Update on my 14 yr old niece

Okay so my sister took her daughter, my 14 yr old niece to the hospital and got her checked out after she fainted and all.  They did some blood tests and a cat scan and things to try to figure out why she fainted, but they're not sure why she did.

Oh and they thought she'd fainted cause she had her knees locked, but then they got to thinking and remembering afterwards and remembered that she hadn't had her knees locked.  She'd been walking around and they said that my niece did kind of feel like something might coming on, but before she could identify that she might faint, she fainted.

My sister says she remembers my niece saying it sure is hot in here and mentioning she felt kind of strange.  Then my sister remembered turning around to look at my niece and seeing that my niece was white as a sheet and going to catch her, but she was already falling/fainting so my sister didn't quite get to her in time.

Anyway so after all the time they spent at the hospital with the cat scan and other tests, they're not sure why she fainted, so as far as they can tell there's nothing majorly wrong with my niece.  But my niece does have a concussion and where she fell on the floor, that side of her face and body, is all bruised and her whole body aches.  My niece still feels nauseated and is in pain all over and they told my sister to keep her in bed for the next couple days with aspirin to help her recover from her concussion.

So, that's the latest with that situation.  Now, if I were superstitious or something, I might wonder if something's going on around here with my family lol :p. 

I just think it's kind of weird that first I hear about my oldest brother (oldest in the family) and his wife having their daughter, my 6 mo old niece, getting a concussion and a bruised chest the other day.  Then today I hear about my sister, who's the second oldest in my family, having her daughter, my 14 yr old niece, fainting and getting a concussion and bruises from fainting. 

It makes me wonder if there's something that's going to happen to my next brother and/or his family, who'd be third oldest or the middle child in our family.  Then would this go down the line so after my third oldest brother, it'd go to my brother just older than me and then finally go to me or what, if I believed it that kind of strange thing, which I don't.  I just think it's kind of interesting that's all – seems to be a little trend of concussions with my nieces this past week – interesting.


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  1. Funny you should mention anxiety attacks because my niece that’s 15, who’s my 14 yr old niece’s older sister, has been having to deal with anxiety problems herself lately. So, it very well could be that my niece fainted because of something to do with anxiety or an anxiety attack.

  2. Well when I have anxiety attacks I get that way… completely white… hot.. sweaty, nauseated and everything spins as though I am going to faint. Maybe she had an anxiety attack if they cant find anything… for me they always come on at odd times…when Im not really anxious..

  3. Well, if it comes in 3, then what’s the third, if there’s a third, I wonder.

    So far, there’s only been two, two nieces, two concussions…so no third yet.

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