Summer Night Air

From Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I stand
at my bedroom window
looking out
at the dark night sky

Looking to the stars
searching for the moon
pondering things
of the future, past and present

Something familiar
is present here
in this moment
as I look out the window

Something I know
something I feel
from somewhere
in my past

It's out there
out the window
where I find myself
looking, searching

trying to find
pinpoint this source
of recognition, familiarity
that stirs my senses somehow

causes me to remember
days and times gone by
something in the air
resonates familiarity
friendliness to my soul

What is this feeling
this memory
being brought back
by this summer night air

out there in the summer night
reminds me of life
the excitement and mystery it holds

More than that,
it reminds me of guys
and more specifically,
I find myself thinking
of this one guy…

Where is he out there,
is he near,
somehow I feel him nearby
and feel closer to him again

Strange these feelings
these thoughts
all brought up
by the simple summer night air

I sense him
I sense my girls
I sense others
all near to me

It seems that part of me
reaches out to where they are
sensing them in their homes
and connecting to their souls
in some strange yet familiar way

Who is this guy
and these others I sense
out there in their homes
Strange I feel I know them,
yet I do not know them

Only time will tell and explain
the strangeness of it all,
this strange, yet welcoming
summer night air.

Written by Anne
May 16, 2006