My Weekend

From Monday, May 15, 2006

My weekend was overall pretty good although it has had its bittersweet moments, of course, but compared to some Mother's Days in the past I've had since I placed, this one was an improvement for me.

I'm just in a better place emotionally this year and last year with Mother's Day and have a better handle on coping with a lot of things since I've been through counseling and gotten a handle on my issues as well.

I feel like it was a pretty good one even though I had my bittersweet moments also because of all the great support I have. It was great because so many of my family and others that know about my girls acknowledged me today and I received quite a few good Mother's Day gifts – the best ones being from both my girls and their families, of course.

I got 8×10 pictures of each of my girls, cards and from my 3 yr old's family, I got a book I wanted, Mary Kay pedicure kit, a little graduation car ornament, and a gift card. I also got candy from church today for Mother's Day and some bath stuff from some friends. My parents gave me a card and my favorite kind of nuts and my siblings wished me a Happy Mother's Day and asked about my girls and wanted to see their pics and hear about them.

One of the many great things this Mother's Day for me was that my 18 mo old's mom sent me a e-mail wishing me a Happy Mother's Day and acknowledged me as a mom to my 18 mo old. I cried when I read that in the e-mail from her because it meant so much to me and I told her how much it meant to me that she wished me a Happy Mother's Day because I'm a mother to K too. Just to be validated as a mother is one of the best things .

Anyway, more or less, that's been my weekend. All my siblings have come and gone or called today so now we can relax and have quiet time after all those kids being here ack! Where's the frazzled smiley when you need it lol .

After I wrote this, I got my e-card and little note about my 3 yr old watching the home movie of me and my parents :).

Oh and I remembered I also got a smaller picture of my 3 yr old in a cute, cool little frame from my 3 yr old's parents too.

So, I wrote the post about my 3 yr old and the home movie after this one.

Oh and some of you already know all of this, but also I found out about my housing for the fall for school the other day. Now I just have to find out about financial aid and talk to an advisor again about registration.

This week I'll be on the look out and doing more with checking out jobs now that I'm back from my trip and everything.