Happy Dance :)!!!

YAY for me :)!!!  I got my letter and lots of pictures from my 18 mo old's family all about what's been going on with them just a few hours ago :)!

I got a nice, long letter from my 18 mo old's mom and another separate nice letter from my 18 mo old's dad too :).  I always like how my 18 mo old's dad writes to me too.  He doesn't write as much as my 18 mo old's mom, but he does do pretty good at writing me every so often :).

My 18 mo old knows like 40-50 words now and they gave me a list of all the words she says and knows now.  They also said she goes to a nursery class for little kids her age at church on Sundays now and that she loves it :).

They told me that she loves to run around and play chasing games with them now and she's still in the higher tall percentile for her age and thinning out as she's growing up now.  She has more new teeth now and loves candy – has a major sweet tooth just like Allie does and most kids do, but Allie's parents 'blame' Allie's sweet tooth on me lol :).

They took my 18 mo old and her sister to an animal farm place and took lots of pictures from that.  They talked about how my 18 mo old loved the animal barn and riding on a pony and all :).

Anyway, there was a lot of things they told me, but that's all I'm remembering off the top of my head at the moment.  I got a bunch of pics of my 18 mo old and her family doing things from the last couple months and having fun :).

She's sooo adorable and still looks like I did when I was a little girl.  I can't believe how big and grown up she's looking and getting now though. 

Amazing how time keeps passing so quickly it seems at times.

Well, I have some pics I wanna put up, but I think I'll wait and put them up tomorrow during the day. She's just sooo cute :)!!!