The Latest

Here's the latest with me and my life – I can't promise anything exciting, but felt like I'd write something today.

First, my 6 mo old niece is doing better, the last I heard.  They said she's doing somewhat better so hopefully she'll be all recovered from the concussion and bruised chest within the next few days and won't have anything else happen to her.

My dulce de leche recipe turned out great.  My family loves it and of course, I still love it.  Speaking of recipes and cooking, I have to figure something out for dinner in a minute here. 

My sister called a while ago to talk because my niece that's 14 just had something happen to her today.  Apparently what happened is that my 14 yr old niece was standing at the stove helping my sister cook dinner and my niece locked her knees so she fainted.  So, when she fainted her head hit the kitchen floor and then she was feeling sick and saying she saw weird colors or something so my sister was with her in the bathroom since my niece was feeling like she was gonna be sick when my sister noticed that my niece's pupils were dilated.  So, my sister called to tell us what was going on and told us that she was going to take my niece to the emergency room because she's worried about her.  So, there's all kinds of excitement in life around here.

My Dad's gone right now helping my brother fix a roof and I've just been doing laundry and my usual Saturday things.  I'm annoyed at how some people are though.  It's just that I was trying to be nice when correcting someone according to rules and they were all sassy little brats to me – man I hate that.  I so get annoyed when I try to be nice to someone and they throw it back in my face.  I find myself wondering why I try to be nice to these people when they're such little brats :p.

On a more positive note, I got a little note in my e-mail from my 18 mo old's mom just the other day letting me know she's working on a long letter and pictures to send to me within the next few days – YAY :).  I'm excited to get that letter and pictures because it's been a little while since I got pics and a long letter about what's goin on with my 18 mo old and her family.

I finally got my hair done yesterday.  It was getting pretty long and heavy so I'm glad I got it cut yesterday so it's just below my shoulders now instead of to the middle of my back and I colored it again too.  I got a little lighter shade of coloring with my hair this time so I have more blonde in my hair now and I have a couple blondes streaks that really stick out right now lol.  There's one blonde streak in the front that reminds me of the 'Rogue' girl from X-men makes me feel like I'm kind of looking like her with the streak in the front of my hair now :p.

And let's see…what else is there to tell…hmm.  I found out about a summer dance next weekend that might be fun and I'm going to take a religion class starting next week or the week after.  I'm thinking of looking into some more volunteer jobs and working more on my book and stuff instead of pushing so hard for a paying job at this point in time, but we'll see. 

I'm still going to look for a paying job, but I'm also thinking of other good ideas of things to do for the rest of the summer.  Things like working as a volunteer intern in the local police dept or in a local counseling center that could help me and look good on my resume.  If it gives me experience in my field, I'm all for it, ya know. Anyway, other than that, not a whole lot to tell for my latest.  

On the dating front, I'm still not dating or really seeing anyone at present.  I could be dating or having options of guys if I wanted, but they're all the wrong kind of guys so I'm still doing the happily single thing for now.

Okay so that's my uneventful update for today lol.  I'll let ya know if anything else happens, well, especially if it really is exciting then I'll for sure let ya know lol :).

Hope everyone's having a good weekend :).