What Fun

From Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well, today was soo much fun. Just a usual school day really, but math class was a little different than usual. We took a math test today and it was interesting because we did it like in groups. I've never done or heard of group/pair math tests before until today. I don't like them though.

I did most of the math problems on the test myself while the girl by me sat and watched. She did a few of the problems, but every time I kept asking her if she knew how to do this math problem or that one she kept saying she didn't know how to do it, didn't care, hated math and that whatever I came up with for an answer was fine. I don't like doing things in groups like that because I feel like I end up doing most of the work and I end up with people who don't seem to care about their grades or figuring the problems out like I do. It's soo frustrating!!!

Well and I kept working and re-working a couple of the problems on the test to try to figure out the answers and while I did that, this girl just kept watching me, but neither her or anyone else helped me figure these math problems out. I felt like I might as well have done the math test by myself. So, I was frustrated with my math class today and this dumb idea we did of the group math test. It just lets the people off the hook that don't want to do the work or don't care.

Anyway, what else is new. I just want to get through this semester and out of this class. I want to move on to bigger and better things at the University where hopefully there will be better math teachers than there are here at this college.

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