Rant about My Sister-in-law

Well, I didn't know how to title this other than as a rant about my sister in law because that's basically what it is.  I am amazed at my sister in law and how she parents.  I'm not amazed in a good way either.

I can't believe the things she does and I sometimes wonder how my nieces and nephews, her children, survive and don't hate her or have more problems than they do.  So, what brought this on you might be asking, well, my sister in law wrote us a newsy little e-mail today to let us know what's going on with them.

Little background here, this is the sister in law that's married to my oldest brother and they have 8 kids.  I know, that totally blows me away every time I think about the fact that this brother and sister in law have 8 kids.

Anyway, in the newsy e-mail from my sister in law she told us all the negative things about life.  Well, what upset me and my parents among other things is what she told us about my 6 mo old niece.  My 6 mo old niece has had a rough life since she was born and been through a lot health wise etc. because of the way my sister in law parents and so forth.

What she told us about my 6 mo old niece (her daughter) is that first, my other niece, the 6 mo old's big sister was pushing my 6 mo old niece around in a stroller playing with her.  Well, when my niece, the big sister, was pushing my 6 mo old niece in the stroller, the stroller tipped over and my 6 mo old niece fell out.  My 6 mo old niece fell out of the stroller onto the sidewalk and got a concussion – there's the first thing that was upsetting. 

Then they said that after the stroller incident, they put my 6 mo old niece down for a nap later on and my nephew that's 4 or 5 yrs old, I think (one of her big brothers) came in where my 6 mo old niece was sleeping in her crib to get something.  Well my nephew that's 4 or 5 said he didn't know my 6 mo old niece was sleeping in the crib so he jumped in the crib to jump to the desk or wherever to get what he was wanting and then leave.  My 4-5 yr old nephew said he only jumped on my 6 mo old niece's feet, but he jumped on her chest. 

If you're reading this and freaking out, then you have an idea of why I'm upset and why my parents are upset by having heard this.  Anyway, my 6 mo old niece seemed fine at first after my nephew jumped on her so they went about doing their routines and things for the rest of the day.

While they were running an errand later on, my 6 mo old niece started coughing, wouldn't eat, had a weak cry and wasn't doing good so they ended up taking her into the hospital.  They took some X-rays of my 6 mo old niece and found some bruising on her chest (duh), but they couldn't determine the extent of how serious it was.  They told my sister in law and brother that my 6 mo old niece should be doing better in 3 to 5 days, if they took her home, kept her quiet and calm and made sure nothing else happened to her etc. that is.

So, I'm upset and worried about my little 6 mo old niece because she got a concussion and bruised chest all in one day because my sister in law lets her other kids treat my 6 mo old niece like a rag doll.  She also wasn't around watching to make sure nothing happened and that my 6 mo old niece would be okay when those things happened.  She mentioned that in her e-mail when talking about it, said I wasn't there to stop it from happening, I was in the other room.

I would never leave my 6 mo old alone unsupervised with other children who might hurt her whether it would be on accident or not.  I don't know I just have a different view and idea of what parenting is and how you should do things to be a good parent, I guess.  I just know that with my girls, if I had parented and not placed them, I never would have left them unsupervised, but that's just me.

I'm amazed and the 6 months of life my niece has had so far.  She's had it pretty rough.  First, my niece had RSV because my sister in law was passing her around and taking her in and out of the house all the time during winter even when they Doctor told my sister in law not to.  Then when my niece was recovering from RSV, the Doctor told my sister in law to stay in the house with my niece as much as possible and get help with the other kids etc so that my niece could be get better alright and not have any other problems.  My sister in law ignored the Doctor's advice again and my niece got over the RSV amazingly enough, but after she got over the RSV, then she got a really bad cold/cough that hung on for a while.  Then finally my niece was doing okay by the time she was 3-4 mos old and then she went through some other health issues and now this with the concussion and her chest being bruised.  My parents and I were talking about it and saying that we tend to think it will be a miracle if my 6 mo old niece lives to be a year old with the way things have been going so far.

It's just so upsetting to hear this about my little niece and everything.  I usually don't listen or want to know about my sister in law, brother and their family because it disturbs and upsets me so much when I do listen and hear about it all!

I just don't understand and I probably never will.  My sister in law has got issues and problems though, I can tell ya that.  I'm not just saying she has issues etc. because of these incidents and how she parents etc., but because of all the other things I've seen and know about her and her life.

I just hope my 6 mo old niece recovers from this concussion, bruised chest and anything else that might be there.  I also hope and pray that she does live to see her first birthday and many others as well.


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  1. Oh and I get so upset hearing these things because we hear about things like this that happened to my niece happening to all of their kids. Augh.

  2. Ooo, I get so upset when I hear things like this about mothers who do those kinds of things.

    The latest is that my 6 mo old niece is doing somewhat better today, so hopefully she’ll keep recovering and getting better. They said they talked to the other kids to make sure they don’t hurt my niece like that again or play with her like a rag doll so we’ll see if that helps.

    What would help is if my sister in law would be more aware and not leave my niece unsupervised too though – grr.

  3. OY!!! Grrr.

    Just like the mom of my friend’s baby… 6 kids… Left the 6 month old in the van to broil to death (literally) and then her excuse was… I told my 11 year old to get him.


    I hope that nothing else happens.

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