Warm Fuzzies

From Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I finally finished my letter that I've been working on for 3 days to send to my 1 yr old and her adoptive parents so I sent it to them today. Anyway, now that I sent them their letter now I have to wait for their next letter to me and so I was sitting thinking today wondering how long it'd be until they wrote back to me – it's usually not that long – we keep in pretty regular and frequent contact.

So, when I got a short little e-mail from my 1 yr old's amom tonight I was surprised and all excited too, of course. She made me feel all happy and great again – we have such a good relationship – I love it :o). She wrote to me to let me know that my letter had been a lifesaver for her today because she's been down lately and she really enjoyed getting my letter and reading it. Then she told me she'll be working on a letter to get sent to me now and to give myself a hug for making her feel so good so I was really happy to hear that from her.

It gave me warm fuzzies to know that my letter helped her so much and that I helped give her a boost that she needed. I thought that was interesting that she said she's been down lately and all because I've had a feeling that I should get a letter written and to her as soon as I could because I had a feeling that she might have been feeling down. My 1 yr olds amom has just been on my mind a lot lately so I hope that everything's alright with her and I was sorry to hear that she'd been feeling down lately. I was glad to hear that my letter helped her get a boost though, ya know.

Anyway, she said she'd write soon to explain to me why she's been feeling down lately so I know she'll be alright and everything will be alright. I'm just going to be waiting to know the whole story though.

Anywho, it was a good e-mail that gave me warm fuzzies to hear that I'd made her day by sending her that letter today :o).


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