are available….

    No one ask me to marry them in my 20s. I did date more in my 20s than my teens or any other time of my life. I was heavily involved in youth ministry at that time in my life and meet lots of single guys who shared my faith and convictions and none of them proposed. In fact, my single friends and I always joked about how these Christian guys would look over our shoulder when they were talking to us just making sure no one better looking was entering the scene.There may be a small percentage of women in America who said/would say even if Mr. Right comes along I am not getting married in my 20s. But for the most part, single women did not meet Mr. Right and were/are secure enough in ourselves to not marry Mr. Wrong just to marry.


  14. ·Men are too threatened by a successful

    Men are all too aware that women judge men on their occupation, assets and are interested in men of equal or higher status than them, not lower. Seems to me that men are being realistic, not intimidated. However these successful women may consider that the higher up the ladder they go, the less men of same or higher status there are. Conversely, men of high status (by women’s standards) have the largest choice of women available. Their only asset he is interested in: feminine beauty

    ·Men’s ego is their most fragile instrument

    Women’s egos are just as fragile. When men put women up on a pedestal their egos inflate like a hot air balloon. However if men are indifferent and make humorous fun of women, they keep coming back for more.

    ·Men are so frightened of our rejection that they can’t be men

    Actually, they are men just protecting themselves; they’re just not taking advantage of being indifferent and making humorous fun of you.

    ·I can’t change a man – without getting him ready for the next woman

    You have no right to change a man, as he has none to change you. If a man ALLOWS you to change him, you will not respect him because you can control him. If you cannot change a man, well….maybe you were attracted to his strong sense of individualism in the first place???????
    Oh, and do you think that the next woman wants your wussie “changed man” after you have chewed him and spat him out???????

    ·Men want to cohabitate with us but don’t want to marry us

    Men don’t want to make the ultimate commitment to you. Maybe they are not sure you are marriage material. Maybe there is something you could do to change that. Maybe it is not our problem….but yours.

    ·When I take the initiative men back off

    Could be many reasons why, but is probably just a bit of what men routinely face in the dating game….REJECTION.

    ·Men won’t listen

    Men do listen, they do not listen and respond in the way your girlfriends do. We are not women, we are men. If you get a chance to observe two or more men interacting with each other, you might learn something.

    ·Men can’t get in touch with their feelings

    Men are very in touch with their feelings. In fact men do not have to express their feelings all the time to others to validate them. When observing men interacting, you will notice when a man expresses his “feelings” to another, the respondent will reply with a solution to the problem, that’s what negative feelings are to a man, a problem to be solved.

    Women… well I’m a man and I’m not supposed to understand their complexities but heres a guess: feelings are drama and entertainment, like a soap opera, they are analyzed and expound upon until another dramatic feeling comes along.

    Unfortunately if a man expresses his feelings to a woman too much, he will be accused of being a wuss, Damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t, eh.

    ·50% of men already in relationships cheat

    And what percentages of women cheat? Are there a small group of extremely promiscuous women out there tempting these men or are you women going to take some of the responsibility for this problem?

    ·After he says “your special” I never see him again

    What, was this before or after you’d had sex? Actions speak louder than words. Women have a version of this to let men know they are not interested in going further: “lets just be friends”

    · Men have so few friends

    In comparison to what, women? Do you want us to be like you or something? You could add us to your girly friends list when we do!

    ·“Girly” magazines are so big with men

    Cleo, Cosmo, romance novels, soap operas etc get your juices going too! Do I have to say it again….do you want us to be like you or something?

    ·Men can’t ask for help

    ….wheres that dependant wuss boyfriend of yours when you need him to fix the car….

    Men like a challenge and will try to do it on their own, before getting help if they need to. Stop trying to negate a positive masculine trait that you occasionally find annoying, when mostly….you love it, eh.

    ….he’s asking the sexy, masculine neighbor for help.

    ·Men spend too much time watching sports even when they say they want more time with their families

    What is “time with their families” anyway? What women want to do? What is too much sports? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 hour, 30 minutes a day, or the big game on Saturday? How about women watch to much soap operas, Dr Phil, Oprah, spend too much time on the phone gossiping etc etc etc.

    Maybe watching sports with their sons could be “time with family? Maybe men work more hours than women and so have less “time with family” As long as he doesn’t annoy you when you are gossiping to your friends on the phone, you could stop nagging him when he is watching sports.

    ·Men can’t let a friendship develop and then if sex happens, it happens

    Because men know if a woman classifies him as a friend, it’ll never happen!………and I’m a male explaining female behaviour to a female HAHA!

    ·When I’m with a man I see his open and vulnerable parts. And then when he gets around other men, he closes them off.

    That is because you have accepted him as a masculine man and for your relationship to develop he shows his softer side to you. Unless he is gay, he has no need to show this to other men. What advantage could he possibly get from showing his vulnerable side to other men? From other men is how he shaped his masculinity, of which you were attracted to first place. If he showed his vulnerability to everyone and their dog, he would not be valued as a man, not even by you….men do on occasion, show their vulnerable side to select men they trust, but is only to fix a problem and find a solution, otherwise there is no reason to do so. This is something that you are not privy to because it is male territory and frankly, as a woman is not your concern.

    ·Men are so preoccupied with their jobs even when they’re losing contact with their family

    Men are the providers and don’t bother with feminist doctrine about equality. If a man does not have an income or assets, he is not valued by society. They are so preoccupied with their jobs BECAUSE OF THEIR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ·Men are like little boys underneath
    We all have an “inner child” eh?

    ·Men contempt for women on one hand (witness their jokes) and put them on a pedestal on the other hand

    Some men put women on a pedestal and others have a healthy humorous indifference about women. Nice guy or seducer, which one gets your juices flowing?

    ·Men are “just desserts” but I’m willing to give up so much for a little banana split

    So what did you have for your main course? Maybe you just prefer shopping to men? Is it your self-respect that you are so willing to give up? You must make very silly CHOICES when it comes to men. However if you do not want to take responsibility for your choice in men, repeat ten times: MEN ARE ALL BASTARDS!

    ·Men rape

    Yes and we are all capable of it, though few take advantage of it.

    However women can and do, with no evidence, accuse men of rape, their careers, reputation gone and their personal life in tatters, even before the false allegation gets to court.

    ·Men are just interested in conquest – that’s the real excitement for men

    Is this not how we came to live in the standard we now live in? Men like a challenge and men built buildings, infrastructure, government, sciences, inventions etc etc etc. Is this a criticism or are you giving us a compliment!

    ·Men always feel they have to promise love even when they’re not in love

    Do you require they say they love you before you will sleep with them?

    All men want to fuck; some men will say they love you in the hope of getting a fuck, even when they don’t. Honest men will tell you they want to fuck.

    ·Women earn only 59% of what a men earns even when their contribution is “indispensable”

    WTF, more feminist doctrine. When women have children, they either don’t work or work less than men in paid employment. Women also CHOOSE to work in occupations that don’t pay as well. This is why women earn less than men, because men are supporting them.

    Think about this, a man and a woman in a job interview with the same experience and qualifications as each other, the man will cost the employer 41 percent more to employ….NO EMPLOYER WOULD EVER HIRE A MAN!

    ·Men have power and they don’t want to give it up

    More feminist propaganda. A small minority of men has the power; most men have no option but to shovel the shit to feed their families.

    ·Men can’t admit it when they’re wrong
    And some women have this stubborn habit too.

    ·I’m an attractive woman. I have lots of options.
    Yet so many men I end up with are insensitive.

    So, the more attractive a woman is, the more she requires sensitivity in men? I thought they left the wussies for the ugly girls with no options 😉

    ·My father criticized me too often

    My mother criticized me too often. I think she saw things in a different way because she was female and I was male….maybe you could have a think about that.

    ·Men are so paranoid about homosexuality
    Are you attracted to homosexual (and I’m not referring to your fantasy of being so sexy that you manage to seduce a gay man straight) effeminate men?
    ·I’d like to be able to get lovey-dovey without
    it necessarily leading to intercourse, but that’s too much to ask from a man

    I’d like to have intercourse with a woman without it leading to getting lovey-dovey, but that’s too much to ask from a woman.

    ·When I meet a man I often think he’s wonderful—I tell all my women friends and I’m elated; then he disappoints me once, then twice. Before I know it I think he’s a jerk. Yet I’m still tempted to stay with him.

    Well, if he had disappointed you by not disappointing you, he would have been such a “nice guy” that you would have just wanted to “be friends”.

    ·Male leaders get into too many wars (it would be different if a women led)

    “In response to the invasion, the British government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declares a war zone for 200 miles (320 km) around the Falklands, assembles a naval task force with which to retake the islands, and launches long range air attacks from the mid-Atlantic Ascension island on the airfield in Port Stanley to disrupt the flow of supplies to the Argentine forces.
    From start to finish, this strange undeclared war lasted 72 days, claimed about 1000 casualties, and had a cost of at least 2 billion dollars. From a political point of view, it secured the reelection of Margaret Thatcher”. source:http://www.ability.org.uk/falklands-war.html

    ·Men who aren’t macho are often.. well….Wimps

    If we are aloof and indifferent, you complain we aren’t open enough. If we get all open and touchy feely, you complain we are acting like wimps.
    As women try to compete with men, men should poke fun at them. when women realize they can never compete, men will throw women a bit of sensitivity….when they’ve earned it.
    As for wussies or wimps, they just need to unlearn all the feminazi propaganda that has deeply infiltrated western society.

    ·Men are afraid of commitment

    Men are less likely to commit if women continue to give away what men want willy-nilly. We thought you preferred wild anonymous sex too! If they do commit they are afraid that the woman will separate, taking the kids, assets, and a percentage of his income until the kids are adults….now what are the advantages of commitment for a man then, eh?

    ·If I could wish anything from my relationship with a man, it would be to have more honesty
    What, you want him to be more honest than you are with him?

    ·There are no men who are sensitive and strong—who are not already taken up

    I think maybe you have climbed far too high up corporate ladder. Remember women “marry up” and men “marry down”

    There are many men who are far stronger than their bank balances but you are not interested in them, eh?

    ·Men and women are so against each other

    Its good you’re taking some responsibility.

    ·Men can’t see the forest for their ego’s

    Women can’t see the forest for their sense of entitlement. Women have a sense of entitlement because they think they are a special gender. Women think they are a special gender because their egos have become much too inflated, eh.

  15. WHERE ARE THE GOOD MEN NOWADAYS? I fully agree that men are not the romantic chivilrous ambitious creatures that they once were. Just yesterday a guy asked me to dinner and a movie and then he expected me to pay? (Yikes! It was his idea to go out.) It’s not even about the the money, it’s the principle. These lazy, selfish, aimless slug-men expect women to be the stong ones and never spoil us or treated us like the special jewels that we are! It really is depressing!!!

  16. Thanks for your comments and thoughts, Kathryn.

    I already have accepted Christ in my life and I do put God first in my life. I am LDS, a Latter-Day Saint, otherwise known as mormon and I have a strong testimony of God and Jesus Christ and I also have a strong personal relationship with each of them.

    I am reading the scriptures, attending church and putting God first in my life so I will be prepared and ready when the right guy comes along.

    I was just having a bad day and feeling frustrated on the matter of finding and being with the right guy when I wrote this.

  17. to the person who wrote about where did all the good men go? I bet some men say the same thing about women; where did all the good women go? I am one of those good women; well so I’ve been told. I have always had the wrong men and I wonder if there is even a mister right out there? sometimes I even think, who would want me? I am not very attracted to very many men; there is a certain chemistry that draws me to only a few men that I meet, and then I find out that they are taken. I am sure that there is someone out there for you. At least your going on with your future plans for your life and not waiting around for prince charming, which in most cases, is only in fairy tales. Accepting christ into your life is another way of making sure that you are doing everything you can do for your life. John 3:16 is a way you can commit your life to someone nad his name is Jesus. He is the best man you will ever know and he accepts everyone into his kingdom. I believe that Jesus Christ died for everyones sins, and that he rose again on the third day, and that he is sitting at the right hand of the Father God right now, waiting for you to ask Him into your heart, just like you have been waiting for the right man, Jesus has been waiting for you. By reading the Bible and praying daily, going to church, then you will be ready to meet the right man. Women’s bible study books available at the christian bookstores help a person grow spiritually and mature in christ. I pray that you will put God first above all that you are doing and the rest will fall into place. Sincerely, a neighbor in Christ.

    • I am a 29-year-old Christian woman going through a divorce. I accepted Christ into my life when I was 18. It hasn’t always been easy in my walk with the Lord, obviously (divorce), but no matter how bad I feel, or how hopeless the situation seems, or how many times I ask, “where are all the good men?” I know I have one man who cared about me so much to die for me and his name is Jesus. Turn to Jesus and you’ll never be alone.

    • Amen, to that my sister. Jesus is the bst man I ever had, and I know that I will never find someone like him, so you know I have stopped waiting Now I am just chilling out in God. and enjoying my life with him.

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